Bulls Play-By-Play Announcer Rips Sixers Fans For Cheering Joakim Noah Injury

Screen Shot 2012-05-05 at 1.13.10 AMPhoto via Howard Eskin on Instagram… welcome to 2012, folks

OH, FUN! Just what this town needs: more Philly-hating jackasses lining up to point out what awful human beings we are (in case they weren’t paying attention, Devils fans threw trash on the ice on Thursday – during the game – and a fan ran on the field in Atlanta this week).

The takeaway story from last night's thrilling Sixers win was the injury to Joakim Noah. As you can see above, he left the arena on crutches with what is being classified as a sprained ankle. His status is unknown, but should he join Derrick Rose in the luxury box of misfortunes, the Sixers would be in the driver’s seat in this series.

Here's the gruesome twist:

Screen Shot 2012-05-05 at 12.59.21 AM

It's oh-so-wrong when ankles make right angles. Even worse: fans briefly cheered when it happened.

Mike Tirico pointed out the cheers almost immediately.

Andre Iguodala tweeted about them:

Screen Shot 2012-05-05 at 1.17.28 AM
Screen Shot 2012-05-05 at 1.17.39 AM

And overzealous Bulls play-by-play announcer Chuck Swirsky overreacted quite strongly:

“And this is a bush league crowd, cheering with Joakim Noah down on the floor. This is totally unacceptable and despicable on this Philadelphia crowd. Totally unclassy. But then again this is the same city that cheered when Michael Irvin, of the Dallas Cowboys, went down at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia with a serious injury. Absolutely no class.”


There it is. What, no snowballs at Santa? No battery jokes? Perhaps puking on children?

Give it a listen after the jump.

H/T to our friend Eytan Shander, from 97.5 The Fanatic, for the audio


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  1. Is the crowd supposed to just get silent? When something happens during a game people get rowdy. I don’t understand this whole double standard…

  2. And a Cubs fan dumped a beer on Victorino’s head while he was trying to catch a fly ball a few years back. Chicago is the epitome of class.

  3. Sixers fan here. And I was there. That was embarrassing. Philly fans are such trash, just admit and accept it.

  4. So Fucking agitating. Why do you cum stains act this way? and you know what, i know this happens in other cities, however, not like it happens here i’m sorry, I’m a 4 for 4. And I want our teams to win, every game… but not like that. At what point did we become such assholes

  5. If it was CJ Watson do you think the crowd would have cheered injury? No. It’s because Joakim Noah is such an insufferable prick, that’s why his injury got cheered. Same with Irvin. If you want to be such a polarizing figure on the court/field, you have to expect to be hated by the other teams fans.

  6. Rip Hamilton is 1 ugly mother fucker with a head band accessory to help him stand out more says:

    Good. Hate that pot head

  7. Whats to argue, kyle? They cheered when he was hurt and that is trash. Announcers were right

  8. Philly fans have nothing else to cheer about except for others misfortune. Karma…. City of No Class and No Love

  9. No one is posting highlights of the very respectful cheers once he made it to his feet and walked off the court, though. Cheered the hustle and hard play then cheered his recovery — even Mike Tirico commented on the positive reaction from the crowd once he got up. But that won’t make the highlight reels of course.

  10. To not realize that this is classless really shows the intelligence of these fans and their comments. “Is the crowd supposed to just get silent???” YES DUMBASS! Do you cheer when you witness an accident or watch the news and see reports on murders and crime in your city? Who raises you people! Google “Philadelphia fans” and right away it’s all negative. No wonder they were voted the worst sports fans in America by GQ Magazine.

  11. At least one team in this town can win games 2 and 3.What is this N. Korea? You can’t boo or cheer at a sporting event? tell Chicago their team and their pizza suck.

  12. If only Philly fans were as classy as Chicago fans who have done classy acts such as:
    – Dump beer on Shane Victorino while catching a fly ball.
    – Father and son bonding by beating up umpires at a White Sox game.
    – Poison a Steeler fan at a Chicago bar during a Bears Steelers game leaving him blind.
    – Forced Steve Bartman into hiding.
    – Disco Demolition Night.

  13. OMG my friends just told me that ppl were cheering for that guy when he got hurt. Actually the crowd was cheering for me cause I was showing off my new boob job. Sorry I thought it was Wing Bowl again.
    All game long I was encouraged to flash and after my 13th free drink I had to pull my top up. So national media give Philly a break. Theyre not bad fans, they’re fans of nice perky D cups.

