The Devils Want To Take Back Their Rock!

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Things that aren’t good ideas: slip-and-slides… and borrowing your marketing tactics from the Washington Nationals.

Early this morning, the New Jersey Devils – you know, that hockey team on the other side of the Hudson – emailed fans (seemingly, people who purchased tickets this year) to let them know about an exclusive presale opportunity. For Devils fans only, of course.

We’ll let them explain: 

What a tremendous Game 7 victory tonight on the road in Florida! We are so excited to be headed to the Eastern Conference Semifinals, hosting Games 3 and 4 here at The Rock.

Because the Devils will be facing a local team in our rivals, the Philadelphia Flyers, we are doing everything in our power to ensure The Rock is covered in a Sea of Red.

Therefore, we will be sending you, a member of PowerPlay, an opportunity to access an exclusive one-hour presale beginning TOMORROW at 12:00pm and running until 12:59pm, for seats for Games 3 and 4, for the Eastern Conference Semifinals (Home Games 1 and 2). After 12:59pm, tickets will be open to the general public for anyone to purchase. This presale will be through a special password and will be your means of entry to access tickets during that one-hour window. We ask that you do not share this presale code with non-Devils fans. If you have other Devils fans in your network you would like to invite to games in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, you may forward them all of the information that is sent to you tomorrow in the email.

Additionally, we hope you are as dedicated as we are to ensuring that The Rock is filled with as many Devils Fans as possible. We ask that you consider that collective rallying cry as you make your decisions on whether or not to pick up additional seats for re-sale. We ask that if you are interested in re-sale, that you do everything in your power to try to get the tickets in the hands of other Devils fans specifically.

Let’s have an incredible Eastern Conference Semifinals, making many more long-lasting memories together here at The Rock!

Get Your Jersey On for the Eastern Conference Semifinals!

Eric Kussin
Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service 

Well, at least that Cussin' son-of-a-bitch didn’t sign his letter “With Rockability,” or something similarly stupid, the way Nationals COO Andrew Feffer signs his please don’t let our stadium be overrun with Philly fans emails. So that’s good.

Few things, though: An exclusive presale is nothing new in ticket sales, but when it’s motivated by the threat of Flyers fans invading your building and turning it into Orange Crush North… well, we can’t help but chuckle. And that plea to not resell tickets to the NHL’s best fans, who will pay top dollar for them… good luck with that, sirs. We come wearing orange, but carrying green.

There are actually two different versions of this email. One for members of PowerPlay (guessing their fan club) and one for folks who merely purchased tickets this season. The latter – presumably the more casual fans – will receive an email with a unique link, meaning that only their email address can be used to buy tickets tomorrow afternoon. But the PowerPlay presale will come with a code, and, you know, those things could go viral…

Screen Shot 2012-04-27 at 9.40.40 AM 

I’m guessing that “do not share this presale code with non-Devils fans” thing includes not posting it on Philadelphia’s most-read sports blog… which is exactly what I’m going to do, if you, the reader, can help us get that code!

The Devils front office has no idea what they got themselves into.

H/T to readers Mike and Laura for sending along


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  1. PS If it’s a member of the military who also happens to be a Devils fan we’ll give you a free Devils Affliction tee!
    With Deviltude,
    Eric Kussin

  2. This is awesome! Philadelphia truly has the best fans in the world. Its incredible to see how much other teams HATE that Philly fans travel so well.

  3. A Devs STH rep just confirmed the sale is by invite only on the HFBoards. Apparently there was a second email that went out with the secured link.
    Also – “FYI, the on-sale will be through “best available” as well. It:
    – allows so that single game buyers/potentially philly fans, don’t get better opportunity on their desired seats than our preferred presale lists.
    – does not allow brokers to pray on specific seat locations that they believe will be the best for re-sale
    – wont leave singles”

  4. Us Philadelphia fans are just tyrants aren’t we?? Set up shop wherever we please. I’m into it. Get the code. Do whatever it takes. I live for this sh*t.

  5. I got the email and it’s actually not a code. The email is sent to individuals in the group sales area and individual ticket holders. When you get the link in the email, you click on which day you want (Thursday or Sunday) and then you input the email address and password they have on file. Up to 18 tickets can be purchased per account, per day.

  6. The sale is open to the public at 1pm, so go gobble up what’s there then. There still should be plenty.

  7. Well, we Devils fans know we can’t go down to Philly because we’ll be intentionally vomited on, or, if we’re lucky enough to be a war vet, we get beaten half to death. So we’re just trying to return the favor without stooping to your level.

  8. Oh Devils Fan, you folks also know you can’t go to your own arena because it’s in Newark and you’ll be beaten half to death because … well, because it’s Newark!

  9. Even sweeter considering I’m getting my tickets for Game 3 today. Really discouraging seeing as how I’ve gotta drive two hours to enter a city that smells like straight doo doo to watch a game in an inferior building with white trash “fans,” but I’m sure a Flyers victory would make the trip up to that shithole worth it.

  10. I hear Newark is just lovely this time of year. A real tourism go-to spot.
    So anyone else thinking major roadtrip??

