Nationals are Calling in Reinforcements for “Take Back The Park”

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Amateur hour here.

The Washington Nationals are offering fans who can't use their tickets the opportunity to hand them over to military members.

First, I’ll start with a compliment (for real): The Nats are going out of their way to give free tickets away to troops. That’s cool. No arm-twisting, just a hey, if you can’t use your tickets, let us know and we’ll give them to a solider. Cool.

But, of course, there’s a rub.

The Nationals don’t always do this. No, the policy isn’t always in place to hook up the folks who fight for our freedom. Nope. It’s in place May 4-6, for their Take Back The Park handy jam, because COO Andrew Feffer can’t have his stadium overrun with Phils fans during, like, his biggest weekend ever.

Here’s the email sent out this morning by Mr. Ffffer, forwarded along to me by readers Stephen and Jason:

Dear Season Ticket Holder:

What a start to the season! Our team is playing exciting baseball with unbelievable pitching performances and amazing late inning comebacks. The energy at Nationals Park is inspiring the team like never before and we want to make sure you are part of it. Help us raise the energy level even higher the first weekend in May as we take back “Our Park.”

If you are unable to make it to the ballpark for this critical series, we would like to offer you the opportunity to donate your tickets to members of our Armed Services. Simply transfer your tickets from your My Nationals Tickets account to [email protected] or call 202.675.6287 (option 1) to speak with a Nationals ticket representative and we will ensure your tickets go to a local military member. In addition, we will add 200 points to your Red Carpet Rewards account to thank you for your generous donation. Our military and their loved ones are an integral part of our Nationals family and we are dedicated to honoring their service by providing opportunities for them to enjoy a game at Nationals Park.

It’s our town, our team, our park and now it’s our time. See you at the ballpark May 4 – 6. With Natitude,

With Natitude,

Andrew Feffer


Washington Nationals


With Natitude. Are we even supposed to capitalize that?

What the hell, bro. Do you really expect people to take your franchise seriously when you send emails like that? 

Make no mistake, this isn’t a coincidentally-timed military outreach thing. That comes two nights earlier, on May 2, when the Nats are holding Military Appreciation Night. That’s the night armed services members get free tickets. The arrangement detailed in this email has a much different angle.

Feffer’s little we need butts in seats so let’s hide behind this tickets-for-troops thing because no one will have the balls to criticize us for something like that thing is so transparent. And it’s also telling. Yesterday, the Nats ran an ad offering up to eight free tickets for a future game if you buy a minimum of two tickets to any of the Phillies games in May. Now comes the plea for fans not to waste their unused tickets for the series. The cause has a desirable effect, but the motive is beyond transparent: it’s clear that our friends from the nation’s capital are having a bit of trouble taking back their park. So they called in the troops.


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  1. The absolute only day they have a chance of having more fans than us in their park is on May 6, only because it is the Broad Street Run, and 30,000+ people will be running instead of heading to DC like they normally would.

  2. You’re a complete idiot. Nats give away tickets to members of the military at EVERY GAME and recognize them at every game. It’s part of every game for the crowd to stand up and applaud them. You think any Nats fan who said “I want to donate tickets to members of the military on May 23 instead of May 6” would be told no? You’re an idiot.
    Oh! And you’re also an idiot.
    Of course, with a bunch of Phillies fans in the house, I’m sure the members of the military will get booed that night by visitors from the city of brotherly lovers.
    You’re an idiot.
    By the way, have you looked at the standings lately? Just curious.

  3. PS: Find something different to fixate on. This is as pitiful as your fan base’s inability to move past Jayson Werth snubbing your pitiful asses.

  4. That’s pretty honorable. A lot of the injured and disabled vets at Walter Reed Army Medical Center have become Nats fans while healing and getting care. Bet they’ll have a great time.

  5. Hey I’ll be home on leave at that time. They can donate me some free tickets. I’ve got plenty of Phils shirts to go along with those free tickets.
    Lol a Nats troll. He’s right though. All those service members that get custom jerseys from the Flyers at games always get booed. Rolling my eyes so hard.

  6. Every pro team in America gives free tickets to service members. And Service memeber are routinely honored at Philadelphia sporting events.

  7. So if honoring the military with free tix is so common at Philly sporting events, why is the girl who runs this page acting like she never heard of such a thing?
    And yeah — Philly offered Werth a contract, he got a more appealing offer and said “fuck you” to Philly, and you all haven’t let it go since.

  8. No one wants to talk about the standings? Oh. Yeah, I get that. I remember that losing feeling.

  9. Jayson Werth is = a douchier Jason Michaels when he’s not hitting behind The Big Piece.

  10. Let’s talk about the standings. It’s not even 20 games in and your gonna brag?! Dude come on. I want to see what kind of balls you have at the All Star break.

  11. I really have a bad feeling that this build up of a Nats rivalry is going to blow up in our faces. Without Howard and Utley, the Nats are going to win that series. Hell, the Nats won the season series last year. I saw the Phillies lose to them three times in person last year. The Nats are just trying to sell there team to the DC area. My brother lives down there and nobody gives a shit about that team, even when they’re winning because nobody is actually from there. They’ve got to do something. All I’m saying is I’ve got a bad feeling about that weekend. All those Phillies fans going down, them losing the series and chaos.

  12. I get a chuckle at how gNats fans, having crawled out from under their rocks to climb on the rickety bandwagon have gotten so chesty over the tiny bit of success their team has enjoyed in the early going. And let me put the emphasis on EARLY, as in April when standings don’t mean a goddamn thing in the six month marathon that’s a baseball season.
    You kids would do well to remember that, sure, the gNats have gotten off to a good start, but can they sustain that momentum over the next five plus months worth of games? My guess would be “no”, after all, they’re still The Team Formerly Known As The Montreal Expos, and their track record over the last decade or so has not been too terribly good. The cream will inevitably rise to the top, and that’s the Phillies. You read it here first.
    As for the May 4-6 series, could care less who wins. Again, it’s too damn early to determine how good, or how bad a team will be. Look me up in August and September when the pennant race heats up, if the gNats are still in said race, then I’ll be impressed.

