Scott Hartnell Subtly Rips Pittsburgh in His Latest BlackBerry Video

The latest installment of Scott Hartnell’s BlackBerry Playbook promo features Hartnell, Andreas Lilja (?) and Nicklas Grossman taking a trip to the top of that awkward mountainside train thing they have in Pittsburgh. Oh yeah, and Hartnell pokes fun at the Shit City’s beauty.

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22 Responses

  1. I’m a Philadelphian that has lived in Pittsburgh for 6 years now, and I still bash it like crazy, but it’s hard to hate on their skyline, it’s like their one redeeming quality. I’ve only ridden the incline once (my first week here at freshmen orientation for college), but the views are pretty awesome.

  2. Hartnell’ is a ginger fire crotch piece of shit. Does he even have a goal this series?

  3. Hey, leave Patrick Kane alone. A lot of those cabbies have it coming. They can’t recognize celebrities when they see one

  4. I’m just laughing at any tool who thinks that a hockey player’s entire value to a team is how many goals they score.
    Hey, bud, see ya next year when the postseason rolls back around and all your hockey-come-lately friends can talk “hockey” again.
    What a pillow biter.

  5. Once again Pens fan**** is posting in this site. After game 3 he waived the white flag, and now of course he is back after one win. Pens Fan****, if myself or Rob House has to tell you to leave one more time, you’re getting bounced with a roundhouse kick to the face. PHILADELPHIA(City of Neighborhoods) > SHITTSBURGH ( City where they don’t flush their toilets to save on their water bill)

  6. Pens Fan****, Me and you, throwdown, Center of X Live where the Comcast camera is so everyone on TV as well as at X Live can see me power bomb your pussy ass. Wear your Crosby jersey. 6 p.m..

  7. Like I said be4 I’m a lover not a fighter. Typical Philly trash trying to physically fuck some1 up for liking the opposing team. Classless pussy

  8. Hold up. Cy Clark? Are you @MalkinMania71. Guy dresses like Hulk Hogan behind the Flyers bench who was made famous by Scott Hartnell 2 weeks ago?

  9. These assholes here claiming to be Pens “fans” and insulting everyone here are an embarrassment and are making the rest of us Penguins fans look bad. I have nothing bad to say about the Flyers or their fanbase, both teams are fighting to win I was hoping for the Penguins to win, but it is almost impossible for them to win 3 games in a row, so may the best team win!

  10. Big ups to True Pens Fan.
    Pens Temple, if you think Philly is such trash, why did you elect to enroll in Temple?

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