Were The Nationals Filming a #Natitude Commercial in Philadelphia Yesterday?

Screen Shot 2012-04-24 at 9.40.09 AM Screen Shot 2012-04-24 at 9.47.56 AM

Someone (or some team) is getting rather large for their britches, three weeks into the season.

We’re honestly not sure what this Nationals truck, emblazoned with Ryan Zimmerman, was doing in Philadelphia yesterday, but something was being filmed in front of Citizens Bank Park.

Screen Shot 2012-04-24 at 9.39.53 AM

The pictures come from Daniel Izzo (@dizzo10), who hypothesized that maybe the Nats were just depicting Phillies fans jumping off a bandwagon. It’s hard to tell, really. As you can see, Natitude (Nationals' 2012 slogan) pulled up beside CBP, and there was a camera present.

Normally we would make fun of this, but the Phillies are currently 5.5 games back of the Nationals in the NL East. It was so much more fun when the Phillies were, you know, good. So, to that end, we’ll say: Hey! Don’t kick us while we’re down.


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  1. yo, those little cunts can eat a dick and love it. We ain’t fucking dead yet. Lick balls, bitch ass Expos

  2. This is pathetic. The “Nat Mobile” throwing Phils fans out the back? Yeah, meanwhile they can’t even fill their own damn ballpark. I heard they were even GIVING TICKETS away for the May 6 “take back our park” game. Laughable.

  3. It looks like their returning us to our baallpark? Asshats in DC…Cant wait for May 5th for the invasion to begin.

  4. I agree that this was pretty funny but if you can’t fill your own ballpark you can’t really talk shit.
    Plus, its like 17 games into the season. Relax Washington… you have plenty of time to ruin your season.

  5. And the State Police actually let this goddamn eyesore into our city? OUR CITY? The bloody thing should’ve been strafed and blown to bits by Apache attack choppers while it was still on I-95. Clearly, someone dropped the ball here. Pathetic!

  6. It’s funny as shit reading all these angry messages. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it. We might not sell out our stadium but Citizens bank park didn’t start selling out until they the WS. We’ll be waiting here May 5th! Maybe your team will be out of the basement by then.

  7. band wagon phils fans suck. they take all the good seats, don’t show till the 3rd, leave by the 7th, and they drop 50 bucks on crabfries.

  8. No one cares about the Nats here. They had well under 20,000 for Strasburg’s first two starts on BEAUTIFUL evenings/days… for a FIRST PLACE TEAM!

  9. last-place-phillies.. hahahahaha. Maybe if utley would regularly wear knee pads while he inhales cock you’d be in 4th place. maybe even 3rd.

  10. Nats trolls. haha Werent you an Oriole fan in 97? Brady Anderson and BJ Surhoff Ya’ll!

  11. Jingle Bells, philly smells, Howard hurt his leg
    The Nat mobile’s made of steel, and utley’s fucking gay

  12. My take is they are probably filming some promo video for the May series that they will show at the ballpark. Personally as a Nationals fan and someone who has suffered with this bunch this whole “Take Back the Park” stuff has gotten way too much attention from both fan bases.
    You guys are the king until proven otherwise and 16 games is not enough to get exercised about, that being said you all are getting old quickly.
    As for crowds at games, a team that sucks generally does not draw well (maybe the Cubs are the exception). I remember seeing games at the Vet in the late 90s when the Phillies were horrible and having a whole section in the upper level to myself.

  13. My guess is they’ll play this on the jumbotron during a Home game versus the Phils. Or maybe as an ad for this “take back the park” business. Either way, this new budget for creative marketing doesn’t change the fact that DC has the lamest sports fans in the world. And us Philly fans making fun of these yuppies doesn’t change the fact that the Nats have a bright future. I know I’ll keep trying though.

  14. As a Phillies fan, this is hilarious and is so something any Philadelphia fan would do. I do think it’s pathetic they are trying to keep us out of their stadium though!!

  15. They used this at the May 5th game and “Our Park” campaign. They are trying too hard! Without the Phillies fans, the park would be empty. Which is more embarrassing, an empty stadium or one filled with fans from both teams?

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