Racism is Alive and Well with (Boston) Hockey Fans

Screen Shot 2012-04-26 at 10.11.26 AMPhoto: Washington Post

I’ll be honest, and I’m not proud that I felt this way, but after watching Capitals forward Joel Ward – a black Canadian – score the game-winner in overtime against the Bruins last night, in Boston, I had a feeling that there might be some racial slurs tossed his way. That shouldn’t have been my knee-jerk reaction, but, having seen some of the antics of Bruins fans over the past few years (throwing condoms at our contributor Adam, jumping onto the ice, throwing bottles) and understanding that many of their supporters hail from Spooner Street, it’s the first thing that came to my mind.

And I wasn’t wrong.

One person, using Chirpstory, aggregated some of the Bruins (and hockey) fans’ responses, on Twitter, to Ward’s game-winner. Unfortunately, the term nigger was the descriptor of choice for the Caps forward.

Warning: it gets pretty ugly.



During the Penguins series, I had been alerted to similar Tweets about our own Wayne Simmonds. [You may remember that, during a preseason game, one Canadian jackass threw a banana at him.] To the credit of Penguins fans, who we are so very hard on, a Twitter search revealed maybe only one or two folks using the n-word (accounts since deleted, but living on through the magic of retweets). That’s one or two too many, but, unfortunately, there’s always going to be a few bigots in any crowd. So a couple of Tweets weren’t indicative of the entire fan base. And while the 40 or so Tweets above don’t speak for Bruins and hockey fans as a whole (one guy appears to be a Flyers fan), consider that what you read was just from the people stupid enough to attach their name (handle) to such hurtful words.


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    1. Bumpsies!!!

      Boston is at it again, but B-ESPN loves Boston, so we will hear very little about this one with Subban, just like the Ward incident was quickly forgotten.

  1. Hey, just so you know, that Alexander Semin account is a spoof; worth following, but it’s not him.
    Hat tip to Joel Ward – A Dagger Through Their Tiny Racist Hearts.

  2. When these people eventually go on to get married to another bigot retard, inbreed, and have a daughter who exclusively dates black guys. That’s really all you can hope to happen besides people recognizing these idiots in their avatars and beating the shit out of them once they’ve left the friendly confines behind the keyboard in their parents’ houses.

  3. Kudos to Joel Ward and the Capitals for a hard fought, well played series. I look forward to the Flyers beating them or whomever our boys in black and orange wind up playing. Regarding the racist remarks of the Bruins fans… I’m going to let their ridiculous comments speak for themselves. I hope their mothers and fathers are proud. Way to keep it classy, Boston.

  4. It will be funny when all those boston jabronis don’t get hired by a potential black employer. It will be even funnier when their daughters go on to do big black cawck gang bangs.

  5. this is a new low Kyle. could of at least blacked out the word. im actually offended and im white

  6. Disgrace…i had to stop reading the comments. i felt guilty giving these assholes and their thoughts even a few seconds of consideration it would take to read. I hope Joel Ward can do the same and that he’s still celebrating the biggest goal of his career. Like it is in any town, a few ignorant people can leave an entire city with a black eye.
    PS-Go Flyers!

  7. You forgot about the time that Boston girl put her foot through the bathroom wall and then uploaded the video to youtube..

  8. WOW ! , that seriously made me feel uncomfortable, im not shelter to the world or anything but its 2012, people need to lose the 1900’s mentality

  9. What a disgrace. Pathetic human beings. Canadian moe is right. If it were a bunch of flyers fans with these tweets it would be headline news on ESPN and Yahoo sports.

  10. In many European countries, there are statutes in place that prohibit the use of speech that incites hatred and/or violence. In fact, the kid who went on a racist rant via Twitter when Bolton’s Fabrice Muamba (soccer player) collapsed on the pitch is in the middle of a 56-day jail term for “racially aggravated public disorder”.
    It’s a shame that free speech is used to protect hate speech in the U.S.

  11. As a black man, I’m furious at all the hateful bullshit spewed by those bigoted, emptyheaded assholes, NONE of whom would have the fucking balls to say what they did to Mr. Ward’s face. But hey, he and the Caps get to enjoy the last laugh as they move on to the second round while fans of the Bruins are exposed to the whole world for the bigoted knuckledraggers they are. Works for me!

  12. I’ve already seen stories about this in news feeds in Vancouver and Tampa Bay. Hopefully the wheels keep turning and these idiots will be exposed.

