Sixers Superfan Kicked Out of TD Garden on Saturday Night

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Alan Horowitz had an eventful week.

Philly’s own version of Spike Lee, Horowitz is a superfan. On Thursday following the Sixers’ series-clinching win over the Bulls, he could be seen in a euphoric embrace with Sixers owner Joshua Harris and some blonde woman. 

Times weren’t as good on Saturday.

In this picture, snapped by WEEI’s Joe Zarbano, Horowitz is seen being escorted out the TD Garden by security.

Dime Mag fills in the gaps: 

Alan Horwitz is a life-long 76er fan with courtside seats for the last 35 years. Horowitz made the trip up to Boston on Saturday and, as usual, had a courtside seat. However, he wasn’t there for long as during the first quarter he was ejected from the building for elbowing Avery Bradley.

After reviewing the NBA Fan Code of Conduct, it appears that Horwtiz broke the following rule:

“Guests who engage in fighting, throwing objects or attempting to enter the court will be immediately ejected from the arena.” 



Another Boston radio personality was seated close enough to hear the commotion:


Unclear whether it was Bradley or Rondo that was elbowed by Horowitz, but does it really matter?

In Philly, Horowitz is free to roam the court seemingly at will, sometimes nearly joining the Sixers’ huddle. Guess that ‘ish doesn’t fly in Beantown.

We’ll keep an eye out for Horowitz tonight.

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  1. What’s up with the rumors of McNabb coming back to the Eagles to back-up Vick?

  2. A Dark Day indeed when the only thing to report on in Philadelphia sports in May is the Sixers…*sigh*

  3. I always thought his Jersey was an old school Shawn Bradley from the 90’s..That’s worse then having The Black Guy written on the back..

  4. That dude is an attention whore. Hopefully he got some pussy at least with his 15 min of fame

  5. I’ve say near Al a few times and as I see he pretty much does what he wants. The guards at Wells Fargo and Sixers office personnel ride him because he can afford those seats. One thing he’s gotta remember is he can’t go into opposing teams buildings and do what he does at WF. In fact if you ask me they should clamp down in him at WF also. He gets a little to close sometimes and becomes part of the game himself. Doesn’t really matter how much you pay for the seats Al you can’t do what you want. Esspecially in other buildings.

  6. Wtf is the crazy military neighbor from the burbs doing court side at the sixers game

  7. I’ve seen guards at the Well get chastised for saying something to this joker about being on the court. I’ve seen him take shots during the player warm ups. He walks around court side like he is one of the owners. It’s a joke that the franchise is so desperate for money that they let this guy do whatever he wants.

  8. TD Garden blows. Their security guards treat non-Boston fans like the TSA treat Afghanis.

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