The Nationals are Taking Back Their Park… By Giving Away Free Tickets!

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Natitude! Can you feel it?!

The (first place…) Nationals are, ostensibly, going to TAKE BACK THEIR PARK May 4-6. They’re very confident that they will do so. So confident, in fact, that they… are giving away free tickets (!!!) (?).


Thanks go out to Adrienne (@adebartle), who saw this ad in this morning’s Washington Post. It sends you to this webpage, which offers you up to 8 free tickets for a future game, if you purchase tickets (minimum of 2) to any of the Phillies games in early May.

Look, I tested it:

Screen Shot 2012-04-24 at 1.13.53 PM

Just for shitstains and laughs (phrasing?), I put in for 4 lower level tickets for the game on Saturday, May 5,  and was given these great (!) seats behind home, plus 4 free tickets to a Mets game in July. Awesome.

So, this tells us two things: 1) They are nowhere near taking back their park and 2) our #takeover trip on May 6 will meet even less resistance than initially thought (and we weren’t thinking it would be much…).

Speaking of that trip, tickets are still available. $120 gets you bus, lower-level game ticket, food, beer and a t-shirt. Details and tickets here.


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  1. I’d enjoy making fun of them a whole lot more if we weren’t in last and they weren’t in first. Until that changes they just get props for winning and giving out free tickets.

  2. [Insert joke about soon having to give away free tickets for the bus trip to make fun of the other team giving away free tickets here.]

  3. Something, something, Kyle’s bitching about karmic retribution for all the Sidney Crosby hatred manifesting itself in Games 4 and 5 being ironically reflected on this situation wherein the constant Natitude hatred results in a Nationals sweep of that May series and the Phillies being shot by the All-Star break, something, something.

  4. Thanks for the info on the ticket deal, I hadn’t seen it yet. I’m a pretty big Nats fan but my brother is a huge Phillies fan. I think we’ll pick up some free tickets. Also for what it’s worth: I went to Phillies spring training this year and thought they looked pretty good. Give them some time in warmer weather and the offense will heat up. Hope you all enjoy your trip to DC.

  5. @OneManWolfpack My family and girlfriend are all from Philly so it’s not incredibly fun to be around sad Phillies fans all the time when they are losing. Also, from a Caps fan perspective, it sucks to win your division for 5 straight years and then be in second place to a team you used to beat up on, so I have sympathy.

  6. You guys are so obsessed with this, I don’t really get it, you’ve won a World Series and been to another one and won the division 5 straight years in a row. Why does it bother you all so much? Who cares?
    You have to wonder how popular this trip is going to be if the Phillies are 6 games under .500 in May. Glad I am not on the hook to the charter bus company.

  7. it doesnt bother anyone. its embarrassingly funny. this #ourpark thing was a fail from the beginning. why start trying to deny phillies fans who just want to see their team? especially when you cant come close to selling out your own park, against a divisional opponent. they knew it wouldnt work, so why try it?
    now we get to laugh at them. and laugh we fucking will

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  9. I’m late I know, but JFC Kyle enough is enough with ripping on the Nats, especially since they are 13-4 and the Phils are 8-10, like the others have mentioned. My god, let it rest.

  10. We are 6 games back. I think we should think about holding off on this “takeover” until we have some momentum. The nats are 13-4. It’s not fun when their better.

  11. I think a lot of you are missing the point. Kyle knows that the product that the Phillies have on the field right now absolutely sucks… unless, of course, one of the “Big 3” is on the mound. The Nationals have some talent and they are playing really good baseball. The point is… who the hell does Nationals management think they are by basically refusing to sell tickets based on the zip code of the buyer? It’s just bad business. They would rather have a ballpark that’s only 25 – 30% filled with no Phils fans than a ballpark that’s 75 – 80% filled? Really? WTF?!?! NO ONE is actually FROM Washington DC, not even the Nationals (remember the Montreal Expos???), so why not just let the team’s record determine how many seats are purchased by the home team’s “fans”?

  12. I don’t think the fact that the nationals moved cities means anything. A lot of MLB teams were somewhere else before settling where they are now. That’s baseball. The braves and Orioles both used to be from Milwaukee. The Rangers are the old Washington Senators. Even the yankees were the baltimore orioles before becoming the yankees. So you could say the yankees aren’t from New York. But, I do think that the nats just need to let nature take it’s course. Wins bring people.

  13. @Mike M. I am from DC and there are a ton of people who are from here, the “population is transient” thing is basically a myth in a lot of ways; sure we get people who move here from everywhere because the region is vibrant and doing well economically but a lot of us who grew up here stay here for the same reasons people move here.
    Like I’ve said the whole “Take Back the Park” thing has gotten WAY too much attention and with the secondary market it is simple for fans to get tickets to any game now. Every time I am in Philadelphia I simply go on Stub Hub to get a ticket to CBP and it is no issue whatsoever. I would argue from the Nationals perspective it is good business. People here really resented the fact former team President Stan Kasten courted Philadelphia fans. I understand why he did it; the Nationals were awful at that time and he wanted to sell tickets. Still, to people like me who are Washington sports fans, it was an affront. It would be like Ed Snider coming to Washington to sell Flyers tickets to Capitals fans. You wouldn’t like it either. So to the locals the fact the team is putting up a “front” on this — even though it is not going to work — makes us happy. It takes the bad taste of the mouths for fans who saw what the previous regime did.
    Teams also should sell tickets to their fans first before others anyway. PA fans had the option of getting tickets once single games went on sale. I think it is much more ridiculous that a sitting United States Senator issued a press release on something so trivial when we have so many issues in this country. He probably should be more worried about poverty and job losses in his own state than what a private enterprise does in selling its product.

  14. I would think you’d be more concerned with Ryan Howard going to a ‘wound specialist’. Or the fact that Chase Utley can’t turn his knee properly. Or that Cliff Lee is showing his age and is on the DL. Or that you’re trying to win with Ty Wigginton and Juan Pierre. C’mon down, spend some money and watch your journeymen players get whooped up on. The fact that you are still concerned with this illustrates what a great idea it is.

  15. Completely agree with Nats Nut. Anyone who claims NO ONE is from DC, is just misunderstood. I am a local to DC. I’m 28 and was born in the DC area and have lived here all my life. There are tons and tons of true locals here. I work with a half dozen other nats fans who were all born here. The true DC locals take it personal when fans from any city take over one of our stadiums, because it’s a reflection on us as fans. So, while I don’t know whether or not it will work, I am happy to see an effort. And it wont matter anyways if we keep winning. BTW, Ted Lerner was born in DC.

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