  13. SO so appalled. This isn’t the 50’s anymore people. I am so thankful to my parents everyday that I was not raised to see the color of people’s skin and judge them for it. Just like with philly fans though, this should not be generalized to the entire Boston fan base but these people should be ashamed of themselves. I want to cry reading those comments. When will ppl learn?? It’s not like after all of the movements in the 60’s that people decided ‘oh hey actually the world is a better,nicer place when we were racist and segregated! Let’s go back to that!!’ so step into the future and let go of the hate in your hearts!

  14. I love how some of them are saying how they hate Tim Thomas hahahahha. What bandwagon fans. The man runs the town last year, but he has a bad series and everyone hates him and says he sucks. PATHETIC FANS

  15. @ Brandon: Great point! Mr. O’Ree would not be too happy about that.
    I wonder just how different Philadelphia is in this regard. When I was stationed at the shipyard there (@ the end of Broad St) back in the early 90’s there still seemed to be a lot of racial tension/division there.
    Boston ought to be ashamed.

  16. Not only am I happy the caps won, but I am ECSTATIC the game winner was scored by Joel Ward…just to dig at them a little more. AWESOME

  17. c’mon you guys you know if the flyers lost in game 7 to a black guy scoring we’d all be shouting the N word from the rooftops…i know i would.. i say it when a white guy scores…

  18. Umm no offense everyone but I know PLENTY of Philly fans who would do this. Just saying. If you don’t think so you’re delusional.


  20. heart-breaking reading these comments, wish the k-man didn’t post this.
    @Briana- get back in the kitchen hun

  21. MPP, is it really any worse than any rap video?
    PhillyFlash, just let it be. Boston fans saying the word, “nigger” is not affecting your everyday life is it? So forget about it. If someone called be a shanty, drunken, mic, I wouldn’t let it affect me.

  22. Wow that’s a new level of scum-speak. Next up after the backlash: “It’s not us, it’s other fans posing as Boston fans who wrote all that stuff!”
    Yea ok.

  23. The Yinzers were saying the same things about Simmonds every time he was playing good. People are so tough behind a computer screen. It’s disgusting.

  24. I was rooting for the Bruins because I can’t stand Alex Ovechkin, but I was happy to see Joel Ward get the game winner. A lot of those are bandwagon fans who don’t know what they are talking about. RELEASE TIM THOMAS? ONE OF THE BEST GOALIES ON THE PLANET? Yeah, what a bunch of trolls.

  25. This is disgraceful. As a boston fan, it sickens me to see this, people forget it’s just a game. I got sick to my stomach with every comment. However, while it obviously seems like a lot of disgruntled Bruins fans (who today are probably regretting ever posting this trash) it also seems that a decent amount of these comments aren’t even from Boston. Some of these comments are aimed at Boston fans while still using racism, and others seem like they have no dog in the fight, while still using racial slurs. I think the article’s title is slightly misleading, not negating the Boston fans’ use of racism, but to the fact that they aren’t the only ones.
    Still think it’s disguisting. All of these people need to take a step back and look at their lives.

  26. looks like a good number of these tweets came from high school age kids. That’s some great parenting there

  27. This is disgusting. I’ve never been to Boston and now I def will never go there. Get a fuckin clue.

  28. I’m not sure if I’m that naive or not, but i had no idea that kind of racism was going on in East coast cities. People can say what they want about Philly, but if this is really that prevalent, couldn’t be prouder to be from here.

  29. Boston is the biggest bandwagon city in america. Few years ago, they didnt even care about the burins. They only care about there teams if theyre in the playoffs. So while theyre calling people the N-word, ill bet you they’ll be watch the Boston Celtics for the next week or so. Fuck you Boston. Have fun golfing.

  30. I like how everyone is tripping over one another to out-be outraged everyone else. Half of you would be yelling the same thing around yous surely all white friends.
    I think it’s ridiculous and dumb for people to use a public forum to post racist comments. One thing I see right through is fake exaggerated white outrage to racist comments.
    It sucks that we have these neanderthals running around talking like that, most appear pretty young. I bet most of them run out to buy all the latest rap jams and sing along to all the hot tunes by the people that they hate so much. Chalk it up to dumb, young, knee jerk anger.

  31. Hope none of these people are looking for employment… most places do a DEEP social media search on potential hires….. would love to see their faces when they have to tell their parents/spouses/friends, that they were denied b/c of online racism…. dont know whats scarier, the racism or the stupidity to openly use it in such a public forum!

  32. Get out of the burbs and walk around Philly once in a while… This would NOT happen in philly

  33. @ 3finger – a fine, fine display of boring, unoriginal, and pathetic sexism. what makes you better then these racists you’re so appalled by?

