Now It’s Scott Hartnell’s Turn to be in a Magazine

Video features Hartnell heavily mic'd up

This team… stop making me love you

We’ve received another man crush guidance request from reader Adam, sooo that will be coming your way soon. But for now, we have another Flyer in a magazine: Scott Hartnell, who did a Q & A with Maxim. 

If you get special cover star treatment and you’re able to design a signature move for your in-game self, what will it be?

Probably #hartnelldown. There was that charity that I started, with me falling down. Fans seem to like it. It would funny if they could hit a button, like R2 or something, and down goes Hartnell [laughs]. 

Finally, who are the starting six for the Hartnell All-Hair Team?

Um….Kris Versteeg. Let me think here. Ryan Smyth from Edmonton. Myself. 1991Jaromir Jagr. [laughs] I need a defenseman in there…Probably Duncan Keith, from Chicago. And in goal, probably Roberto Luongo. He’s got a little mullet back there. 


Read the full Q & A here.

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8 Responses

  1. umm anyone hear the flyer (versteeg?) around the 1:05 mark who apologizes to the penguins he runs into? and WE’RE the assholes?

  2. lol versteeg is a panther. it was chris kunitz apologizing to brooks orpik for getting in the way of his hit on schenn..

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