Flyers Visited Pittsburgh, Shat, and Left With 2-0 Series Lead

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Yeah, he mad.

We can go one of three ways in naming this game:

1) Clocktower Sniper Game: This comes to us via reader Mr.Nickles, who, earlier in the season, dubbed Coots the "Clocktower Sniper" for his patience in holding the puck before sniping the farthest reaches of the net. Tonight, three times. 

2) Two Tricks, One Fleury: You get it. 

3) Homer’s Handiwork: Game 1 was a vintage Dry Island game, with goals coming from Brayden Schenn and Jakub Voracek, both of whom were obtained in the summer massacre. But tonight it was Sean Couturier (acquired with pick obtained in Carter trade), Max Talbot and Jaromir Jagr (both signed on July 1) scoring five of the Flyers' eight goals. Once again, Homer – who may be running through Voorhees right now screaming "I FUCKING TOLD YOU" into the windows of frightened residents - looks like a genius.

I can’t decide, but I truly like the visual of Coots and Giroux shitting on Marc-Andre Fleury… so I’ll go with option two. Whatever the case, the Flyers just came back from two and three-goal deficits, respectively, in two vastly different games. Yinzers are likely drowning their sorrows in light beer and bacon grease (hint: this would have been their celebration, too). Flyers fans? We’re just excited. Like Brandi, the girl who lost her shit following a brief, glass-buffered encounter with Claude Giroux earlier this year:

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The win feels nice for her. It feels nice for me too. Let’s delve: [stats via Flyers’ city-leading PR department]

Sidney Crosby’s goal 15 seconds into tonight’s game was the fastest playoff goal against the Flyers in team history. 


With the Penguins up 2-0 just over 12 minutes into the game, Ilya Bryzgalov made the save of the year on Kris Letang, who was then hilariously dumped by rookie Matt Read:

Bryz on the save:

“I just swing my glove, and he put it in the glove.”


That woke up Giroux, who proceeded to assist on Talbot's goal (the Flyers' first) and score two second period goals to tie the game at three. He would later add an empty netter for the hat trick.

Sniped: [goal to tie the game at three]

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Claude Giroux’s six points tonight sets a new Flyers franchise record for points in a playoff game.  The previous record was five, shared by Reggie Leach, Bob Dailey and Mark Recchi. 

With his six points, Giroux jumped from 25th to 18th on the Flyers all-time playoff scoring list.


The Penguins would quickly regain the lead, making it 4-3:

The six seconds between the Flyers' third goal and Pittsburgh's fourth goal was one second short of an NHL record. 


Then it was Cooter time. The 19-year-old scored three of the Flyers’ next four goals, and frustrated Evegni Malkin. 

Screen Shot 2012-04-14 at 12.59.47 AM

Sean Couturier’s four-point night ties a Flyers franchise record for most points by a rookie in a playoff game, matching Peter Zezel (1-3-4) done exactly 27 years ago tonight on April 13, 1985 vs. NYR in Game 3 of the Patrick Division Semifinals.  


Cooter’s climax was only interrupted by Jagr’s game-winning goal, which he scored with a broken stick. He would kiss its replacement:

Screen Shot 2012-04-14 at 1.21.23 AMvia (@Plateneck)

By this point, Dan Bylsma and his glasses were at a loss for words: 

Screen Shot 2012-04-14 at 1.25.40 AMvia (@PhilaBCoulter)

And the Penguins fans who made the Flyers Suck Song were probably regretting the time they put into this clusterfuck:

And now, some stats to make fun of the Penguins:

The Flyers have won the first two games of a series on the road for just the second time in team history.  The only other time was the 1997 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals against Pittsburgh, which the Flyers won in five games.

Per Elias, the last time the Flyers had 2 SHG in a playoff game was April 26, 1997 vs. Pittsburgh – Game 5, Eastern Conference Quarterfinals (6-3 W)

The Penguins have only given up 35 power play goals this regular season and playoffs; the Flyers have scored eight of those goals. 


The Flyers are 17-0 all-time when leading a series 2-0…

Your full game highlights:


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  1. Kyle what do you think about dubbing the Consol Energy Center “Wachovia Center West” since we’re 7-1 there and the only loss was a meaningless game in which most of the stars sat?

  2. I love how defeated the announcers from the network sound by the end of that. They start out, BANG! BANG! But by Giroux lacing up the second hatter of the night, they’re like… Oh, Coots? Naw, it was Giroux dawg.

  3. Matt: Sounds like a great idea to me. The Flyers certain do own that building. Meanwhile, when will those silly Penguins learn that scoring first is deadly to them?

  4. Crosbys going down hard on Giroux………indeed he is.

  5. Yeah guess the classless signs that fuckin ugly chick princess_sass made were useless!!! Suck on that BITCH!!!

  6. It’s ok her 15 minutes was way too long. Let’s see her bring that shit to philly she won’t get out alive.

  7. Why hasn’t more attention been given to the fact that Tyler Kennedy looks like pig man???

  8. I am actually a cross bread between a pig and rat. I look more like my mother than my father… wait, do I smell cheese? Sniff… Sniff… oh it is only Crosby.

  9. @Matt
    How about the “West Well” playing on the Well nickname for our building? Just a thought.
    What a game! And it’s nice to watch Coots get his. That 19 year old (holy shit!) has been shutting down Malkin and other top players most of the year. His ability to that is unreal. Even Jagr said he’s never seen someone at that age with that skill.
    I think the Pens are in trouble. They aren’t making a lot of adjustments that they need to and it will continue to bite them. That said, the Flyers absolutely CAN NOT take them lightly. They have battled back from being down 2-0 in a series before so they can absolutely do it again.
    Can’t wait until Sunday! Should be a hell of a game!
    Still sticking with my Flyers in 6 prediction.

