Do Not Make Fun of Danny Briere’s Divorce

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Buzz, your girlfriend. Woof!

Or Scott Hartnell’s, for that matter.

It seems the whiny Buffalo Sabres, who accused the Flyers of having no respect for other players, aren’t above things like opening the bench door so a Russian will fall through… or making fun of divorces.

According to Jerry Sullivan of, Patrick Kaleta (shocker) made comments to Danny Briere and Scott Hartnell about last year’s divorces.


"Honestly, one of their young guys said something to me that was personal and crossed the line," the former Sabre said. "It got me fired up a little bit more than it usually does. That was probably a big part of it."


Him getting “fired up” meant a rousing second intermission speech, where he yelled, “I’m not ready for it to end, it’s not time.”

It wasn’t time. Scott Hartnell scored with nine minutes remaining to tie the game at four.

The joke was already on Kaleta, anyway. Briere appears to be doing just fine, seen here with porn star Gina Lynn (friend of many Flyers) and a bunch of coeds in Sea Isle: 

  • Danny_briere_gina_lynn
  • Danny_briere_girls

Does Giroux's girl have a cleave tattoo? She has a cleave tattoo.

 Kaleta, on the other hand…


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30 Responses

  1. Someone should start a fund, called “Dollars for Dan Carcillo to literally decapitate Patrick Kaleta with a hockey stick”. Seems like a worthwhile cause to me.

  2. It’s only a matter of time before Mez goes Super-Saiyan-Slovakian on Kaleta and rips his face off of his face and throws it at his face.

  3. I know its gay to say this… but this just makes me love them even more… no lie… they fight… till the end… and i respect that. We had everything against us that game and they fought… hard…

  4. LOL Danooo, that’s too damn funny. IF Game 7 gets out of hand score wise you can bet Kaleta will get some Philly love from the Flyers. Just look at the dude and his ugly face makes me want to hit him.

  5. Ahem… You’re welcum to the scoop, Boyo:
    But that Kaleta pic: Hahahahahahahahah
    They should post that in the Flyers lockerroom.
    Better yet, the should make one of those big flip-card moe-say-iks (sp?) for the fans in The Well. You know, when all the fans raise their cards at the same time (when he’s on the ice), it forms that picture. Shyte, if Pronger can take the skirt photoshop in stride last year, this is cream-puff shyte for Kaleta.

  6. Fuck Kaleta! he is such a douche! talking shit at the end of a game or when they are up by 2+ goals! what a bitch! and at the end of a game talking shit to Claude Giroux??? are you serious? big fucking tough guy picking fights with Giroux! and another thing, i want someone to just LEVEL that dwarf Gerbe!!!! thinking he can get away with dirty shit just cause he isnt tall enough to ride the coasters at Six Flags! fucking vertically challenged piece of shit!

  7. I love any use of a Home Alone quote, and “Buzz, your girlfriend! Woof!” is the most under-appreciated of them all.

  8. Make Kaleta’s skin black and I see a little Donovan McNabb. Am I crazy??? Look’s like one of McNabb’s stupid ass facial expressions.

  9. This post and comment chain has me LOLing in class.
    @Kyle +2 for the Home Alone quote and that fantastic picture
    @iron balls and his pho-net-ic spelling
    @AdRock because he REALLY does looks like McNabb in that pic
    Last, someone please KO Gerbe in Game 7. I’m a BU alum and I hated that midget for 4 years when he played at BC.
    And is anyone’s going to the game, a poster of that Kaleta pic would be perfect game signage.

  10. Time for the “Car Bomb” to explode against this Kaleta moron with extreme prejudice.

  11. We are all missing the big picture here… Danny Briere is fucking porn stars… how awesome is this!

  12. Martin Brodeur was going thru his divorce in a Cup final….his wife was calling him up day of games and saying ” I’ve got a date tonight” etc…
    The Alpha Female hunts down predators and kills them
    Great teams come back time and time again.
    Bobby Boucher redeemed himself.

  13. You all are classless pieces of crap and please come to Buffalo for a game sometime.
    It all ends for you tomorrow and you fraud of a team.

  14. You guys are pathetic. The Flyers don’t have one player who’s man enough to challenge Kaleta one-on-one. If he said something about other player’s wives or divorces, then he’s an idiot. But he plays hard & he doesn’t back down from anyone, especially cowardly trolls like most of you posters.

  15. Pathetic? Tell that to your beloved Kaleta. He is too busy talking shit while Danny Briere is burying pucks in your goalies net.

  16. So funny that this pathetic organization is struggling with a 7 seed and needs to make stories like this to make you feel better about your team.

  17. Wow! All that weak wit coming from these Buffaloo trolls must mean their brains are still thawing from the winter cold.
    Either that, or the Love Canal fiasco is still having a fizz-it-call (sp?) effect on the entire population of that part of Western NY and scientists haven’t figured it out yet.

  18. PS: Yeah Mike, Laddie Boy needs to give Mrs. Ex-Briere a little break. She probably looked better before all the baby fat. When you have three kids in a row like that, things happen to the fee-male body. In case you didn’t know, I come from Irish Catholic stock and have so many siblings that I can’t name or count them all. It was like in that Monty Python movie.
    And this is the truth: In Home Alone, John Hughes (RIP) didn’t want a real girl to feel bad about being Buzz’s fugly girlfriend, so they got a boy who dressed in a wig and makeup to pose for the picture… Sort of like Kaleta in that pic above:

    That kid was my nephew, Benoit Balls O’Brien, and he looks just like his mom, my sister (#17). What can I say, his dad is Irish French Canadian, sort of an em-bare-ass-ment.

  19. This is a confusing string of comments! Can anyone explain why the Brieres got divorced?

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