Did Evgeni Malkin Give Nicklas Grossmann a Concussion?

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On Tuesday, James Neal was suspended for this attempted hit on Claude Giroux. Neal chased Giroux down in the Flyers’ offensive zone, leapt slightly, and fired off an elbow into the back of his head. The glancing blow spun Giroux to the ice, ever so briefly.

Neal received a one-game suspension as a result (he was somehow cleared of any wrongdoing for his hit on Sean Couturier earlier in the same shift).

Now we learn that Nicklas Grossmann will miss tonight’s game with what is reported to be a concussion. We will likely never know on which play he was injured… but this one seems like a good candidate, when the ugliest player in the league, Evgeni Malkin, threw out a chicken wing that appears to have clipped Grossmann's head:

You be the judge.

The play stood out (to me) when it happened, but it quickly became a non-issue when Grossmann got right back up.

What do we think the chances are that Malkin would hear from the league over this? 0… 0.2%? Not happening.

While that hit by Malkin may have looked the most suspect, Grossmann also appeared to be shaken up on this hit from Tyler Kennedy later in the first period:

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22 Responses

  1. Rinaldo hasn’t done much all series. I’d say just take the suspension/fine and destroy Malkin. I’d much rather him get drilled over Crosby. I’m sick of Malkin’s cheap little elbows and punches at the end of plays.

  2. It could have also happened on the obvious charge by Tyler Kennedy. Both hands basically punched Grossman right in the face. With an added forearm to the face. Afterwards, Grossman was shown on the bench checking his jaw.

  3. The good news is that if we get past the Pens, there’s a chance we get Mesz back. At least Grossmann’s listed as day-to-day…
    p.s. Kennedy’s hit looks worse.

  4. Then they wonder why we hate them and their fans as much as we do. Because they get away with this bullshit, the fans don’t even acknowledge that their players are the fucking dirtiest in the NHL, and the sense of entitlement from the league because they won’t dare say a word to their golden shower children Malkin or Crosby. We’re going to win the series and it’s going to be better than any series win I have seen in my life. Fucking outrageous they get away with this shit.

  5. A guy could have his leg chopped off and he would be listed as day-to-day…
    Its playoffs no coach is going to announce players are out till the last minute. They try to prevent teams from knowing so they cannot create a game plan.
    NHL is a joke with suspensions. This time of year there are 8 different games on…no more than 3-4 a night…how hard is it to have a few people watch the games and keep an eye on whats being done?

  6. Cheapshotting pussies. JVRs gotta get some burn tonight in place of Rinaldo, IMO. JVRs size alone will help on D in ways Rinaldo cant

  7. Malkn is a sneaky pos.
    Also he def isn’t winning any handsome contests anytime soon. Shrek looking mother fucker

  8. So who suits up? Gustaffson? How about Dimitri Yuskevich – I though I saw him commenting on these posts the other day?

  9. I just don’t understand how the ref can be 2 feet from the play and not see anything wrong with either of the hits. It’s mind boggling. I’m not blaming the refs for a Flyers win or a loss. But they definitely suck at their job. The game tapes should be reviewed and the refs should be held accountable for their lack of officiating.

  10. Go on the Pittsburgh Gazette…They only want to talk about how Malkin got it all going for the team and the Pens fans just want to talk about Rinaldo….if you keep posting about the Kennedy and Malkin hit on Grossmann they put their Rose Colored Glasses on and say how cheap Philadelphia is and how Rinaldo should have been suspended and we get away with everything…it just makes me sick….I keep coming back at them with the Grossmann thing and they just keep brushing over it…..nope they saw nothing. Maybe Rinaldo did get frustrated because yet another player is out due to their cheap shots.

  11. Flyers are the dirtiest team of all time! Malkin’s Falcon’s baby!
    PS, 3 finger lenny only has 3 fingers bc the other 2 are in his ace.

  12. Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Nicklas Grossmann will miss Friday night’s Game 5 against Pittsburgh with a concussion. Grossman sustained the injury in the second period of a 10-3 loss in Game 4 on Wednesday and could be out indefinitely.
    Grossman did not travel with the team to Pittsburgh.
    Erik Gustafsson will take Grossman’s spot in the lineup. The Flyers are already without Marc-Andre Bourdon, who went down with an upper body injury in Game 1.
    The Penguins will be without defenseman Paul Martin, who will miss his second straight game with an undisclosed injury.
    Pittsburgh coach Dan Bylsma says Martin’s ice time will be split between Simon Despres and Brian Strait.

  13. Time to take that fucker out. I’m sick of seeing him cheapshot his way around the ice. Between the elbows and the slew foots, it’s time to see someone go for the knee he injured. Just enough to end his career, but I won’t even call for the bullshit he himself commits. I rather him know his career was ended than just be a drooling vegetable.

  14. Is it just me or do the flyers have more concussions than anyone else in the league. When is Mr. Snider going to be held accountable for requiring these players to wear cheap plastic helmets. When is the league office going to be held accountable for not requiring these players to wear full face masks. Most of all when is the enabler Mr. Shanahan going to be held accountable for allowing this reckless behavior. Its every game these players are playing bingo with their lives. Either they go home after the game or they end up in the hospital. So far there is one guy in the playoffs who we don’t even know if he can ever walk again. Thanks NHL for making this game I love a violent spectacle

  15. “Fast” Eddie Murphy hits the nail on the head again. Snider is a cheap mutha fucker who doesn’t care about the players. I’m sick of this shit. On top of that, the Flyers are all concussion prone. What a bunch of pussies.

  16. Aaaaaaand Malkin does it again last night, shoulder to the head of an unsuspecting Couturier who, once again, did NOT have the puck. Simply because Couturier aborted Malkin’s rush. Interference. a measly 2:00. Couturier sincerely slow to get up. All Shanahan needs to do is jump on to youtube.com after each Flyers/Penguins game. I’ve been watching since 1979 and I have never, ever seens such a bunch of dirty fucks as this Penguin team. Video here:

  17. I guess you Philly fans don’t watch your team play ’cause boys the do the same things. If you think Malkin is dirtier than Harnall than you obviously aren’t watching the game.

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