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Ruben Amaro released a statement today updating the injuries to Ryan Howard and Hunter Pence.

First, on Howard:

After seeing the wound specialist in Philadelphia yesterday, Ryan Howard’s wound has gotten smaller and is healing. We’ve been advised to limit his activities for one more week to allow it to continue to heal. We hope that he will be able to re-start his baseball activities thereafter. 


Just to recap: Howard had a second, minor procedure at the very end of February to address an infection that had developed as a result of his Achilles surgery. Amaro, at the time, wouldn’t classify it as a "setback." But here we are– almost two months later, and The Big Piece is still (at least) a week out from performing baseball activities, which are essentially the baby steps to baseball’s 100-meter dash. The wound – again, surgery in late February – is still not completely healed. I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on the interwebtuals, but that doesn’t sound normal. 

Ruben continued:

Additionally, Hunter Pence will undergo a precautionary MRI on his left shoulder (non-throwing) here in Phoenix. We hope to have the results later this afternoon.



Pence tweaked the shoulder while diving for a ball on Sunday.