Penguins Broadcasters Thought Jaromir Jagr Cheated in Game 2

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As you know, Yinzers live in a bubble. It’s a bridge and river and steel and tar-filled bubble… but still a bubble. And when it comes to their hockey team, people from Pittsburgh – thanks to the NHL and NBC stroking Sidney Crosby and his teammates for seven years – believe that the Penguins are superior to all others. They can do no wrong. There must always be an explanation – an excuse, really – for their failures.

Their broadcast crew is firmly entrenched in the bubble.

Two years ago, one Penguins TV producer purposely didn’t send a replay feed to the league because it showed that then-Flyer Simon Gagne had, in fact, scored a goal against the hometown team. The play had been under review, and, since the league didn’t have evidence to overturn the official ruling (no-goal), Gagne and the Flyers were never credited with the score… though they went on to win, 7-4. That’s an old story, but worth bringing up today as we present to you this bit of tid from the Penguins Game 2 broadcast on Friday night: 

Lost in the shuffle of the Flyers destroying their unfortunate foes this weekend was an (albeit minor) controversy that arose when ex-Penguin Jaromir Jagr scored the Flyers’ game-winning goal on Friday night. The controversy existed solely in the minds of ROOT Sports broadcasters Paul Steigerwald and Bob Errey, who thought that Jagr had an illegal stick. Behold:

That’s quite a bit of prattling based on purely circumstantial evidence. What’s more, though, is that the ROOT Sports folks – who opined that Jagr may have switched back to a legal stick after scoring the goal – failed to notice that Jags had actually broken his stick on the play, forcing him to – get this – pick up a new one

Screen Shot 2012-04-17 at 2.09.59 PM

See, broken (it's not completely obvious, but the stick broke in two on the shot).

Though this part wasn’t the focus of their argument, Jagr got a new stick was out of necessity, not because he was trying to hide anything.

Excuses, excuses.

Of course, when the Flyers stamp their 4-0 series sweep tomorrow night, it will be difficult for even the most hardened, steel mill dust-covered Yinzer to find an excuse that spreads its wings over four full games.

H/T to reader Rob for the heads up… and for putting up with that awful broadcast


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  1. Crosby’s 87A curve is just as curved as Jagrs, and he uses that a lot. those dudes are clueless about hockey.

  2. but in all fairness, the Root sports announcers basically discredited two of their stanley cups by saying Jagr’s stick is illegal.

  3. I guess the Pens announcers don’t realize HOW MANY people in the NHL use illegal curves. Jagr, Ovechkin, Spezza, Kovalchuk, they all use illegal curves. If the team doesn’t suspect it and ask the officials for a measurement, then Jags could use a stick with a right angle if he felt like it lol

  4. BTW Facts, Crosby’s curve is practically straight. If you were a righty you could probably use his stick. That’s what allows his backhand to be so good.

  5. i thought this was fantastic- brain damage from being down in those mines for all those years

  6. How long before the Pens fan from Temple chimes in & then makes a comment to bait Chirp

  7. His normal 87 is, but the 87A has a lot more to it. Very open toe that basically allows a 2 year old to hit the top corner of the net on a wrist shot without trying.
    The Crazy Ovi curve is a lot worse than Jagr, but he uses it.

  8. i love how they worry about jagr’s curve and not the fact that that was a really weak goal. Fleury is the most over rated goalie in the nhl. Keep drinking the koolaid pittsburgh.

  9. It was actually an illegal puck, that was provided by the Flyers. The Pens are looking to get Game 2 replayed.

  10. Ugh… I too had (have) to put up with these clowns as I live in the Pittsburgh area. By far they are the worst announcers in the game. Anything an opposing player does is a penalty yet a pen can do THE EXACT same thing and its fine.
    In fact one time ( I wish I could recall the incident) one of the pens got called for boarding and “staggy” was like, ” Oh he didn’t mean to do that”.
    Knowing how bad these guys are it makes it hard for me to truly get mad a pens fan. Having listen to these guys call their games its no wonder their fan base is the most clueless much of band-wagoners in the league.

  11. And I’m sure those Pittsburgh dimwits also believe that Barack Obama was born in Siberia. Ahh, nothing like conspiracy nuts for a good laugh or two.

  12. As a former hockey player and USA Hockey ref, I did some research, looked on COMBATs website (maker of the stick). Jagr uses a heal curve with a 5.5 lie and square blade (does not show the depth). They even offer a comparisson on their website to say that his blade is similar to the of Lidstrom’s Easton blade. Looking at Easton’s website, Lidstrom uses a heal curve, with 5.5 lie and square blade. The depth listed is only 1/2 inch…which is well within regulation. Easton also shows Chara’s blade, which is 3/4 inch, which is right on the limit of the NHL rule.

  13. HA! Thats funny…Between these two clowns and Mark Madden, its no surprise that Penguins fans are some of the most uneducated fans out there. Just serves as further evidence that most Penguins fans truly are bandwagon fans. I know JJ and Coatsey can be homers a lot, but they’re still objective and fair most of the time, and most Flyers fans know when to take them with a grain of salt.

  14. I haven’t seen a call for a stick measurement in years, I remember the Flyers doing it quite often back in the day. Clarke was a master at it.

  15. I was watching the the ROOT broadcast in State College and the announcers also claimed that the puck was over the goal line inside of Bryz’s glove on the play where Bryz robbed Letang.

  16. After listening to these 2 idiots, I understand why a Pens fan can be so defensive when someone accuses the team of any wrong doing. These announcers are brainwashing their viewers. I have NHL Gamecenter so I catch 1 or 2 pens games every once in awhile, and they are COMPLETELY biased.
    They make their team seem like Angels, I can’t imagine what kind of damage that does to a fan base. Maybe if they replaced these two idiots the fans could take their blinders off.Think about it, exposed to these two ALL season? Any opposing fan may think it’s insane theory at first, but eventually it would break you down and could even make an opposing fan side with them.

  17. Similar to the Pen’s broadcast team, the Bruin’s team is horrible and quite possibly the reason their fan’s can never find fault in the B’s.
    BTW, the curves available to the public are not the curves used by the actual players. So there’s really no use in using them as a pint of reference.

  18. I went to Penn State a few months ago and had to sit through the Pens broadcasters during one of the early season games. They don’t seem to get that their team isn’t the Jesus of the league. There’s an excuse or a problem with EVERYTHING to them. It’s total bs.

  19. Pittsburgh is full of hypocrites. How do you boo a guy like Jagr. They talk about our fans. Look in the mirror. Chirp move to Pittsburgh, you’ll fit in with those clueless idiots

  20. I have a Jagr stick that i used for roller hockey back in the day and the curve is insane. I could go top shelf from 2 feet out without trying.

  21. I lived outside of Pittsburgh for about a year… I couldn’t stand to watch hockey games with the sound on. The last straw was when these jackasses actually talked shit about Hartnell, his (ex)wife, and why their marriage was failing. Real classy.

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