  34. Fucking NIGGER needs to hang then get stabbed then raped by a NIGGER dick….go flyer…white power

  35. christ… let people be racist if they want to be racist. let them be sexist if they want to be sexist. let them eat cake if they goddamn want. it’s not affecting you physically.
    question is, why do you care? damn crybaby world cares too damn much about what other people are doing and saying. you think because america attempts to smite racism in this country ineffectively, that it doesn’t exist everywhere every day anyway? racism won’t ever be fully eradicated. deal with it. best that you can do is to not flame the troll.
    people that broadcast the N word on their twitter account are just attention seeking asshats, anyway.

  36. This is what I find pretty disturbing about this whole thing and the use of social networks like Twitter. This black hockey player scores the OT goal to send the Bruins sorry asses back to Beantown. However, what satisfaction does it give these people to blatantly post on Twitter these rants with the n word in them? It’s one thing to think to yourself about what happened and how you feel, but when you put every single thought (like I’m sure alot of those people do on an everyday basis) on Twitter, youre asking for trouble. Sure I get heated, especially with sports. But this is just crossing the line entirely. Its pathetic to go to racism like this. It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s black, Boston. You guys got beat by a better team! Sure youre bitter, but if the Bruins played a little better, maybe they would be in the second round instead of the second hole at the golf course!

  37. @Broad Stret Bully: Well done.
    As for people who think this wouldn’t happen here, please visit the comments section of any article on philly.com. I’ll wait…

  38. What’s funny is that 90% of those accounts are fakes, most of them just use them to make stupid ass comments and you’ll never know there real ID. Bunch of people hiding behind words.

  39. What a fucking disgrace. It’s good to see that most people on here agree. Where was this support for You Can Play?

  40. I hope all these idiots end up exposed to their friends, family, and employers as racists. Good work on this article.

  41. @Shiva H. Vishnu
    Racism can only thrive where the target is the minority. Philadelphia has a mostly black population at 45% while only 22% of boston is black. So once again, this would NOT happen in Philly. Stop trying to justify your own personal racism!

  42. One thing I hate about sports blogs is their urge/need to expose every other city’s fan base, especially at their worst moments. It comes off at petty and stupid.
    If people thing racism is gone, you’re very naive and need to venture out from whatever bubble you live in. Do I agree with any of this? No. But I also don’t think this is worthy of a news post.

  43. now im all for a good black joke because who isnt? if you cant laugh at yourself then you cant very well laugh at others. (im not black but the point still holds true i laugh at myself all the time) but the key point is JOKE. these people took it way too far its disgusting. this all Coming from the city and fanbase who embraces the fact that they had the first black hockey player hearing this is a disgrace. Boston has now become lower than pittsburgh for me. I hate the penguins more than the bruins but the B’s fans really just went to a whole new level of ignorance. i hope they enjoy watching the playoffs with no rooting interest this year scumbags. if this were philly its headline news. but boston is one of espns and the national sports medias favorite cities they can do no wrong so this will be swept under the rug as usual. fucking appalling

  44. 3 finger Lenny has a heart??? who knew… As an Irishman i’m offended by the dumb mick racists in Boston! Christ, it’s not like scott gomez scored on ya!

  45. The one stupid bitch doesn’t even have a racial slurs down. She called him a “sand nigger”. When in fact, a sand nigger is a term used to describe someone from the middle east. Ie, “camel jockey”. In this case, the term “nigger” would’ve been sufficient. This would also happen in Philadelphia, and every other city. There’s racists everywhere

  46. Wow that’s first nice thing 3 finger lenny has ever said on crossingbroad. Maybe he’s actually human

  47. “Everybody – everybody has different words that offend them, different things that they hear that they get offended by – I’m – to me, the thing that offends me the most, is every time that I hear the “N” word. Not “nigger” by the way. I mean the “N” word, literally whenever a white lady on CNN with nice hair says: “The ‘N’ word.” That’s just white people getting away with saying nigger, that’s all that is. They found a way to say nigger. “N word.” It’s bullshit cause when you say the “N word” you put the word Nigger in the listeners head. That’s what saying a word is. You say the N word and I go oh she means Nigger. Your making me say it in my head. Why don’t you fuckin say it instead and take responsibility, with the shitty words you wanna say. Just say it, don’t hide behind the first letter like a faggot just say it, say nigger you stupid cunt. I don’t know I don’t care. Somebody will kick my ass.”

  48. @angela. screw em. they arent any better than the racists whether they’re joking to get a rise out of us or being dead serious. i know more about sports than all of the guys in my program here at school.. oh yeah that program thats gonna give me a doctorate. so the only time i’ll be in the kitchen is if i want to be and if my husband is cooking for me. wonder what these tools do/plan on doing a living….

