Danny Briere Out Indefinitely

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The funny thing about Danny B's back, Jules…

Yesterday, I wrote that someone on either the Flyers or Penguins was going to die. Danny Briere might be the first casualty.

The Flyers announced that Danny Briere would be out “indefinitely” with an upper-back contusion as a result of Joe Vitale’s hit late in the third period of yesterday’s Anchorman-Channel 4 News Team street fight.

You have to figure that the back bruise won't keep Briere out very long, but it's still concerning. Of course, players often get concussed on hits like this… so just tuck that away in the back of your mind, for now. 

Nicklas Grossmann will also be out for 7-10 days with – you guessed it – a lower-body injury.



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  1. Hope its not a collarbone………The last game of the season is going to be nuts not to mention the series!

  2. Lenny said it best.
    It WAS a clean hit, I have to admit that. But WTF was Bylsma doing putting that line out there at that time. Oh yeah, that’s right…looking to HURT someone. Oh, but wait a second, the “perfect Penguins” don’t do that! Only the big, bad, bully Flyers do that sort of thing.

  3. I hate the Penguins, the cry baby Crosby, the ugly russian and the bitch Pens fan Temple student who posts here.

  4. Throw Shelley out there on Saturday to beat the shit of Vitale. He gets suspended, sure, but it’s not like he’d be dressed for the playoffs anyway.

  5. I hope we “Lindros” Crosby next saturday. Retaliation is a bitch, end his career.

  6. Cindy needs to be laying splattered all over the ice next weekend. They have to take her out.

  7. Guys I hate to say it but this isn’t a big loss. He has been brutal this year. I am so sick of hearing guys like Chirp talk about how he only shows up in the playoffs. That is a cop out. Hes cooked. Grossman is the injury I a more concerned with. He has been a huge reason this team has turned the corner. Sorry, but I keep it real

  8. “I hope we “Lindros” Crosby next saturday. Retaliation is a bitch, end his career.
    Posted by: Broad Street Bully”

  9. I hope Crosby passes away before the playoffs. Pussy cheat slashing bastard deserves to be got

  10. lol @ Rob House…
    You have now hit an all time low.
    All I did all year long was complain about how shitty Danny Briere has been and how everyone is giving him a free pass. I hate that. The guy has done nothing all year and all we did was look at the goalie…
    I hope he shows up in the playoffs to prove me wrong but actually if you knew how to comprehend someone’s typing you would actually see that apparently you and I are in agreement about Briere…
    Yet I am the idiot?
    Good try fatty…
    Also losing any player at this point is a big loss because who replaces him now? Shelley? I bet they put Shelley in to send a message when they should just put Harry Z in.

  11. I’m definitley more concerned with grossmans injury, but Danny b is gonna be missed. Lately he’s been a monster passing the puck. Most of the season he’s been fairly sucky, but he’s been putting up assists a lot lately. Es here to score goals obviously, And I mean, not to excuse his crappy play, but his track record of turning it on in the playoffs is good. It’s always a risk to just expect that of people, and certainly Danny’s ability to do so is eventually gonna sail into the sunset. but as much as one would downplay his absence, I don’t think it should just be dismissed completely. He’s also a leader in the lockeroom that will be definitley be missed in the playoffs.

  12. I am more worried about Bryz’s injury. We need him for a playoff run. Chirp might bitch about his play, but he is a great goalie.

  13. He will be replaced by Hans Mole Man aka JVR. Upgrade. Boom. Know the game.

  14. @Thomas, You said Bryz sucks and would revert back to the goalie that sucked in the beginning of the year. I backed him all year while you did nothing but cry about him.
    Good Try on twisting that around.
    @House, great comeback after I put you in your place yet again. Considering JVR is out for the rest of the regular season they still need to replace him for the final games. Also hes not guaranteed to come back for the first round.
    As much as Briere pissed me off this year, having JVR over Briere in the playoffs is not an upgrade. Go look at their stats. I would take Briere and his proven history over JVR and his 1 playoff appearance.
    I wouldn’t expect you to understand that though, your completely clueless about hockey. Thats what happens when your a 3rd string goalie and you have to watch all the games from the bleachers…
    Try again House…
    Oh btw…I am going to the game tonight.
    3 finger lenny

  15. forget Shelly, is Sestito close to coming back from his injury? I like that goon

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