And Now, Jonathan Papelbon Playing Ball in the Park

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You may remember that, last year, one Clifton Lee, Papelbon’s Rittenhouse neighbor, was reported to be playing wiffle ball in the park with his kids. Today, it was Pap’s turn to enjoy the great Philadelphia outdoors.

Rumor has it took him 24 minutes to throw that ball to his daughter. Also, if you look carefully, you may be able to spot Jordany Valdespin doing backflips in the background.

Pic via stealthy reader Brian


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  1. I don’t understand the Papelbon hate, he’s been perfect in his role so far, I understand he screwed up last night but he shouldn’t have been pitching in a tie game anyway

  2. Who cares….but don’t post pics of kids

  3. You are an idiot. Give the guy a break. Charlie and his shitty managing, left him out for a week. Then didn;t even utilize him correctly. People in this town are idiots!!!!!

  4. I agree with Mike. I don’t get the preemptive hate. Its like fans are expecting him to blow big games and take a shit on the fanbase..neither of which have come close to happening yet

  5. Pap is fine and we are lucky to have him.
    I don’t see any hate in the post or in the comments. I do see pre-emptive hating of haters yet to come.

  6. I personally feel that you should never use your closer in a no save situation. Lidge proved it in ’08, Mr.Papelbon looks like he’ll do the same.

  7. pap is lucky to have 58 mil… lucky to have him my ass… never say you are lucky to have anything you paid out the ass for
    he hasn’t been used properly and also i understand why he was used yesterday… loss ain’t on him home skillets… O needs to score more than 3 and Charlie needs to learn how to manage his way out of a paper bag… why the fuck is Polly bunting thus bringing up Rookie Galvis in a crucial point of the game/inning when the score is tied 2-2
    you all should read great site for Phillies baseball

  8. Don’t become TMZ…let him enjoy time with his daughter instead of reporting it…now people will stalk the park until he shows up again.

  9. PAP should have a beer in his hand. TBC style.
    Also Steve- beat it punk

  10. That kid should have protective gear, thoughts Edward Murphy?

  11. Ever see One Hour Photo? This kinda reminds me of that scene where Sy takes pictures of his boss’s daughter playing in the yard after he got fired
    Also, very impressed there haven’t been any “he should be locked in his room crying about losing last night’s game instead of spending time with his family” comments yet

  12. Oh my god he’s really cute! but not as cute as Bryce Harper ;P

  13. I happen to agree with many of the posters above. Why is this being posted. Let the man have a private life. Why do people stalk professional athletes? Time to head out. See everyone at Wells Fargo. Tonight we make a stand!

  14. This is too much. Talk about him on the field, not playing with his daughter.

  15. Ed you down here yet? where’s the rally being staged at??

  16. What a fucking creeper! Let the guy enjoy some family time and leave him the fuck alone.

  17. Seriously …. posting pictures of him with his daughter is FUCKING CREEPY ! Try to show a little intergrity

  18. Yeah, that’s pretty much crossing a line (pun intended)! That kid has no business being in the news. Oh, and Papelbon rocks! What are you guys smoking? ONE blown save out of 10!

  19. This was one of the dumbest things I’ve seen posted on here in a while…Its a family outing, stick to either problems within the stadiums or the drama on the outside

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