  49. Who cares if he blurs it out? It’s a disgusting word, one of the worst in our language. Whether its blurred out or not we all know what the word is. This is sad to see and I have plenty of friends from Boston who would be embarrassed by this kind of talk. It’s unreal that people would think things like this let alone post them on a public message board. I’m glad nothing like this has happened to the flyers fan base, we are already disliked enough for being Philly fans.

  50. People from Boston sound like idiots even when they’re speaking intelligently. This is no shocker to me. It sucks, but there will always be a-holes. ALWAYS. I just hope Ward knows deep down that not all honkey crackers are racist.

  51. Too many comments to read but thats just pathetic.
    Imagine if Philly did this…it would be headline news and we would never live it down but I gurantee this gets brushed under the rug…
    Good for him…IF the Flyers do not win the cup I hope he does so he can shove it in their face even more.

  52. I live in Boston, and had a surprising experience the other day. During the Flyers/Penguins series, I got into a conversation with some random guy sitting at the bar.
    He was somewhere around 45 years old, and said he coached his son’s hockey team. He’s a Bruins fan, but since they weren’t playing that day, we were debating how good the Flyers were, and how far they’d get in the playoffs. During the conversation, in reference to Simmonds, he actually used the n*gger term like it was just part of his regular venacular.
    Boston as a whole is actually quite tolerant and tends to skew toward the liberal spectrum, but the outer neighborhoods, and parts of South Boston (Southie) have a history of being known as VERY racist. There are areas of highly concentrated, low-income white Irish, which as you can imagine, tends to breed a rough and hateful crowd.
    I tend to believe you would have had the same Twitter responses had this happend to most teams, simply because people are idiots and think they’re entitled to say anything in a public forum, as long as it’s on a computer. I’d like to see those same people use the “N” word like that in front of an actual black person.

  53. @ briana – they’re just butt hurt about having to screw blow up dolls instead of real, live girls.

  54. Briana, take your PhD in cooking and get back in the kitchen! Only a few more hours til dinner time.

  55. Like PhillyFlash said all of these people are bigoted, cowards. Not a single one of them would EVER utter this word to any black person let alone Joel Ward who would destroy them with his gaze alone.
    FUCK BOSTON and all racists.

  56. Angela, how would we be butt hurt from screwing our girlfriend blow up dolls? Get back in the kitchen with Dr. Chef Briana!

  57. White guilt is the worst form or racism.
    Guess it’s better when a group of flyer fans jump and stomp one defenseless Ranger fan.
    Fvck your holier than thou attitude where one fan base is better than another. Shitty fans are the loudest for any team.

  58. What an embarrassment, I don’t care where it happen but these kids(most of them look like they are 12) have really no clue (no excuse I know)how ridiculous they sound and their parents should be so proud. Ugh..and for the older ones who hide behind their twitter accounts shame on you. I have read other player accounts and the mouths on these people amaze me, guess that’s what you get when you can hide behind a computer. Hate is a strong word and it gets used most often than not.

  59. I love how the fifth one (beagos 8) down bashes thomas and says washup, wasn’t he the while reason they won a cup and carried them to the playoffs? what a raciest boner soup turd

  60. This is awful; because of this, I will be active in the removal of our citizens’ first amendment rights

  61. Briana- Suck me off to completion and then get in the kitche and make me a fucking sandwich. Angela, you too.

  62. Boston clearly has no respect for history — Willie O’Ree is face palming somewhere.

  63. Boston is still mad they can’t say the letter “R” in their dumb language. Timmy might be on the trading block, time for the ticking time bomb TUUUUUUUUUUKA RASK, a.k.a, Mr. I Blow 3-0 leads to take the reins, I see Boston taking a step back from this.

  64. Time for a FLOOD. People suck. How STUPID are we if we judge someone for which they have no control over. Black White Green Blue. One legged Two legged. Blue-eyed Green-eyed Brown-eyed. Look, it doesn’t matter What we are, but Who we are, How we act. THIS is where we have choice. I’m embarrassed by these teenaged western culture facebook loving cyber spaced spoiled fucks who have too much and know too little comments. Time for a FLOOD.

  65. @Angela/Briana- get off the site & wash the dishes in the sink 1st before you put them in the dishwasher

  66. that’s so crazy you had the inclination that there might be some racist tweets without any sort of clues or anything! You’re so smart!
    And you get “alerted” about things? You are so important too!

  67. Mahdawg_Jake ‏ @Mahdawg_Jake
    · Open
    To the faggot whos trying to call me out via twitter. My phone number is 7742766744 i live at 41 west st in douglas. Come get me ya pussy

  68. Why the fuck is this not national news????? you know if Philly ever pulled this stunt the universe would be calling for the government to drop a bomb on the city of “Filthadelphia” and it would be a top news story for 20 years. Fuck this, fuck boston, fuck the media, fuck everyone who hates Philadelphia. FUCK.

