Marlins Manager Ozzie Guillen Suspended Five Games

Oh those crazy Marlins…

Ozzie Guillen, who flew home today – during an off-day in his team's series with the Phillies – has been suspended for five games for his comments about Fidel Castro, according to ESPN.


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  1. Oh come on, I think he’s a loud mouth jerkoff but he shouldn’t be suspended, this isn’t nazi germany

  2. okay enough with the marlins and nationals posts. clearly you feel the need to post all these bad stories because you feel threatened by the possibility of them winning the division. this is a PHILLY sports blog i dont want to read about the f*%$#@! marlins or nationals.

  3. The Marlins front office got what they wanted out of Guillen, publicity. Unfortunately for them he probably just guaranteed mostly empty home games in a town that already couldn’t give less of a shit about MLB. Smooth move you drunk spic.

  4. Prime Time: It was the Marlins who suspended Guillen, not MLB. The cynic in me suspects that was done more to placate their mostly Latino fanbase and keep them coming to their fancy new ballpark than for what Ozzie had said. Don’t want to piss off the paying customers after all. Meanwhile in Chicago, White Sox GM Kenny Williams is probably enjoying a good laugh now that he no longer has to deal with the lunatic he used to have as his manager.

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