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Riddle: What’s a sadder sight than an all-star first baseman blowing out his Achilles and lying on the ground in heap as he makes the final out of his team’s best season ever three steps short of a championship? 

A 350-pound star offensive lineman blowing out his now-repaired Achilles for the second time in two months and falling on his face after his Roll-A-Bout broke in the kitchen.

According to a report by Derrick Gunn, host of Gunn-On-One, Jason Peters ruptured his Achilles again yesterday when his walking aid failed him: []

According to a league source, Peters ruptured his Achilles tendon again after the Roll-A-Bout he was using malfunctioned. Peters was maneuvering in his kitchen when the device broke, and he fell on his face and re-injured the Achilles.

The five-time Pro Bowler needed a second surgery, and his recovery was set back three weeks. He is going to sue the manufacturer of the device.


It doesn’t get more unfortunate than that, ladies and gentlemen. 

The fact that Peters re-ruptured his Achilles by performing presumably the most basic of tasks shows just how uncertain recovery from that injury can be. Ryan Howard’s Achilles setback was significantly less severe, as he merely had an infection near his wound. Peters needed a second surgery to repair his Achilles, and this will undoubtedly keep him out for all of 2012 and perhaps the rest of his career.

Though Peters is listed at upwards of 350 lbs, the Roll-A-Bout should have been able to hold him. The company lists several models with 400 and 500 pound weight limits:

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Last fall after his Achilles surgery, Howard was spotted at Whole Foods on a Rascal Scooter, which, in unfortunate hindsight, appears to be a better choice of device for gigantic athletes needing assistance following Achilles surgery. 

But here’s something spooky: In August, 2010, Howard’s teammates jokingly bought the slugger a Roll-A-Bout after he sprained his ankle. Good thing he didn’t use it.