LA Kings Twitter Account Takes Swipe at Claude Giroux

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The LA Kings’ Twitter account, the most personable in all the land, is asking all seven Kings fans to vote for Anze Kopitar in Round 2 of EA Sports’ never-ending NHL 13 cover vote. The are doing so by taking an admittedly hilarious swipe at Kopitar's opponent, Claude Giroux, using that oh-so-familiar picture of G and his Nickelback gun. 

You know what to do. And while you’re doing it, vote for Scott Hartnell, who’s going up against the ugliest player in the league, Evgeni Malkin.

We would fire back at the Kings' social media coordinator and his entry-level salary… but, um, they have our former captain and leading goal scorer and are about to play in the Stanley Cup Finals.

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19 Responses

  1. funnt thing is, the flyers were never the same after they went to that Nickleback concert. they are losers

  2. I told Claude not to go. Embarrasment. I am trading him to Columbus for Rick Nash straight up. NEW ERA IN FLYERS HISTORY

  3. I knew the flyers didn’t have the heart to win the cup when I heard they went to the faggotback concert. Hand in your man cards pussies

  4. The Kings twitter account is so awesome. Whoever writes it deserves a raise.
    Every day that organization does something that makes me feel less bad about rooting for them to win the cup now.

  5. Don’t worry. Claude Giroux will get more votes in a day than the Kings have in total fans.

  6. Put Cartsy and Richie on the cover, holding the cup, on wave runners, down by corson’s inlet…in flyers jerseys

  7. Put a big line of coke on the cover with carts & richie at each end with the Stanley Cup & the sic bay in the background

  8. OH boy!! You’ll all be glad to know a dear friend of mine and a BIG fan of yours and the city of Philly has been routing for LA straight up even when you were in…you guys are funny fans…

  9. I feel like this stupid cover voting has been going on forever…longer than the playoffs itself. Just fucking end it already. At this point, I couldn’t give a shit what player’s on the cover.

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