  11. No one showed up to their regular season home games. Can you blame them?
    It will be pretty cool seeing all that Orange & Black in their building.
    Flyers in 5!

  12. Dear Devils Fan,
    At least you’re not getting condoms thrown at you in Boston.
    Or having racial slurs levvied against you by Boston fans.
    Or trying to find parking in Boston.
    But you are going to a hockey game in Newark. Better bring the bulletproof vest. And pants. And hat. And the riot shield. And the steel-toe boots. And an APC…

  13. is this the Devil’s attempt to trick us into filling their building for them (when was the last sellout of a Devil’s playoff game…)

  14. Hey Devils fan,
    I’m sure the vomitting reference you make is the kid who vomitted on someone else at a phillies game…. you do know he didn’t live in philly right? He’s from Dirty Jersey…can wait to smoke this team in 5 and watch them cry as parise leaves town…

  15. do you think that we’ll get the rock (aka dwayne the failed linebacker johnson) to be on the jumbotron this series?

  16. Also, the guy who beat up the other guy at after the Winter Classic? Yeah, both from Jersey.

  17. when the flyers go up in the series the secondary market will be bloated with devils fans unloading tickets

  18. Also… Marty turns 40 on sunday… anyone going to game four make sure to bring a bunch of over the hill bday presents for him

  19. Just scored 2nd row tix for game 4. Now I need to decide which flyers jersey to wear bwahahaha!

  20. The Prudential Center is not of the other side of the Hudson. You must have meant Delaware.

  21. Across the otherside of the Hudson from *Manhattan*. If you’re focused on the Rangers, it’s the other side of the Hudson. Newark is really fucking far from the Delaware, Mr. Geography.

  22. I’m pretty sure I know that shithole isn’t on the Delaware, but is Newark on the other side of the Delaware River from Philly numbnuts? This Kyle idiot doesn’t mention the Rangers once in the article because he’s a hack blogger (see that embarrassing drivel on Puck Daddy last week) who expects people to understand what he is implying.

  23. Sometimes I’m embarrassed to be associated with people like you. To the person who asked when was the last time the Devils sold out a playoff game? Every single home playoff game at the Prudential Center has been a sellout.
    Say what you want about Newark… but most sections of Philadelphia aren’t exactly peachy either. Why don’t we talk hockey and enjoy what is going to be a fantastic series instead of trash talking and showing what a bunch of uneducated classless pricks most of us are.

  24. Philly actually is pretty nice. I enjoy living here. Yeah it has its bad areas but that’s every city. Looking forward to a great series

  25. Hey Annoyed, have you ever heard of “papering the house”? Yeah, the Devils do it quite a bit. And it’s easy to sell out your arena when your giving away 3K tickets. You wouldn’t believe the deals Group Sales cuts. The worst thing the Devils ever did was move out of the Meadowlands, it totally cut them off from the one micromarket they were actually successful in – Western NJ.
    (I will say this, Corey Booker could take Michael Nutter in a fight.)

  26. Wow, a third of the Devils fan base posted in this thread. Nice!!! You guys are getting up there in numbers.

  27. Paint their barn.
    I have an extra pair to game 3 and 4 at Pru (first two home games there).
    Lowers, Sec 15, which is the same as our Sec 109 (Flyers shoot twice, across from the benches).
    Will sell below cheapest StubHub, where they priced them today.
    [email protected]
    Flyers fans only.

  28. Was just able to buy Game 4 tickets at The Prudential Center without any problem….2 seats, lower bowl, 9 rows from the ice and didn’t even break the bank. Bought right off the the Devils website…so much for no Flyers fans allowed…how can Devils fans not sell out their own building…hilarious…now what Flyers jersey to wear, I think my Giroux Winter Classic to just rub it in some more!

  29. I just want to address a few things here that I read. I am a die-hard Flyers fan, but I work in Newark. Philly is no better a city than Newark, they are both plagued with violence. The Rock is by no means a sub-par building. It’s actually really nice with features that I wish the Well had… but then again, the Well doesn’t have to make it as attractive to sell it out. The area around The Rock when the Devils are playing at home is about as safe as it can possibly be in any occupied area of a major city, and there are multiple very good food and drink establishments within walking distance, not just one or two like we have close by to the Well. Also, Newark really doesnt smell like poo poo, although Philly does if you’re crossing the Walt Whitman Bridge and passing over the sewer treatment plant. Penn Station in Newark, however, does reek of urine. Clearly this tactic didnt work well because there are still lots of tickets available from TicketMaster anyway. And let us not forget that many Flyers Faithful live in the Garden State, just the better, southern portion of it. And Philly fans only beat up Cop/War Vet/Hero/Whatever Rangers fans. We didnt even beat up a single infant-rescuing cancer-curing Pens fan. So back off already!

  30. DD: What, exactly, will you be rubbing in? That time you won something in 1975?

  31. Oh man, reading back on this blogpost, you guys must feel really fucking stupid right about now. Hope you had fun in Newark!! We ran you out of town, and to the girl who was crying to her boyfriend on her way out because “she couldn’t take this anymore”, I know she’ll never come back.

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