  14. And the guy writing this is at the same time organizing an event to “takeover” a stadium with a bunch of rowdy drunks to “prove to a team that their city and organization suck”
    Go Kyle (Im not from nor do I live in Philly) Scott
    No Love,
    Beez Nutz

  15. nobody is a classless and down right scrumy than philly fans. Everyone knows it…not just Pittsburgh fans…the whole country hates you sons of bitches

  16. Isn’t Chicago the same city that nearly burned down a baseball park because of disco?
    Who can forget threatening the life of a guy who catched a foul ball.

  17. Bite my bone…and we hate you haters right back. The hateful things said about Philly by your scumbags makes you no better than us.
    Chicago fans attack people on the field. Yet cheering an ankle injury makes us worse. I guess living in the loser midwest not only makes you fat but stupid as well.

  18. Joakim Noah also missed the shot. Isn’t it possible the crowd was reacting to that? Basketball players fall down and get back up all the time, maybe the cheers occurred due to the play itself and prior to the crowd realizing that he may have a serious injury? Fan is short for the word fanatic and they’re fanatics in every city.

  19. After watching it, I thought the reaction was because he missed the shot and thought he was embellishing

  20. I missed this play live but after watching the video it seems the crowd was reacting to the missed shot more then Noah being injured on the play…but what do I know I’m just a Philly homer and apologist.
    I know this is apples and oranges since hockey is a physical sport but the Devils show a video replay of Scott Stevens altering the career of Eric Lindros every chance they get to pump up the crowd. A hit in which Lindros gets seriously hurt. What kind of message is this sending to fans? Isn’t that just as bad or worse then fans cheering an injured player during live action when emotions are running high? Sure, clean hit rules wise but dirty in principal. Stevens and Lindros hated each other, had is head down and got his bell rung. So is it ok for an organization to show a video of a player being injured? Everyone hates Philly fans I get. We do some dumb stuff and it is always magnified because of our history. Bad fan behavior happens every where don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  21. Let us not forget that people got shot during those Bulls title celebrations in the 90’s. Someone got shot watching a baseball game in Kansas City not too many years ago. I guess cheering a supposed injury is worse than shooting each other. Only In Sarah Palin’s “Real America”.

  22. I was at the game, there was cheering going on, that’s not even my issue though. For the most part the crowd was terrific last night, however–the place was not sold out and I was more embarrassed by that. I know the boxscore says 20,300 etc., so maybe that many tickets were sold, but plenty of empty seats…its the playoffs! Philadelphia is not a great pro basketball sports town, college I’ll give you, but not pro basketball–never has been other than a few years with Iverson. There was 5,000 at an Eastern Conference Finals game back in the early 80’s–look it up. Bad pro basketball town.

  23. Funny that a Pittsburgh person decided to come on here to remind every about that small, forgotten city in hillbilly Appalachia.

  24. Watched ESPN last night, Tirico actually gave Philly credit for being classy as he walked off the court from injury acknowledging he was okay. So yeah

  25. It was classless…accept the blame and move on. We’re not infallible and moral relativity of using other cities idiocy as a cover for our own is not a defense of the act. It was pathetic to do and disrespectful to the sport. Deal with it and move on, it’s a large city and we have some shit fans.

  26. We as Philly fans sometimes have to own up to having some idiots in this city. I heard the boos loud and clear over the TV last night and it was despicable. It happens everywhere but it doesn’t mean it’s right. Anyone who was their booing last night is an idiot. This town needs a lesson in booing. Stop booing your players, your team, and those injured. It will never change unless local media and residents own up to it.

  27. Love the irrational moralizing on here, “Oh yeah, well Chicago threw beer on Shane?” So what? The guy who dumped beer on Shane was an asshole. So are the people who cheered an injury last night. It was one guy who dumped beer on Shane. It was thousands Sixers fans who cheered an injury. If you cheer an injury, no matter who the opponent is, you’re an asshole. I don’t really get Kyle’s combative attitude about it. Our fans acted like idiots last night and got called out on it. How is that the Chicago announcers fault?

  28. I was at the game and it did really look like he was just embellishing the injury until they finally got the replay up and we realized how badly he fucked his ankle.Fuck Noah though dudes a douche.

  29. “Good. Hate that pot head”
    “Fuck Noah, dude looks like he belongs in a zoo”
    “Fuck Noah though dudes a douche.”
    “I guess living in the loser midwest not only makes you fat but stupid as well.”
    Impressive. A regular philly.com comment section on here.

  30. Hahahahahahaha oh man you people are such piles of dog shit…theres no justifying it.

  31. Chicago fans still don’t know how to act like adults during the national anthem. That is the most despicable thing I’ve ever seen and I’ll never understand how that happens and why the national media doesn’t rip them for their complete lack of class. I’m embarrassed for them.

