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Someone (or some team) is getting rather large for their britches, three weeks into the season.

We’re honestly not sure what this Nationals truck, emblazoned with Ryan Zimmerman, was doing in Philadelphia yesterday, but something was being filmed in front of Citizens Bank Park.

Screen Shot 2012-04-24 at 9.39.53 AM

The pictures come from Daniel Izzo (@dizzo10), who hypothesized that maybe the Nats were just depicting Phillies fans jumping off a bandwagon. It’s hard to tell, really. As you can see, Natitude (Nationals' 2012 slogan) pulled up beside CBP, and there was a camera present.

Normally we would make fun of this, but the Phillies are currently 5.5 games back of the Nationals in the NL East. It was so much more fun when the Phillies were, you know, good. So, to that end, we’ll say: Hey! Don’t kick us while we’re down.