Morning Wood: Everything Still Works Down There

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We won a game yesterday, that’s two in a row. We win one today– that’s called a winning streak. It has happened before.

And with those words, manager Lou Brown eloquently described to his team in Major League II that stringing together a few wins isn’t impossible. 

So, Kyle, you mean the Phillies 1-3 start doesn’t mean that we should scrap the entire season?

That’s what I’m saying.

The Phillies beat the Marlins last night, 3-1.

The takeaway story from the game – besides, you know, runs – was Jonathan Papelbon changing his entrance music. Perhaps when Alice In Chains’ Man In The Box was played for a non-save situation on Monday, we all jumped the gun on assuming that song was going to be Paps’ oft-discussed entrance music. 

Last night? Marilyn Manson’s equally disturbing Antichrist Superstar

I’m scared. Hold me. 

You know what? I don’t care what he chooses anymore– if he closes games effectively, he can come out to whatever he pleases. We’re just not going to get that hip, take over the town-type of song that he had in Boston. We’ll deal with it.

Marlins (losing) pitcher Josh Johnson and his kids (or someone’s kids) were hanging out at the Shops at Liberty Place yesterday. Pic from stealthy reader Zach:

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Cute, I guess. 

Cole and Heidi Hamels cooked a dinner in West Chester for Phillies teammates. Our friend HughE Dillon has pictures over at Philly Mag.

Ruben Amaro called into WIP this morning. He didn’t say much of note, but did talk about the Madson-Papelbon situation: []

On was there any hint that Ryan Madson was hurt when the Phillies decided to sign Jonathan Papelbon?

“None at all. We were fully committed to taking one of those guys. We would have been happy with either one of them. Ultimately, we got who we felt was the best guy. We hope he performs like the best guy. We had no inkling, nothing was alarming. The only little difference between Pap and Madson was Madson has a little bit of a funky arm action. It creates a lot of deception and contributes to his success. Any time a guy has funky delivery, it can put a guy at risk. We had no reason to think he wouldn't be fine. I feel terrible for Ryan and his family. I know he will come back and be a very, very good pitcher. We have a guy who is pitching right now and is healthy, but you never know when that can happen to us.”


Michael Schwimmmmmer loves stats

Today is Hunter Pence’s birthday:

Screen Shot 2012-04-13 at 10.09.12 AM

Shane Victorino gave an interview to MLB Network after the game. He didn't take a breath. 

Finally, congrats to the reason for your delayed Wood this morning and the winner of last night’s Flyers quizzo at Drinker’s, Giroux Tang Clan and Juicy Couturier:

Screen Shot 2012-04-13 at 10.19.12 AM

Cliff Lee pissing tonight.

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19 Responses

  1. “Marlins pitcher Josh Johnson beats his children after loss against the Phillies!”

  2. and they cant score on me when it count and my pitches are so lethal, they make fag Howard break his Achilles, haha

  3. ^^^^^ I second that.
    Bold Prediction: Brent Johnson may see some action tonight after Flower (gayest nickname in all of sports) gets pounded with 4 goals by the midway point.

  4. I know they’re a sponsor, but those Philly Phaithful shirts are getting less cool every day. When they were rare, it was ironic and novel. They’ve become so mainstream and overexposed.

  5. Pens in 7, Flyers lose every year and get another pass… believe that

  6. Next time, Papelbon will go with “Something about what happens when we talk” by Lucinda Williams.

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