Flyers Game 5 Giveaway T-Shirt Makes Me Sad

Flyers_game_5_t_shirtPic via the Flyers' Twitter

You know, these were much more fun when they celebrated the hilarious downfall of our nearby rivals. Now? Just rallying cries that aim to inspire an unlikely comeback.

But hey, at least we have the likes of Zac Rinaldo declaring this one for G.

Jam please.


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  1. Kyle you just want the Flyers to lose so all the attention goes on the shitty Phillies, fuck those overrated pieces of shit, baseball is for bitches.

  2. Troll – hockey is better? You sir are a funny, yet misguided fool.

  3. Hockey is 10 times better than baseball and this Flyers team has won 5 more playoff games this year than the Phils will.

  4. flyers left their heart & legs in pittsburgh. another year with no cup. Ed Snider- please sell the team.

  5. I can’t wait until the offseason so people can stop using the word “jam.”

  6. Im not ready for boring Phillies mode….#JAM

  7. Hopefully the next CBA will have an amnesty clause so we can ditch Bryz and his lofty contract. He was a fraud in Phoenix and he’s a fraud here.

  8. would seem more fitting to have a picture of the players on this T-shirt than fans to “Rise to the occasion”, maybe switch the color up & do a white or black out. The whole free orange t shirt with stale sports cliche might need a fresh approach.

  9. Hey Rinaldo – Better not make statements like that and then go out and lose. Get a fuckin win tonight.

  10. Phillies fan who lives in Atlanta, works in New York, and goes to school in Miami******** says:

    At least we’ll have the sixers for another series

  11. @Gene Rich: Sure, sell the team. Because we’d rather have no hockey team. Dipshit.

  12. Phoenix ditches Bryz and they’re in the West finals against LA, home of our rejects. Sigh.

    But seriously they can eat an asshole.

  14. It’s times like these where you can decipher the Flyer faithful from the band wagoners. Don’t forget to grab your ill shirt when you jump off.

  15. Rinaldo gonna take Gs spot in the lineup…defiantly the boost we need..throw bob out there too while we are at it!

  16. Heard House’s last girl broke up with him because he couldn’t rise to the occasion…

  17. Philly fans doing the “throw the towel in before the fat lady sings” again…..geez we all know the momentum is not in our favor and this is not looking good, but lets please stop the “its all over, reset everything” bullshit and just support the team one more game….they may surprise you…..and nothing is dead yet…..

  18. Want to wish my friends on the Flyers good luck tonight. Hope they can pull it out in 7, i, however, never pull out. Anyway, would be cool to face them in the cup finals.

  19. I hate Philly! Why would they trade ME? Well, now im in LA with my bestie Richie. It is much harder getting some when I am out clubing, girls are like uhhh who are you and why is your hair weird looking?

  20. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha no cup for you losers! …again

  21. Yea I think the only thing we need to take from this is just how horrible the Pens really are. Sigh, I miss the Pens series. Also, this guy blasting hartnell’s dick ^ is a joke. A scorned Pens fans who can’t let go of Hartnell’s monster cock.

  22. @ blah – haven’t won a cup since 1975. Time for eddie to move on, he’s not cutting it

  23. Phoenix duped us into going after Bryz. Their system makes goalies look better than they really are. Now we’re stuck with his massive contract.
    Pittsburgh is a great team though…it’s all about match-ups and we matched up well against them. For example, they went 4-2 against NYR and we went 0-6…go figure.

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