  69. LOLZ!
    Mike Anzideo ‏ @mikeanzideo
    I don’t see what your problem is here I wasn’t hating on the guy just because I called him a nigger doesn’t mean I’m racist

  70. I think it sad Ward or Wayne train go flyers earn their way into the sport! Glad Boston is out and think they now one below a pens fan for me of low lives! WAY below! Well to be honest they not fans to the bruins either I bet or any hockey team! Grow up and live together! This Southern country boy can live without hate so can everyone else! So sad to judge people by color vs personality!

  71. You’re all a bunch of racist pricks! 99% of you don’t even make any sense! don’t be mad because the capitals out played your team! you’re all embarrassing yourselves and your team! you’re all a bunch of bandwagon racists! how do you feel about the celtics, red sox or patriots? did you ever consider the fact that there are black players playing for your teams as well? any NHL fan respects the player based off of skill and skill alone! stop pretending that your bruins fans and go back to the holes you came out of!

  72. This is a disgrace…my lord when will the world change. We are all human beings and when we get cut we all bleed red. It is a shame that the world isn’t blind…then we can judge people on who they are and not what they look like! These tweets just shed a bad light on the people who wrote them. Don’t blame the whole Bruins fan base for this. As fans of Philadelphia teams, we know how it is when one jerk fan does something and then it reflects on the whole fan base…like the guys who beat up the Ranger fans or the snowball at Santa Clause….those people don’t represent the true fan base…GO FLYERS!

  73. Unfortunately I thought the same thing last night…..initially I thought Knuble scored, and then looked at the replay and thought wow it is going to get VERY ugly up in Boston tonight…..this should be no surprise though, Ward was a horse last year in the playoffs for the Preds

  74. For the exception of those of you who make sense….you know who you are…you all suck! I will pray for you all. LoL

  75. They all should have just said Nigga and it would have been acceptable. My black friends tell me if I leave off the er then its ok. So “Damn that nigga be scorin like a mutha fucka” is totally acceptable. AmIright?
    Nigga pleeze
    “Shit” is just “this” spelled differently so stop cursing

  76. 2011: Tim Thomas refuses to visit the White House with his Stanley Cup-winning Boston Bruins because his political views differ from those of Barack Obama, a black president.
    2012: Joel Ward, a black Canadian, scores the game winning goal in overtime of Game 7 to eliminate the Bruins from defending their Stanley Cup Championship.
    Say what you want about fate/karma/predetermination, but if that’s not fate, then it’s one HELL of a coincedence.

  77. Philly fans would have done the same thing, as bad as it is to say, but true. That’s just the technological world we live in. Shit happens. I bet you Joel Ward isn’t worried about it.

  78. This is pretty ridiculous. I am a diehard Preds fan. I love and miss Joel Ward! He was a great penalty killer and scored a lot of S.H. goals for us. So for these people to see black hockey play who is successful need to grow the fuck up and get out of the 19th century.

  79. This is absolutely terrible reaction to a Fucking stupid hockey game. For people to be so insane over a sporting event and say things like that blow my mind. To hope somebody gets hung is not only offensive to black people, it is also incredilbly immature and lacks all common sense and integrity. I am a white male and that shit pisses me off, I can only imagine what the black community feels. I hate to say but Boston isn’t the only city that would react this way. I am from Philadelphia and I love the city but if this goal was scored against us there would be the same moronic reactions. People just get way to hyped over a fucking sports game.

  80. @angela/briana , get the hell off this site and make me some dinner .. Know your role with deez nuts in your mouth 🙂

  81. Some peoples kids. This is America assholes we all bleed RED!black,white,yellow! It makes no fucking differance, RED! Grow the fuck up!

  82. I personally find these comments to be both egregious and appalling. I do not understand what is wrong with the youth of America. Someone needs to censor these comments that are posted without recourse on the internet. The poor guy just had the greatest night of his life and it was totally ruined by a city of insensitive youth. I am shocked that the City of Boston feels this way about the black community. I did not see this coming. Disgusting.

  83. Gotta love Wayne Simmonds. Seems like dude always has a black eye. Absolutely no pun intended.

  84. Personally I love racism in the humor sense, If people called me racial slurs I would crack the fuck up. Honestly that’s how all people should think about it in terms of saying something racist because essentially you give words that you hear whatever meaning you want. That would be the true way to end the verbal aspect of racism, to laugh about it.

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