  32. Wouldnt expect anything else from typical scum philly crowd…but then again Sixers havent given them much to cheer about for decades so i guess they decide to cheer on anything possible #losers

  33. OH AND HEY KYLE, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PHILS LAST NIGHT?? lol you fucking ass clown

  34. What’s the uproar about here? Philadelphia fans are classless fecal heads. Wait till you’re dumbass “park takeover” goes horribly wrong Sunday night on national TV. Between the busload of kenzos that that huge schnozzed douche Cataldi is going with, and the busload of main line sweater vest wearing preppies you’re going with, should be good times. This may be the first phillies game Angelo Cataldi has ever attended though. What a fartbox.

  35. @lol – Yeah what did happen to the Phillies last night? Well let’s see, K.K. outdueded Strasburg. Phillies had a 3-1 lead which should have been a 4-1 lead if it wasn’t for a blown call by the upmire on the chooch hit down the line. Phillies probably win that game 4-3 in 9 innings. Bad calls happen all the time, no big deal.

  36. Not saying Philly fans are perfect, but this shit happens everywhere. It doesn’t happen here more or less than any other sports town. Why don’t ya ask the family of one of the people who got killed in a San Fran parking lot, or the other fan from the same state who got put in a coma, what they think of Philly fans. All those Boston fans calling Joel ward a nigger on twitter are certainly angels, aren’t they? And im pretty sure Philly wasnt ripped to shreds when the flyers lost the cup finals in 2010 like vancouver was in 2011. obviously Philly is the only city where riots happen after championships, fans run on the field, or get in fights in parking lots, sure.
    Obviously, cheering an injury is dumb and I’m not ignoring that or condoning it, but the media and everyone else just acts like Chicago fans didn’t drive Steve bartman into seclusion and almost death didn’t happen, and almost everything else that’s gone on in that town, because some turd threw a snowball at Santa clause 40 + years ago.

  37. Meh, it looked like they were happy that he missed and initially couldn’t tell he was badly hurt, considering NBA guys often fall down and flop. TV viewers and broadcast guys get tight camera angles and immediate replays, fans in the stands only see it if they put it up on the board.
    No big deal. They got quiet soon after and cheered when he got up.

  38. It’s the ageless anti-Philly sports media. Completely forget people getting stabbed or shot outside stadiums out west or people getting tazed at Jets games. You don’t ever hear about that. All you hear about is how damn awful Philly sports fans are. It got old a long time ago. The Santa Claus thing happened in NINETEEN FREAKING SIXTY EIGHT.

  39. If they cheered his injury, then they are wrong. Period. If you are the sort of douche rag that doesn’t see the problem with it, then you too are wrong. And not only just that…for you are most likely a snot encrusted shitface who is thought of as a buffoonish and altogether abhorrent fuckwad by most of the people who are unfortunate enough to work around you…that is, if you are actually employed.
    Have an enjoyable day.

  40. That’s what happens when you dance around and pretend you’re Shooter McGavin after you make a fucking jump shot. I hate that prick.

  41. You should be booing your pathetic excuse for a baseball team. Natitude has swept the NL East by storm!

  42. I don’t know if this is news to any other living human on the planet Earth but there are scummy people EVERYWHERE IN AMERICA!… not just philly or new york or chicago. PLus it’s not like the whole arena erupted in one big great “Boo” cheer, it was hardly noticeable. It’s sad to see a so called “professional” announcer claim that the whole “city” booed Michael Irvin when he got hurt, what almost a decade ago? Even Irvin himself said he had no problem with fans booing. Other than having barely any championships this is the only other thing that really pisses me off as an educated, respectful and loyal Philadelphia fan. I can’t stand when people just assume that EVERY SINGLE FAN in philly is obnoxious and trashy (although i do understand why, i know people who define that sterotype). If only people thought before they spoke nowadays…

  43. Look…. I personally wouldnt cheer for the misfortunes of others. And this was a playoff game. Playoff atmosphere. Is the arena supposed to go silent? What you don’t see on ESPN is Philly fans giving Noah the obligatory “hey your an athlete you got hurt here is a polite round of applause” They definitely did that.
    But and I say this all the time. Athletes in our culture get compensated EXTREMELY well for what they do. I dont feel bad at all. These people are millionaires. They are EXTREMELY well compensated for what they do. I don’t feel bad for them at all.

  44. The people who hate on Philly fans are no better than the people they are hating on….but the Philly haters are too stupid to realize it.

