Ribs, Grilled Cheese, and FIFA… What The Flyers Are Doing (And Eating) Between Games

Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 4.27.51 PMA completely unrelated Photoshop making its way around the interwebtuals (and yes, Selke is spelled wrong)

When the playoffs roll around, things that were largely useless bits of tid during the regular season become interesting anecdotals. Here are a few: 

As we told you last week, the Flyers are being refused service by Dee Jay’s Ribs, the West Virginia restaurant that Peter Laviolette, when speaking to reporters after last Sunday's game in Pittsburgh, attributed with an assist in the Flyers' five straight wins at the Consol Energy Center (at the time). The lack of post-game ribs didn't seem to matter last night, though. And today Wayne Simmonds was asked about not getting to enjoy the usual post-game meal: [quoticals via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter Seth Rorabaugh]

“I guess that’s his choice. It’s his business. We’ll get ribs somewhere. Obviously he’s got good ribs but I don’t think they’re the best in the world.”


Claude Giroux, however, might not be looking for ribs. He’s a grilled cheese guy. Since today is National Grilled Cheese Daddy (yeah, I didn’t know either), he expressed his love:

Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 4.23.24 PM

Video after the jump of Giroux explaining how he likes his done (can you tell the news cycle has slowed down?).

Finally, what are the Flyers doing during their downtime in the Shit City? FIFA. Lots of it.

Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 4.22.25 PM

Writing in his blog on Philly.com, Zac Rinaldo let us inside his room, which he is sharing with Matt Read:

April 10: 

We got to Pittsburgh around 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon and the first thing we did was hook up the Play Station 3 in my room. We played video games and hung out for a good part of the night. I’d say we had six to eight guys at a time in my room, the guys would come in and out. The majority of the team was there at one point. 

They wanted to check out who we were playing.

We like to play FIFA Soccer. We played a round robin tournament with a couple of us.

Jake Voracek is sick on FIFA. It’s soccer, and those Czechs are pretty good at soccer. I wouldn’t expect any less from them.

We got back to the hotel after dinner and did the same thing again: played video games. It’s a good way to kill some time. 



Got back to the hotel and played some FIFA with Reader (Matt Read) for a bit. We have a big hotel room where we all hang out. There was about seven of us in the room and we watched the third period of the LA / Vancouver game 


Peh— me and my Tottenham Hotspur would own Jakub Voracek. He’s too busy scoring overtime winners, anyway.

 Fluffy G video after the jump.



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  1. National Cheese ‘Daddy’? My Man City would have hotspurs saying the same.

  2. and my arsenal would have your man city losing the title race. and have his spurs losing their champions league spot. ouch.

  3. OK so the Pittsburgh Gazette was talking crap and crying about the Brier off-sides call…it was why they loss the game. The ref blew it. So…I posted that this is hockey and calls go both ways and usually come out in the wash. I talked about the icing at the end of the first…they said it hit someone first so no icing, I talked about their acting skills when Giroux barley brushed by their player and got a penalty then Rinaldo checks a player by the bench and he arches his back to make it look bad and we get the penalty….that is all fine with them and in the realm of the game…Of course, it went their way. So what does this guy John Caperelli do when I keep posting to put your big boy panties on and play the game…deletes anything I write….they just can’t put the blame on their team who was up 3-0 and did nothing after the first period. Nope…all the refs fault and we had a cheap win according to them. I am sure they will get a make up call tonight. Anyway, what do us Philadelphia fans do when we are mad at how our players play…we get on them…we let them know we arn’t happy with them…..we NEVER make excuses for them. If they play hard and lose then that is how it goes but if they play bad and lose….they hear it…apparently not in Pittsburgh…they have their pacifiers in their mouth and cry and delete anything negative you say about their wonderful team who almost went to Kansas….go get them FLYERS as there is no room for crybabies in this sport!

    1. Last Cup. Ford President. Chill Liser. Find yourself a mucker & grinder. Cataldi? Gargano? No Ganti? 3 Mommas boys.

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