UPDATE: Ilya Bryzgalov Has a Hip Injury

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UPDATE: CSN's Tim Panaccio reports that Paul Holmgren says Bryz is playing tomorrow.

Excuse me, I’m just searching for the panic button, which I don’t need yet, but might need tomorrow night at around the bedrunked hour


Earlier, Ilya Bryzgalov left practice after only 15 or so minutes and was replaced by Michael Leighton. It caused a brief interwebtual panic, but wasn’t out of the ordinary– Bryz normally has a light practice schedule, and Leighton, a third-string call-up from the Phantoms, is here in case of emergency. Which is what the Flyers might now be facing… 

This evening, the king of Flyers injuries, Howard Eskin, tweeted that Bryz is suffering from a hip injury and will be a game-time decision tomorrow night. That is not exactly surprising when you consider that Bryz was painfully slow going from post-to-post last night, something that could be the result of, say, a hip injury. 

Paul Holmgren, of course, denied that Bryz was hurt. He told the Daily News’ Frank Seravalli that there was “no truth” to the report. But Homer lies, and with increasing frequency this time of year. So I wouldn’t go believing him, at all. 

Found it! Found the panic button!

This all means that – cover your balls here, folks – Michael Leighton, The Big Bear, could be your goaltender tomorrow night (should Peter Laviolette choose him over Sergei Bobrovsky). Which is incredibly ironic, since Bryz only fears bears. This one isn’t in the forest… but it might be in his net. 

Holding the panic button

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39 Responses

  1. Why would they play him over Bobrovsky? Bob has owned Pitt this year. J know he was bad last night but he came in cold and the team pretty much had already given up in front of him.

  2. yeah, is Bob out of the question? Would he not play in front of leighton? Where’s Boucher at when you need him for a quick rescue?

  3. Bryz is a pussy who should have proceeded with precaution with that hip. Fucking chip & captain were calling that in march.
    All I want Friday night is a win, drink some cold miller high life’s & to maybe get my dick sucked. So Saturday i can just relax & get a nice meal

  4. Fluery looked like he gained some swagger back last night,
    Bryz is most likely done for the playoffs.. Hip injuries for goalies are no joke.
    I was a goalie in hs & missed half the season due to a hip flexor injury.
    The pain was unbearable with every explosive movement!!
    Injury to these muscles can be painful, and cause all kinds of problems. He’s fucking done flyers fans

  5. Flyers have 2 cracks at it. Tomorrow & Sunday. If it goes 7… it’s over. As for Bryz, who cares. If they don’t play defense it doesn’t matter who is in net.
    Flyers 5-3 win tomorrow. Giroux with an empty netter

  6. swagger. only someone in the pittsburgh bubble would use that when referring to an improvement on their goalie’s horrible recent play.

  7. Eskin’s a douche, but gets the jump on every journalist in Philly when it comes to injuries. Expect Bob tomorrow night and a 4-3 flyers win

  8. Panotch just tweeted that Holmgren texted him saying Bryz is playing tomorrow… or has a cold… or has a concussion…or is done for the rest of his career. Flu maybe?

  9. Confidence still 100% I no longer afraid of bear. This story so I get spotlight. I play and win. High Five!

  10. Hip Injury my ass… he has sucked all year…
    He looks like Ron Hextall stand up goalie going post to post… Ive said it all along… He is not elite.. He is slow…

  11. Pens fan from Temple was not a goalie in high school. They let him hang around the team because he is slightly retarded and the coaches felt bad for him.

  12. Flyers should dig up pellie linberg to play game 5. His skeleton would do a better job then bryz

  13. With the amazing amount of goals scored in this series, the lack of fundamental defense, and unexpected outcomes, you heard it here first:
    the Flyers are going to shut the Pens out in Game 5. And yes ‘OneManWolfpack’, G with the empty netter on a feed from Jagr..
    cannot wait to celebrate!!!

  14. No problem. The Penguins are Bob’s bitch in Consol Energy Center. If Bryzgalov is scratched for tonight, I have faith that Bob will shut the door on Pittsburgh and close out the series.

  15. Wow^
    You’re lucky I have a sick sense of humor.
    I want to let you in on a secret…
    Temple pens dousche secretly beats it to Jagr. Find a new hobby rather than following an opposing teams’ blog. – Me, I hate that word.
    Flyers win 6-4 Jagr empty netter. Temple jerks off in a strange, closet/belt/hanging sort of way and feels good about it, (much like dionte wit dat ass up) but then loses his balance, and the air in his lungs, which ironically will represent the Penguins season.
    Crosby and Malkin 69’d once but Malkin ended it abruptly citing he didn’t like pussy.
    I can’t believe I’m telling you all of this. I must be drunk.
    Iron balls are really just tin.
    Ok one more. Mario lemuiex or however the fuck you spell his name offered 100,000k to each Pens player if they won this series. Even he knows it’s over.
    James Neal – you can’t lie to me bitch

  16. Can they give him a cortisone shot?
    Bob is not the answer. If you followed this team on a regualr basis you would have seen that his GAA and SV percentage down the stretch for the Flyers was prob worse then Fleury’s is right now. He came in relief of Bryz against the Pens at the Well and gave up 3 shitty goals, he played the Pens in the final game of the season and lost too. (I know it was more of a scrimmage but I do not recall him being stellar) too many shots are going right though him.
    Then he comes in relief last game and played just as bad as Bryz.
    It comes down to does this team feel an injured bryz gives them a better shot then a healthy Bob…IF bryz starts tonight then you have your answer.
    I think Bob plays tonight…

  17. This game is irrelevant.
    We were guaranteed a loss when they took game 4.
    No doubt its back here for 6 and hopefully everyone stays healthy tonight and Bryz, as bad as he is, is back for 6.

  18. Can’t believe Pens fans are still going on about Bears and wearing Hulk Hogan outfits after getting smoked and ridiculed nationally for both.

  19. Didn’t Niitty have a hip problem and got a cortisone shot halfway through the season with us like 4 years ago?

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