The Phillies are Running a Buy One, Get One Sale… on Tickets

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Up is down. White is black. Finkle is Einhorn. The Phillies are the Nationals.

Earlier today, the Phillies sent out an email promoting the usual fare: Dodgers tickets, Rockies tickets, pictures of their recognizable players who aren’t injured. You know, the usual. This communicae, however, included a special offer: Buy 1, Get 1 FREE for the June 6 game against the Dodgers. 

Oh, how Nationals of them.

A few weeks ago we speculated that the Phillies’ sellout streak may soon be coming to an end. Attendance numbers hit near two-year lows, dipping below 44,000 for the first time since September 7 of 2010, a game which, interestingly, also had a BOGO. The slight attendance dip isn’t surprising given the Phillies’ relative early-season struggles. But, for a team that hasn’t even had to try to sell tickets – let alone give them away – over the past two seasons, it’s a bit saddening to see that there is enough inventory left for next Wednesday night’s game that they’re running a BOGO.

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The sellout streak was already questionable, given MLB’s and the Phillies’ ability to sell tickets through StubHub (though I’ve been told the Phillies deny this), but now freebies may be required to keep it going. Miss you, 2008.

Get 'em while they're hot. And free.

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  1. This is why you don’t disrespect other franchises that have had attendance troubles due to shitty play. This can happen to any team.

  2. It says 1 SRO is $8.50 using the special e-saver BS. Then tack on a dollar fee. Then another $4.50 service charge even if you choose to pick up at will call. That comes to $14.00 for the single ticket. Normally it’s $2.50 fee plus $4.50 service charge for regular SRO ticket coming to total of $24 on their site. How is this free or am I missing something?

  3. Thank you C. I get these all the time every season from the Phillies. They also run e-saver specials that cut the prices of the cheaper seats in half. Dunno why people all the sudden making a big stink about it.

  4. The dark days are upon us.
    I’m just hoping they start offering them for free in the pack of Ballpark Franks like they used to for the Vet.
    Don’t write it off… it’s coming people.

  5. They did this in 2008…and 2009 as well.
    People forget that the Phillies sell out streak didn’t start until 9 months (July 2009) after we won a World Series.

  6. As much as I hate your needless harassment of the Nationals, I really respect that you posted this.
    Come on, Phils fans! If you ever took exception to people calling us fair-weather, now is the chance to show that we are not.

  7. I’m sure all the Ill PHans are flipphing shit over this… But I went to many a game back in ’05-’08 on the BOGO offer. Sat in some of the best seats I’ve had in CBP because of it as well. Difference was, they ran these specials through the whole season if I remember right.
    Hmm… it really bothers me that ‘seasoned’ fans are making a big stink out of this. I mean, I can understand people who’ve only faithfully followed the team for 3 years or so… but anyone who knew anything of pre-2008 CBP had to have known they’d be starting the ticket promotions early to try and keep the ‘sellout’ streak alive as long as possible.

  8. Joey Baps, I think the idea is more that this deal shouldn’t be necessary. The Phils are one quarter of the way through the season, above .500 and within striking distance of first. How can interest be waning so fast? That is what I don’t like. And I had a ticket plan before we won the World Series, so it’s not like I’m some bandwagon fan.

  9. I already had tickets to the june 6th game at full price. FUCK. That’s the last time i buy a ticket package. My tickets have sucked nuts and i end up standing anyway

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