  45. So Ronbeitler, according to your logic, if you were severely injured in a car wreck, people on the scene who are poorer than you shouldn’t try to help you until the ambulance comes? After all, you have more money than they do, so you’re not worthy of their sympathy, right?

  46. Classless,simple-minded Philadelphia fans getting their pannies in a bunch because they’re getting ripped(and rightly so),for cheering when Noah fell down in a heap.You inbred cheesesteak-heads are an embarassment to the whole sports world.

  47. Cheesesteak-head is probably the lamest, laziest, most retardedly immature insult I’ve ever heard.

  48. I am a die hard bulls fan. At first I was pretty pissed of when i was watching the game and it seemed that the crowd was booing Noah’s injury. Given the fan’s history I guess that reaction came natural. But in the end, I think that it’s safe to give philly fans the benefit of the doubt on that one and really think that they were actually cheering the missed shot. In basketball you have people like hollywood pierce that fakes injuries all the time, so you can’t blame them for not believing it until they saw the video. Their real reaction came when the replay came on, and they all reacted pretty much the same way I did when I saw it. I believe it’s definitely possible that they weren’t necessarily “cheering the injury”.

  49. I was at the game, and agree that the cheering when Noah got hurt was uncalled for. I didn’t hear the loud cheers until Noah grabbed his ankle and it was obvious that he was hurt. Yes, there was a bit of applause when he got up and walked off the court, but it seemed that the only people clapping were the people who shook their heads at those who cheered for Noah’s injury.
    But, Philly fans are just as tough on their own players. Didn’t anyone hear the boos in the beginng of the 3rd quarter when the Sixers missed rebound after rebound? And then the cheers that followed when they finally managed to pull in some balls?
    Philly is rough town with a bad reputation, and while no one wants to be known as a classless city, I’d still pick a Philly fan to have my back every single time.

  50. Anyone catch the score of the Nats-Phillies game today? Surprised to see no posts about that.

  51. Everyone on here trashing Philly is obviously just jealous of Philly. Otherwise, you wouldn’t waste you’re time trolling a philly sports blog. It;s obvious too. You all reek of envy.

  52. You all have some point to prove about philly. An obvious sign that you’re butthurt because your city can’t compare. Keep giving Kyle the site hits dipshits so you can hate on him so more.

  53. Lol @RangersYankeesGiants or w.e. his name is. Notice there isn’t Mets, Jets, Islanders, or Knicks in there. Dude’s forgaisey.

  54. What was the score of that Phils game last night?? Kyle were waiting for the post about that!! Dumb bitch.

  55. Ugh, give it up. I grew up in Philly. I lived in the actual city for the first 18 years of my life. Classless acts like this one can — and SOMETIMES do — happen everywhere, but not nearly as often as they happen in Philadelphia. If you’ve ever been to a game, you can attest to this fact: loads of scumbags pour in to watch each contest. I’d say that Flyers/Eagles fans are the worst. The Sixers aren’t good enough to consistently attract the diehard dirtbags. I’ve found that the crowds at Phillies games aren’t too bad, but I won’t claim to know the exact reason for that.
    Crowds at Philadelphia sports events are full of ignorant bigots with dissatisfying personal and/or professional lives. Growing up in Philadelphia gave me a spine, but I would never bring someone to one of the city’s sports games hoping to make a good impression.
    Try to honestly answer the following question. How many sports contests around the US will feature a large portion of the crowd clamoring, “YOU’RE A PUSSY”? Philadelphia is fucking filthy. It’s fun to go to these games with your friends — VERY fun. But it’s an abnormally trashy experience.

  56. fuck all of yous noone on here would come to any philly team game and say any of this shit to the fans o well dude hurt his ankle philly fans are the best fans a team could have so keep that class shit to yourself go philly fans

  57. Honestly who cares that the Sixers fans cheered Noah’s injury? It’s not like it was life or career threatening. They should cheer; it helped their team win. And if you don’t want people to cheer when you get hurt then don’t act like an asshole (see Irvin, Michael). And someone explain the difference between cheering when someone hurts their ankle in basketball and cheering when your NHL team’s enforcer beats the shit out of the other team’s enforcer, or when someone throws a check and knocks a guy out? How is it different?

  58. Get over it, he got hurt and we cheered…and now were gonna win the series…could care less about class, our city has a bad reputation and we mite as well just keep it that way…makes our city unique!

  59. BOB, yes we actually do do that after an eagles loss. Do you beat your husband after your favorite dancing with the stars contestant is voted off?

  60. You people are MORONS, do you think the fans seen his ankle roll like that?

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