Curt Schilling Rips Cole Hamels, Says He “Couldn’t Hold My Jock Strap in Control Department”

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YES! Now Curt Schilling is throwing his hat into Cole Hamels’ ring… and that hat is presumably gigantic, since Curt is humongous.

Responding on his Twitter (@gehrig38) to the portion of Hamels’ quote where he said “the league is protecting certain players and making it not that old-school, prestigious way of baseball,” Schilling tweeted:

"What the hell does that even mean? I'm old, I'm a former player, I don't get it."


A fan responded by asking: “Can't believe you said Hamel doesn't have control [editor's note: we're not sure when he said this]. He has twice the control that you had. And you threw at people. Why can't he?”


"Cole Hamels couldn't hold my jock in the control department, check the numbers. He can throw at anyone he wants, in my opinion it was stupid." 


OK, Curt, I’ll check the numbers. You did, in fact, have slightly better control than Hamels, walking 2.0 batters per nine innings, with Cole coming in at 2.2. But we’re splitting hairs here, don’t you think?

Pressed further on the matter, Schilling said:

"Hey! To spark the team? Great, but the comment was dumb in my opinion. And as a lifelong author of dumb comments, I feel comfortable stating that."


When asked if he was jealous that Hamels won in Philly, which is something Schilling, by no fault of his own, didn't have the opportunity to do, the video game maker responded thusly:

"Hell no, that city deserved everything they've gotten with this franchise, I wasn't good enough to bring it home, they were."



Poor Cole, though. Everyone is ganging up on him today.


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  1. Not that Cole needs any extra motivation to pitch, but this is only gonna fuel his fire..and I HOPE the rest of the team as well…Phils needed a kick in the ass this year and hopefully this past weekend was it…btw, Strasburg almost lost on Friday to Kyle Kendrick, so Washington needs to dumb down their over-hypeness.

  2. Who gives a crap what Schilling thinks about Cole. Or who he throws at. If Schilling would have acted like Cole back in ’93, Macho Row probably wouldn’t have wanted to constantly kick his ass.

  3. I like the move, thought it was funny how honest he was. Still think he may sit a game or 2 because he openly admitted his intentions, but I must ask…how would we feel if pitcher throws and hits Galvis in next series and says same thing….will we understand?

  4. Aaron… comparing Galvis to Harper is assonine. A better comparison would be Dom Brown… Remember that guy? He had ALMOST as much arrogance as Harper, and was thought to have about 3/4 the talent of the Nats’ kid.
    Had he been QUITE as arrogant as Harper in the minors, it would be expected when he got to the bigs.

  5. At the end of the day for Cole, Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee got your back. More than enough support in the clubhouse.

  6. I’m still waiting on Harper facing Lee and Halladay back to back. Cole I have no problem with what he did. If we had a player like that (cocky as all hell) then him getting plunked would be expected but he damn well better perform or his psyche would be ruined in this city within a month

  7. Hamels can’t hold Schillings jock because hes too busy sticking his dick inside a hot ass woman every night after he polishes his WS MVP trophy.

  8. Hopefully Cole will take the high road,and ignore that smug.arrogant jerk(Schilling).

  9. I don’t understand that last comment. Does he mean that we deserved a good baseball team and finally got it or does it mean that we don’t deserve anything?

  10. Curt, Nobody likes you…GO AWAY..COLE will end up with a better career…its a “COLE World”

  11. Nick, he is indirectly taking a shot at his old teammates, meaning HE wasn’t good enough to single-handedly win a WS. That’s the way he rolls, FUCK HIM

  12. Is this the same Curt Schilling that looks like he swallowed Cole Hamels?

  13. SIDE NOTE: Strasburg will hit his innings limit at or around August 5th(at the rate hes pitching) so they wont even have him for final 2 months of regular season and possible post season. FUCK THEM

  14. Curt is a pussy.
    Uncle Dave Montgomery will never put him into the wall of honor

  15. Hey Curt Schilling, hey Mike Rizzo, hey Morgan Ensberg… why don’t you ask Bryce Harper or any of the Nationals if they have a problem with what happened last night? Harper got hit in the lower back, not the head, hand, elbow, knee, etc. He then got some personal revenge by stealing home later in the inning. From there, Jordan Zimmerman went out and took care of business by hitting Cole Hamels. Old school baseball and, right there, the story should have ended. Quit your damn crying and protecting the “bonus baby.” If the Nationals and MLB weren’t treating Harper with “kid gloves” from Day 1, he would never have gotten plunked.

  16. Schilling just can’t keep his foot out of his big mouth. He was a damn good pitcher but I haven’t forgiven that jerk for covering his head with a towel during Mitch Williams’ relief outings. Mitch was enough to give me a heart attack everytime he pitched but I know the Phillies would not have been in the World Series in ’93 without him.

  17. Curt called the pitch that mitch threw to carter. way to go curt. way to screw up the series.

  18. What a colossal assclown Schilling is. Twenty years ago, HE would’ve plunked a rookie hot dog like Harper. Yo, Curt! STFU!

  19. @Howard, if only it was just his foot CS is putting in his big mouth he might lose a few pounds. The next person he should endeavor to be introduced to is a woman. Her name is Jenny Craig.

  20. Hamels is an asshole for deliberately throwing at someone all u fucking assholes

  21. I’m really surprised Curt took the towel off of his head long enough to actually see the pitch.

  22. When will Curt Schilling just go away? Why does anybody care what this blowhard has to say? My lasting memory of Curt Schilling is when he was on the Today Show in 2004 shilling(pun inteneded) for George W. Bushs re-election campaign. I’m not trying to turn this political, both parties suck, but that alone should let you know what level Curt Schilling is thinking on. A very low level.

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