Holy Crap! Jaromir Jagr is Awesome


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  1. @Princess_Sass on twitter if you want to hear her whine about why Pittsburgh is so great.

  2. We’ll never know what it’s like to see beautiful naked chicks at a game in Pittsburgh.

  3. hahahaha. i’m FROM pittsburgh and this bitch is a horror. get a nose job there zazu, and save the glass seats for intellegent fans.

  4. It’s awfully easy to call someone ugly when you have a picture like this… i can show you super models looking bad with random camera shots like this. grow up!

  5. No. This is me. Come visit me on twitter. I love this attention so much. @princesss_sass Keep it coming everybody. 🙂

  6. Guys please stop making fun of my schnoz, beak, snout, or whatever mean things you are calling it. I don’t have a lot of friends so I’m just looking for a little attention to fill the void that is in my heart.

  7. aw how mature, someone is posting and acting as me ! cute. come talk to me on twitter. where the REAL me. is. @princesss_sass

  8. if the entire city of pittsburgh blew up i wouldnt care. i hate those ass holes. lets sell that land to ohio or west virginia where it belongs, or we can go to war with them and win with our large numbers.

  9. I bet big nose fucked 1 of those bears like drama did in entourage

  10. Sorry to my fans for not posting in a few days and forcing you to put up with the clueless nonsense by Chirp. I have been on a 4 day bender at X Finity Live since opening day getting it wet.
    Anyways – A win is a win and lets focus on tomorrow night. If we can take the game pitt will crumble faster than Chirp did when I took his job in college

  11. House was missed. I think Chirp found love on this site yesterday

  12. I would love to give that pitt chick the shocker..
    2 fingers in the p, 1 in the ah
    3 Finger Lenny Style

  13. House we know your mom kicked you off the internet…
    …love when people who have no friends act like they are cool…
    Your a Rangers/Yankees fan…you were not at xfinity live…good try.

  14. God I hope Bryz says he’s afraid of naked beautiful girls today. That would complete my man crush on him.

  15. I have been itching for a chirp/house fight all week.
    Anyone get any pu$$y yet at xfinity live???? I plan on going tonight for the game

  16. House on other article: “I apologize that I have not been around lately. Unlike Chirp, I have a job and can not be sitting in my parents basement on this site 24/7.”
    So what was it…work or xfinity live?
    So I basically just caught you in a lie about how you were trying to act cool…
    lol what a fucking idiot…typical Rangers/yankees fan…

  17. You could bang that chick in the backseat or get a humjob in an alley, no one takes a bitch that ugly to an actual bedroom. Looks like she combs her hair with a fishbone,

  18. The best was the sign the NOSE held up stating Philadelphia doesn’t drink from the cup they choke on it….lets see didn’t we win two cups already? I think she drinks from a cup alright and that is why she chokes….This coming from a team that almost went to Kansas..someone buy her a mirror to look in before she throws stones at others.

  19. there are NOT 70 chicks in western PA anyone would like to see naked. probably not even 30. They all keep their winter weight year around and they never shut their mouths. and they all act like that twat; even though they’re a 6 they act like they’re a 10.

  20. Is she wearing a Deryk Engelland jersey? Seriously? You know he banged her in some bar bathroom Pat Burrell style and she immediately went out and bought his jersey. Im sure if you could look it up online, Engelland’s jersey sales total would be 1….that chick.

  21. Haha check this out
    ^The girl in the pictures isn’t her… but read the comments (do a ctrl+f search for “taylor”) and look at all the people calling her out for being a loose whore. Haha I love the internet.
    Seriously, who puts their FULL (First, Middle, Last) name on the internet in 2012? lol…

  22. @FlyersFan84 – good find. I actually scrolled through and read some of it. With the way this chick seeks attention it doesn’t surprise me she is probably a little mentally unstable.

  23. Chirp, this just goes to show again how stupid you are. I live in Philadelphia dumbass. I have a job, which means I work during the day and at night I party hard, Rob House style at X Finity Live.
    @ Saunders – Tons of pu$sy there. Come on Down and I will share. Chirp, why don’t you show up Sunday, I will be there and will have no problem suckering you in your ugly mug

  24. The boards definitely flex more in Pitt, how else to explain her face getting hit like that.

  25. Good try House…
    Guess your not the House I know then…cause you dont live in Philly and your a Rangers/Yankees fan…
    stop acting like your a cool guy and an internet tough guy. Your not getting any down there and really your trying to fight me?
    fucking fake ass.
    You stay classy Robert…

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