F$&#ing Yinzers: This Partially-Cloaked Penguins Fan Will Be Bringing The Following Signs To Tonight’s Game

Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 9.20.25 AMHer tanlines are configured in such a way that they actually spell out "Talbot was here"

Oh the Internet. Where else could you find puck bunny Penguins fans, whose boyfriends are “getting drafted,” preparing their Game 1 signs? Nowhere.

Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 9.27.00 AM

Consider yourself judged.

Huge helmet punch to surrogate CB writer Fake Lavy, who found these signs on the Twitter account of Taylor (@Princesss_Sass), who has tweeted the above picture no less than five times since March 30 (I counted, because I have time for these things).

She also posted these signs, which she will presumably bring to tonight’s game… or use as the backdrop for a video destined to wind up on strippingvideos.tumblr.com. One or the other.

Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 9.15.09 AM
Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 9.17.10 AMSylvie is Briere's ex-wife

Keep going…

Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 9.16.49 AM

These signs, by the way, are totally unrealistic. Does she really expect people to believe that Hartnell rebounded from his marriage with Briere's chunky ex-wife? Child please.

Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 9.16.49 AM
Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 9.17.04 AM
Because it's the Cup.


70 Responses

  1. What is the difference between a bucket of shit and an Pittsburgh Penguins fan?
    The bucket.

  2. further proof chicks are completely un-funny
    seriously, have you ever met a girl that was actually funny…
    Beez Nutz

  3. OH OH OH!! Like the Mastercard commercials!! GOD!!! Why hasn’t anyone else thought of that!! UGHHHH SO CLEVER!!!!!

  4. I like a good insult, but that’s just angry. I do feel superior when people brag about how much money they spend on a dumb 2 hour game.

  5. the girl she cropped out of this is the typical fat ugly white trash hick pittsburgh fuck that, that city breeds.

  6. This is whore is fat and those tan lines make me horny. Pittsburgh girls are nasty

  7. Who would you rather bone: Adele or this nasty chick?….Yeah I’d probably go with Adele

  8. oh great i said she was classless and now she’s just proving me right via twitter. haha what a sad life she must lead.

  9. she is so hot
    I just got pumped up for the series by listening to Phil Collins in the air tonight!! Love how all the pens hate. keep it up drama queens with no cup since 1975!!!!!
    Pens in 6

  10. I had my finger in her butt and when I pulled it out there was poop under my nail. Typical Shittsburgh whore.

  11. dude your team almost moved to kansas city because youre just a bunch of bandwagon fucks.

  12. She’s cute, I’d lt her fuck me in the ass……she’s my daddy

  13. her signs are dumb and unoriginal…her tweets are classless and trashy…from the looks of that tan line, her ass is so pale that if you saw it in the sun, the reflection might blind you…she’s ugly as all hell…that tattoo is gross and her fake rack is poorly done…
    In Pittsburgh that’s what you call “a keeper”

  14. This girl reminds me of all the fake Phillies fans that popped up after the World Series: plenty of opinions, but no knowledge of the game, no genuine passion for the team. It’s all a sad attempt to look cool.

  15. God, please let her wear that bear costume tonight. It’s a hell of an improvement for her!!

  16. if this exact girl was from philly, and going to pitt with these signs… all of you would want to fuck her even though you probably all do anyway.
    fake hate rules

  17. Wife jokes would be great… assuming they were still married to those women… SO, good try there.
    That MasterCard commercial first came out in 1997… back when you were prolly 10… just STOP with them.
    Man I wish my team could’ve almost moved, played in a shit dump (the Igloo), was GIVEN to Mario Lemieux because they couldn’t afford to pay him the back salary they owed him, and SUCKED so bad that we had 2 1st overall picks and a 2nd overall…
    Just shup up… Flyers in 6

  18. She can hold up any sign she wants, everyone will only be looking at her tits. Good thing she is hot, she does not seem very bright………

  19. Someone needs to ask the b*tch where she came up with the $2,100 for four glass seats. Something tells me it has something to do with taking her clothes off and grinding on scummy, smelly Pittsburgh blue collar types.

  20. that chick is fucking gross dude lets get real here she has a fucked up nose and a fucking overbite and and her forehead looks like a runway i will slap my cock on her head thats about it to pop all those pimps she has

  21. I really wish these inbreds moved to Kansas City.

  22. She’s not to bad. Nice rack, weak tan lines, good enough face. She is unfunny and unoriginal though which knocks her down a couple notches. Really the visa commercial sign? Talking about ex-wives and what not? Pretty lame. And you know if she bumped in to Hartnell or Briere after the game and they asked her to bend over and drop ’em she would without even thinking.

  23. I love Philly, but really just post on here to stir shit up. How can you not like Philly, they play balls out hockey every game.
    I also love Temple
    ….and I suck dog cock.

  24. Carter’s wife didn’t sleep with Hartnell, just someone from his golf tourney..lol so she got that wrong..talk about trashy, who goes after peoples families anyway..she doesn’t know shit about hockey read her tweets…her boyfriend is getting drafted? who gives a fuck!

  25. yea, make sure the jokes are factual.. because crosby really has sex with malkin……

  26. The above the pussy tat is a nice bullseye for all those autistic needle dicked folk from Pittsburgh that will be blindly attempting to impregnate this sloth.

  27. Here’s what her apartment looks like – Ashtrays full of butts everywhere, dirty bathroom, bowls with dried remants of kraft macaroni and cheese on the coffee table, empty bud lite cans on the nightstand. A real catch.

  28. Did Talbot write his name on her in jizz? If so, that’s very funny, but took me a while to get.

  29. wait til you see the signs on Sunday? Jagr didn’t want to go back to Pittsburgh cause he did all those wives!! Talbot said Crosby’s Mom gives good head!! just to name a few!!!

  30. terrible 2001 wt tat but I would f her.
    where the F is Chirp at??????????????????????????????

  31. Amanda Marie~ ‏ @Amanda_Marie13
    @Princesss_Sass As a Philly fan, I can honestly say that most of us think Crossing Broad is a worthless piece of shit too. He sucks hard.

  32. Don’t have time to read all the comments.. so forgive me if this has already been said.
    But something tells me Danny and Scott are both over their divorces by now….

  33. enjoying the comments 3 finger…
    Love to see this chick come to Philly with those signs…talks a big game. Probably didnt know the pens existed pre Crosby era.
    Probably has to use google just figure out who plays on the team.
    Tell you what though…hate to be her if her whining little Pens dont make it out of the first round…
    Knock Knock

  34. Oh and Bill.. of course Carter’s wife didn’t sleep with Hartnell. He doesn’t have a wife, unless you mean Richards?

  35. Women and sports don’t mix. Side note, I wouldn’t mind tongue punching her fart box.

  36. yikes, i promise every pens fan is not like this. those signs about the wives and what not are awful and NOT classy at all. this chicks an embarrassment to pens fans. especially FEMALE pens fans.

  37. bitch is busted without sunglasses, further proof shitsburgh ugliest/worst city anywhere ever

  38. SHE A CLASSLESS PIG…PLAIN AND SIMPLE!Anyone that puts a picture of her pussy on twitter and looks like that should just be shot between the eyes and put out of our misery!! OH and I guess she showed us last night!!! L-O-S-E-R!!

  39. her boobs aren’t fake. she actually works for the money to get those tickets.. that is all

    1. If by work you mean solicit herself on twitter, then yes, she works for those tickets

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