Jrue Holiday Tried to Sell His Own Jersey at Modell’s and Nobody Knew Who He Was

Modell’s is always creative with their marketing campaigns. In December, 2010, they released a video of DeSean Jackson selling his own jersey at one local store. It took a little while, but eventually shoppers figured out that it was the Eagles wide receiver pushing product.

On Friday, the local retailer released a new video, this one with Sixers point guard Jrue Holiday trying to sell his own jersey.

It didn’t go over so well. No one knew who he was.

Some, um, highlights:

Jrue: What about Linsanity?

Shopper: I don’t like hockey.

Shopper: Can I have a [Holiday] jersey? 

Jrue: You want a Holiday shirt?

Shopper: No, Roy Halladay.


Basketball: alive and well in Philadelphia. Maybe not.

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27 Responses

  1. reason why sixers cant jump on with the rest of the city is cause the whole teams a bunch of boring ass nerds like this dude and fake AI, evan turner, jodie meeks …. bring back the real AI

  2. Jrue’s a great kid. Only 21 years of age and regressed a bit in this shortened season, but he has promise.

  3. he made that fat dudes day asking him if he needed an extra large

  4. This is probably the one city in the continental United States where the hockey team is followed more than the basketball team.
    Someone give Missanelli a clue.

  5. Rhea Hughes-
    Except that all other sports out perform the Flyers in TV ratings. Sorry to burst your bubble. Stay buried on the radio where no one can see that beak. Thank You.

  6. Jrue seems to be the only one that’s not a nerd. The commenter “watcha” is right, we need an A.I. again. Just not Andre Igoudala. Rhea- I vomit every time i think of your face.

  7. Am I the only one that is going to point out that Jrue stole a pair of sunglasses when he was leaving

  8. Wait…I thought the sixers moved to Camden a couple years ago. Who gives a fuck?

  9. Rhea hughes: Highest Flyers game EVER 5.1 Rating. Highest Sixers regular season game this year vs Lakers. 5.1. Thats with this half ass team. Dont make me break out the AI ratings vs the best EVER flyers ratings. Come on now. 76ers have WAY more fans in philly than the flyers. Lets be real. 76ers are not successful right now so of course it is not that obvious. When the 76ers are good they DEMOLISH 76ers #’s. So shutup and sitdown cunt.

  10. It is the Modells in Clifton Heights… Hey Jeff how is the attendance at Sixers games? Just because the sixers fans can’t afford to go to the games and watches them at home means nothing, not to mention the flyers tickets start at $42 and go to $215, Sixers tickets start at $10 and go to $169. Flyers avg attendance 2011-2012 20,433 at home, Sixers avg attendance 17,502 (which is questionable)And the flyers have had that attendance since the 90s, the sixers not so much

  11. LOL, Damn Jeff, even when you are trying to prove me wrong, you prove me right, LOL!!!!

  12. Jeff, that’s one game. All that means is the Lakers get good ratings.
    Despite nearly doubling this year, the average ratings for the sixers are still a good bit less than the Flyers, and have been for decades.
    The difference is plain to see, I see Flyers fans all over the Philadelphia region, and almost never see sixers gear. On Tuesday, go to any bar in the region, and you’ll have a hard time finding a TV showing anything other than the Flyers or Phillies.

  13. Wow i am a true 4for4 guy not just when teams are good so you guys can end your cock fight now when both teams are good more people watch sixers from game 1 to game 82 than the flyers.. the flyers have little more true fans than the assholes who shell out ridiculous money to go to the games whether they are good or bad its the same 20000 fans every night. the sixers fans know better than to waste their money on an avg team just to prove they are fans but they tune in on tv.. The flyers gain a half a million fans the first day of the playoffs every year people who don’t know who the hell jvr is or what icing is if you have a jagr jersey you are one of these people.. sixers fans will show if the team is good and they showed up pretty well this year until they swooned at the end of the year but all the teams gain lots of fans when they are winning but none of the teams gain more bandwagon fans than the flyers.. remember when AI was here and they ran to the finals there were four or five years when you saw A LOT more sixers fans than flyers fans around town and the flyers were pretty good at that time… its not reah hughes either but you are right about the beak just a jealous volenteer firefighter who loves the flyers and drives around wth a confederate flag bumper sticker and blue lights on the top of his shitty ford ranger.

  14. According to Sportsmediawatch.com
    Flyers Ratings on CSN: 3.3
    Sixers Ratings on CSN: 2.4
    So the Flyers have 38% better local ratings.

  15. Facebook fans
    Flyers: 786,538
    Sixers: 245,778
    Twitter followers
    Flyers: 159,699
    Sixers: 91,934
    So better attendance, better tv ratings, better social media, remind me again where you see more sixers fans?

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