Flyers Game 5: Giroux on Penguins Fans, Bryz Appears to be Fine, More Scott Hartnell

– Whatever is eating Ilya Bryzgalov certainly doesn’t appear to be bad enough to keep him out of Game 5. He was on the ice today for practice (literally, doing snow angels). And Howard Eskin clarified his report about Bryz's “hip injury.” 

Screen Shot 2012-04-20 at 3.07.48 PM

Sore and injury are vastly different things, especially when you’re dealing with the vagueries of NHL media relations in the playoffs.

– Inexplicably, Matt Read (and Sean Couturier) have been left off the Calder Trophy voting for the NHL’s top rookie. Read led all rookies in goal scoring with 24 goals. He finished fourth in points with 47. But it appears he was left out of the running because of his age– 25.

– Claude Giroux takes a lovely swipe at Penguins fans: via (@emptynetters)

"We don’t really like the fans here. It’s like something we have to prove to the fans that we’re better than them. They were making signs with their hands…I can't really say on TV…but they kind of got me going a little bit."


Finally, part 2 of Scott Hartnell exploring Pittsburgh…

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33 Responses

  1. It’s more likely Read was left out because he was 4th in total points not because of his age. Henrique, Landeskog and Nugent-Hyphenated-Hopkins all had more points.

  2. Pens fan from Temple is back is the prime example of pittsburgh bandwagoning. Here when they win, in thin air when they lose.

  3. Even bryz not being healthy he has better numbers than fleury…
    So whats his excuse Temple?

  4. Henrique 3 goals in his last 39 games. He blows, no matter what his age is.

  5. One of ’em’s lickin’, one of ’em’s suckin’ it, one of ’em’s bitin’ it…which one of them is married?

  6. Pens fan at Temple, do you think Harts shaves his nuts? If so, Fire Crotch is a moot point, but anyway, why do you give a fuck about his ball hair?

  7. Read’s plus minus was also 2nd out of those top four +18.. The age thing is bullshit, Henrique is in his second season in the NHL, shouldn’t that also take him out of the running

  8. I can feeeeeeeel ittttttttt in the airrrr tonight
    Hold on

  9. * ” I can feel it Coming in the air tonight” …….. I’m sure Pens fan will indeed feel it coming. Too bad it will be all over his face.

  10. Flyers looked slow tonight. Danny B pulled a Jeff Carter by being a step too slow shooting on the opening net

  11. Kimmo looked cooked tonight. JVR is a pussy mole fucking loser.
    -I’m sure Eddie “xfinity live” Snider is happy it’s coming back to Philly Sunday. More cash $$ in his pockets.

  12. Where is chirp. your boys Bryz and briere blew the game again. The flyers are going to lose this series b/c your boy can’t stop a beach ball and their goalie can. Go spin it. What excuse tonight? hurt? not hurt? defense? come on moron

  13. Look at the Pens fans they waddled their little tails out now because they won two…wow we need one and it is at home Sunday put that in your igloo. What do the Penguins and Titanic have in common? They both go down when they hit the ice….Go Flyers finish them at home so we can celebrate in their faces!

  14. Lisa get back to hanging the laundry outside on this beautiful day

  15. I hear Bryz has a sore hip. Won’t that interfere with making those snow angels he famously flops down for?

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