Report: Roy Oswalt Threw For The Phillies

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Who’s not surprised by this? 

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When Roy Oswalt announced this winter that he was going to sit out a few months and pull a Roger Clemens, it was hard not to imagine a scene where Oswalt and Ruben Amaro sat on the pitcher’s large tractor, chomped on some buckwheat or whatever, and hashed out a plan to pay the pitcher $4 million to pitch for three months for the Phillies this season.

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Hey guys, comin' back 

He’ll be in red pinstripes by the Fourth of July.

Phillies beat writer Matt Gelb is a bit more skeptical, tweeting: Fair warning: Be extremely skeptical of any information leaked regarding Roy Oswalt.

It's worth noting that the Oswalt report was the second story of the day broken by Rosenthal, instead of a Phillies beat writer…


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  1. Can he become a power hitter or pitch relief, because that’s what the Phils need, not another starting pitcher.

  2. He will replace Blandon when we trade him for Yewkillus. Put money on it. And Pullanco will go to the Texans.

  3. rosenthal knows his shit…. I like the possibility of this, especially with worley getting Tommy Johnnned

  4. No respect for Joey Bacon. If the Phils were adding any type of salary, why wouldnt it be a offensive piece??

  5. Philadelphia baseball writers blow. No passion for the game & no hunger for hunting a lead or rumor… just the bare minimum reporting on someone else’s thirst for news & info.

  6. We need bullpen support more then we need bats. That’s the bottom line, the only one in the bullpen that has played well so far all season is Papelbon, if we take a starter out in the later innings with a lead the bullpen screws it up. IF we we’re to resign Oswalt I would support it 100%…as long as it’s not to expensive

  7. Didnt this clown Gelb also say be skeptical of the Phils trading Cliff Lee for the chance to trade for Roy Halladay? Dont be hater Gelb just do a better job of preventing national reporters from kicking your ass.

  8. My buddy Mike at The Pour House in Westmont last night. G decided to drop by. Yeah…he came in with a group of dudes who seemed like they were from around here. Then he left with some cute waitress.

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