“Let’s Be Great… We’re Being Great Tonight”

We’ve seen quite a few Flyers pump up videos over the last few days, but the clear favorite is this one, which we first posted yesterday, from reader Brett.

Enjoy, Philadelphia. Get torqued.

[Watch all your pump up videos here]

13 Responses

  1. get your sorry ass out of philly. id like to see you on campus before the game

  2. What happened to the picture of that whore with the horse face? I just got home and was ready to crank one off before the game and now its gone. Did Kyle get rid of her like he got rid of Drew?

  3. I’m sure that smoke show girl contacted Kyle to take that pic down. Nice work girl!!!
    flyers fan who goes to temple- I’ll be rocking my powder blue Sid tonight

  4. …while you sit at your computer in your room watching the game, alone, waiting for kyle scott to post something so you can be the first to comment on it

  5. Fun Fact #1 – The Flyers would have a better record then the Pens if it weren’t for shootouts. There are no shootouts in the playoffs #becauseitsthecup

  6. @ tommy boy: ton of pens fans go to temple homeboy

  7. No one cares what you’ll be wearing, shit bag. Go back to that hell hole of a town you came from.

  8. Ahhhh, the powder blue cindy crysby jersey. DEAD GIVEAWAY for a “New Era” Pens fan who became a fan of the club in 2006.

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