  13. Why do Philly fans care how Nats fill their stadium? They are trying to build a fan base! Let the season play out and see where the wins and losses fall.

  14. Hey listen, i know all about idiots, i’m a Nats fan. Therefore, i AM an idiot. I’ve pretty much been a loser my entire life, so to come here amongst REAL fans, it’s a real honor. As you can see from the subject line in our owners letter, it’s ‘The Series’. Because you see, even though we’re having this little run at the beginning of the year, that weekend is really the only Series we’ll ever see in this shithole of a town, DC. So please do come down and show us what real fans will do to support their team. I’ll have my high heels on and favorite bra that weekend!

  15. Yawn, it’s not funny or interesting when the team you are trying to make fun of is much higher in the standings then the Phillies.
    @CurlyDubs – most real philly fans don’t care how the Nats fill their stadium, this story has been played out over and over again by Kyle

  16. @You are all idiots, Jayson Werth can’t really “snub” us when we never even offered him a contract. How’s that working out for you, anyways? Seems his best days are well behind him when he wore red pinstripes.

  17. I like how called it a crticial series. At first I thought he said “can’t come because of a critical reason,” like my house setting fire would be the only reason to tear me from watching a Nats game.
    It’s a joke. We’ll still outnumber the Nats fans, because there’s like…. 3?

  18. It’s early. I am a Nationals season ticket holder. They allow us to offer tickets we can’t use to charities and members of the Armed Forces for every game, not just this series. Fine if you want to put the Nationals down but at least have your facts right please.

  19. Hey listen, Krisszupa, i can’t go back and forth with you on this Werth-thing. As you may glean from my posts, i’m a mental midget, AND a Nats fan. The combo of them both frequently has me in a fetal position on the floor when i actually have to come up with wit. It comes from years of following the Washington Expos. You would think, born as a loser to immigrant parents, i would be used to all the associated failure that comes with it, but no, being a loser just ain’t no fun. Just ask Nats Nut, who just this morning prematurely left man juice on my back before entry.

  20. ..I’m a DC Yankee fan who has taken a liking to the Nats since 06 and I just wants all these bandwagon Nats fans to go back home (now that they’re decent)so I can get good seats at a nice park for under $30. Is that too much to ask?

  21. 1. It’s April – we have holes sure, but we’ll be ok. We’ve sucked in April many other years (besides the past 2 which got us what anyway?)
    2. Jayson Werth got snubbed by the Phillies not the other way around because the Nats want to pay him 126 million for how long? He has pop but he’s average be honest with yourself.
    3. It’s April
    4. The nats fan base can suck it. Start buying up the secondary market tickets to other cities parks when your team is on the road and THEN we can start to compare the two fan bases.
    5. Sure let’s look at those standings. The nats have played a whopping 18 games this year. Yea…cause that’s close to 162. We are 5.5 games behind. How is this some huge number?
    6. It’s April

  22. The Phils fans should probably be more concerned with watching their aging team implode before its eyes than on reading a letter from Andy Feffer about enlisting Nats fans in an honorable cause….and Nats fans are on this site bc a Nats blog linked it…this site really sucks btw. RG3 > VICK

  23. Dear Philly Fucktards… season ticket holders can donate their tickets to Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed for any game. The only difference is that for this series, we’d prefer to have actual American heroes in our ballpark rather than Philly Fucktard Scum, the organization is throwing in something extra. Enjoy being in 4th place.
    Yours truly,
    Washington Nationals Fans

  24. haha National fans seemed to have nothing better to do than to read Philly blogs. I’m just shocked to find out they actually have fans, who knew, lol.

  25. i think all these national fans are mad that the phillies have 2 home staidums…

  26. Wait a second….. There’s baseball franchise in Washington?????
    Oh right, that team. The Phillies always own the eastern seaboard. Even if the Nationals somehow win the division this year, the franchise will forever be the younger brother of the Phillies.

  27. When’s the last time that DC won a sports championship????? The Nats certainly have never and the Capitals have never even SNIFFED the Stanley Cup. The Bullets/Wizards may have won one in like the 70s? The Redskins won a few in the 80s I believe.
    So you can’t really blame them for being delusional, their teams have sucked for so long, it’s not even fair.

  28. You all are idiots.
    @Krisszupa, Have someone read this to you, you stupid piece of shit:
    How Werth is working out for us is better than freaky sticklegged Hunter Pence is working out for you this year. (I know you idiots hate facts, but there’s one you can stick up your rectum.)
    Those of you who post things using another poster’s handle — wow. THAT IS SO FUNNY whoa I really don’t know how you thought of doing that. You’re obviously not idiots (or racist, or homophobic, or complete pigs). I stand corrected.

  29. Our group from Philly has two buses going to the game! I can’t wait to see all the Phillies Phans there…OH and we may be hard core fans who throw snowballs at Santa but we do not disrespect our military. There are Philles Phans that are in the military too.
    Enjoy the game….The Phillies Phan sure will!

  30. How’s that “enjoying the game” thing working out for you Philly fans? Fun watching a losing team, isn’t it? Believe us, we know. Been there, done that, have a morsel of pity for you.

  31. Phans no longer have a reason to be arrogant and obnoxious. Nats are a better team this year, whether you want to admit it or not. End of story. Have a good one!

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