  10. Brandi just tuened 18. And she has an identical twin. She lives in Bethlehem and plays soccer. Puck slut alcoholic, and i mean that in a good way. Have at it guys…

  11. I was wrong. Really thought Pitt was taking that game last night.
    Heart and dedication on this flyers team is ridiculous.
    Our defense was pretty bad though and even though Bryz gave up 5 goals (1 weak) I think he is one of the main reasons they won. Besides his save of the century he made some other huge saves that could have easily made the game 4-1 or worse.
    I dont know how a team that has now blown 4 straight games to us after having a 2 goal lead can come back but I am not going to get ahead of myself here. Pitt is a good team and they have come back from 0-2 plenty of times to win.
    where is the temple pens fan?

  12. You would think the Flyers don’t have a chance with their slow, banged-up defense, but they have embraced Laviolette’s aggressive style of play (a lot of long passes and aggressive drives to the net). I wonder if Pittsburgh is going to tighten things up–their top playmaker (Malkin) is -5 and no goals.

  13. Allow me to get ahead of myself for a moment but I can’t help but love the idea of the Flyers beating the Kings for the Cup.

  14. I don’t think that note about the last time the Flyers won the first 2 games of a playoff series on the road is correct.
    1997 is the year we went to the Cup Final against Detroit. We definitely opened up that series against Pittsburgh AT HOME. I even remember going to Game 1 at the then-named First Union Center. (of FU Center if you prefer)

  15. Love the increased dejection in the Penguins’ announcers voices with each goal the Flyers scored from 5 through 8. It’s like a train wreck that they couldn’t take their eyes off of. Beautiful man… beautiful.

  16. Nice bit about Homer shouting into random strangers cars in Voorhees, Kyle. Cracked me up. You still suck.

  17. I love how the announcers in that highlight video are working for the NHL network and are supposed to be unbiased, but I’ve never heard such apathy compared to what I heard when the Flyers scored. Fuck the NHL and their boner for the Pens, it makes me so happy to beat them.

  18. First of all, of course the NHL uses the Pens announcers for the highlights, they want to hear people jizzing over Ms. Crosby. Anyway, Great win last night, such an amazing game, I love this team and Coots is gonna be something real special, I love all the young players on this team, it is such a nice contrast to the Phillies who are borderline geriatrics in comparison. Still feels weird to have professional athletes that are younger than I am though. (I am 20, so to have stars on the flyers who are 19, it’s weird.)

  19. Flyers vs. Kings in the Finals sounds perfect.
    I live in SoCal, so I would make every effort to be at one of those games. Because it’s the Cup.

  20. What the hell? I’ve never heard more biased announcers that are supposed to be neutral…I’d rather have Joe Buck doing the game! (Which, by the way, he’s actually gotten a lot better lately…)

  21. @bleh
    you’re right, it wasn’t against shitsburgh. it was 1997 but it was the 2nd round series against buffalo that they won the first 2 on the road, went up 3-0 and then won in 5 games. solid reporting by the AP…

  22. Bylsma has been horribly outcoached. Continually sending out 4/5 forwards on their powerplay is not only arrogant, but it also directly lead to our 2 shorthanded goals, since neither Malkin nor Crosby are good at defense. It’s not difficult for someone like Giroux or Talbot to break up a cross-ice pass and then make a fool out of a forward trying to backcheck.
    We will win this series IN SPITE of the ESPN Penguins hype machine, the terrible national announcers, the suspect officiating and apologies from the league, and the Penguins’ holier-than-though attitude.

  23. the highlight videos are from ROOT sports, not NHL network. that’s the shitsburgh broadcast station.

  24. Any Pittsburgh fans who would call Jagr a douchebag are obviously bandwagoners. No self-respecting Pens fan would forget the greatness he brought to that city. Even Philly fans respect their former stars who go off to rival teams. I guess these “fans” weren’t watching hockey before 2009. Clowns.

  25. Hey Kyle, @princesss_sass has almost 3,000 page views. Maybe its time to acquire her and shut her down like you did with

  26. Wow, that Flyers suck song is so bad it’s hilarious.
    I want the following clips from last nights game.
    1) Slo mo of LeTaint flopping on Reade’s tap.
    2) Simmonds mocking LeTaint for flopping.
    3) Rinaldo getting destroyed by a check and then absolutely mugging Malkin on his next shift.

  27. I assume those commentators were Pittsburgh’s right? It was great hearing the disappointment in their voices.

  28. Another ridiculously awesome win. Couple of things:
    1. Where was the Jagr salute?
    2. Can Pronger please pass that C over Giroux’s way already?
    3. Knock knock!

  29. best part about the highlights is the very end after G scores on the empty net and the announcer is like…giroux?…again?

  30. First off, as a transplant Philly fan in Pittsburgh, I thank you for this site. Keeps me informed when I live so far away.
    As to the telecast, you can tell the color guy (Bob Errey) hates the Flyers from his playing days. Everything the Flyers do is bad (and lucky) and everything the Pens do is amazing according to him. Makes me sick. I miss Jim Jackson!
    However, the best part of this series is that I get to wear the orange and black in town proudly while everyone here cries in their Iron City! Go Flyers!

  31. One more thing to add. I’ve sort of been calling Malkin Frankenstein for awhile to all my friends that are Pens fans. However, noticed this series that Pascal Dupuis looks like Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter (see pictures below). My brother, who still lives in the KoP, and I call him Lord Voldemort.

  32. i heard ed snider made a bid on consol energy center….. to be renamed we need to be CONSOLed center

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