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YES! Now Curt Schilling is throwing his hat into Cole Hamels’ ring… and that hat is presumably gigantic, since Curt is humongous.

Responding on his Twitter (@gehrig38) to the portion of Hamels’ quote where he said “the league is protecting certain players and making it not that old-school, prestigious way of baseball,” Schilling tweeted:

"What the hell does that even mean? I'm old, I'm a former player, I don't get it."


A fan responded by asking: “Can't believe you said Hamel doesn't have control [editor's note: we're not sure when he said this]. He has twice the control that you had. And you threw at people. Why can't he?”


"Cole Hamels couldn't hold my jock in the control department, check the numbers. He can throw at anyone he wants, in my opinion it was stupid." 


OK, Curt, I’ll check the numbers. You did, in fact, have slightly better control than Hamels, walking 2.0 batters per nine innings, with Cole coming in at 2.2. But we’re splitting hairs here, don’t you think?

Pressed further on the matter, Schilling said:

"Hey! To spark the team? Great, but the comment was dumb in my opinion. And as a lifelong author of dumb comments, I feel comfortable stating that."


When asked if he was jealous that Hamels won in Philly, which is something Schilling, by no fault of his own, didn't have the opportunity to do, the video game maker responded thusly:

"Hell no, that city deserved everything they've gotten with this franchise, I wasn't good enough to bring it home, they were."



Poor Cole, though. Everyone is ganging up on him today.