Today in NATITUDE: Mike Rizzo Fined, A Short Video From Our Takeover, Nasty Email, Nats Promo Filmed at CBP, and More

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CSN Philly’s Jim Salisbury reports that Nationals GM Mike Rizzo will be fined for his comments about Cole Hamels.

If you don’t remember, Rizzo said Hamels’ actions were "gutless chicken shit."

Craig Calcaterra, of NBC’s Hardball Talk, thinks that what may have gotten the GM fined, however, was when he said “you don’t know who you’re dealing with.”

– Here’s a short video from our Takeover of the nation’s capital on Sunday night.

As you can see, we were shoved off to one side of the parking lot, conveniently near where a handful of Nats fans were arriving. We booed them. All in good fun. A cop, assigned to watch over us, helped himself to some BBQ pork as we filtered into the game. The only parking lot issue happened when the overzealous attendant, a Nats employee, unplugged the DJ's audio equipment, for no apparent reason.

Once inside the game, we received little NATITUDE from those in attendance. In the ninth inning as things got out of hand (in the game), though, a few remaining Washingtonians did take issue with our group and were escorted out. Some, who came with us, were also asked to leave, but mostly to diffuse any late-game tensions.

– Of course, Internet muscles remained. 

Yesterday, I received this email, presumably from a Nats fan, with the subject Fuck Philly. It reads:

Bunch of classless fucking dirtbags.  I guess winning one title in 30 years is a good reason to be a classless loser?  


Guess so. 

– We get this next one from Dan Steinberg and the D.C. Sports Bog, a must-read site for this new rivalry. One of his readers found the video that the Nats filmed outside Citizens Bank Park last month.

– The Nats sent all sorts of follow-up emails to fans. One was a survey, basically asking you how much NATITUDE you have. The other, an offer for… wait for it… dollar tickets. via readers Daniel and Ronald:

Screen Shot 2012-05-08 at 5.41.07 PM wrote an article about our excursion:

“You look at Bryce Harper’s [home] debut, they had 22,000 folks. We just look at it and laugh. You can’t sell out for the ‘second coming?’” Scott summed up.  


– The marketer responsible for NATITUDE responded to one of my Tweets. I don’t think he got the joke. Or maybe he did.

Screen Shot 2012-05-08 at 5.44.09 PM

– Jayson Werth got the Yahoo! common noun treatment:

Screen Shot 2012-05-08 at 3.40.41 PM

– Finally, it's worth mentioning this article for Fans Against Violence. It's all in good fun, people.

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25 Responses

  1. I have not… and will not… ever GIVE A SHIT about the Nats. Seriously… let it go… everyone.
    The Phillies are on the decline… admit it.

  2. Wow, that minute 1:14 of video had to be done by a HS video class…what was that?

  3. As a Phillies an i find the whole trip kinda funny BUT its also can be looked at as we are all a bunch of assholes (which we are considered as around the league). I have alot of National Fans as freinds and yeah its all in good fun and the razzing is just the name of the game, but think about it… you put 200+ philly fans together with beer and you have the recipe for a powder keg…and that really with any team, i just would like to lose the “Philadelphia is a buch of Dbags” label and i dont think this trip necessarily helped…i apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors.

  4. And I guess one playoff appearance in their franchises entire history and one good month to start the season is a good reason to act like your team is the fucking Yankees.
    Fuck Washington, worst sports city in America.
    Redskins have sucked for 20 years now, Wizards have been a joke for most of their entire existence, Capitals are a bunch of chokers, and somehow, the Nationals are worse than all 3 of them.

  5. The Caps are giving the Rangers all they can handle….something we couldnt do all season…just saying. Dont let blind Philly Phaithfulness cloud what other teams are doing..there is being a fan and then there is being a fan of the sport..sure you are allowed to dislike other teams but when they are doing something your team failed to do you have to give credit when credit is due

  6. So because the Capitals are giving the #1 seed in the East a run for their money, that no longer makes them the irrelevant chokers that they’ve been for most of their existence? I’m talking about their franchise’s entire existence, not just this season.

  7. Correct…every season is a new season. you cannot make claims about another City when our franchises havent exactly been racking up the trophies…we won the world series in 08′ won the cup in 74′ and 75’….Thaaaaats about it really….im just saying we shouldnt throw stones in a glass house…and we could be considered choke artists as well… people hate Philly for their completely biased opinions.

  8. People hate Philly for biased opinions? Yes, that totally doesn’t happen anywhere else. Not in New York, Boston, Dallas or any other big market sports cities. Just Philadelphia…
    Sorry, just because the Caps won two games against the Rangers and are about to be bounced doesn’t make them anything more than the irrelevant chokers that they’ve always been. Their city takes a shot at my teams, I’ll come right back at them. I’m not the one starting this fight, you can thank “natitude” for that.

  9. lol at kyle scott wetting his pants over the nats hahaha nerd

  10. You guys are lucky that angry Nats fan chick didn’t kick every single one of your asses, because you know she could have. Easily. Just the facts.

  11. Also! You KNOW you are jealous of muthafuckin dollar Mondays. You KNOW you are jealous of our short lines for beer! Full-price tix and long lines are for suckers.

  12. So if it hasn’t already happened, the phillies sell out streak clearly came to an end tonight

  13. phillies are “sold out” for the entire season already… it wont end this year

  14. Hey guys, check out my promo in Kyle Scott’s natitude video at around 1:48….Yeah i’m pretty much a fucking superstar now.

  15. That video was the worst thing these eyes have ever seen… I can’t believe they paid money, and traveled to Philadelphia for that

  16. It’s this simple – we’re assholes. That’s it. We’ll always be assholes. And I’m fine with that. Because, ya know, who gives a shit what anyone else thinks?
    Opposing fans come to our stomping grounds and then say, “I’ll never go there for a game again. They’re a bunch of assholes.” Ummm, no shit, did you ever think we don’t want you here in the first place? Thank God you don’t come here.
    As for us traveling to other parks/stadiums/arenas – get used to it, Rest of The World.
    We’re assholes. I, for one, accept it and don’t get all heated, nor feel the reason to acknowledge any other fan base. All that matters to me is my team and my fellow fans.

  17. I’m an absolute die hard Phillies fan. But is it really necessary to go down there and call everyone an “asshole” repeatedly? When you go to another team’s stadium, you’re free to support your team, but do you need to essentially pick fights with fans in their home park? Enjoy the game, cheer when your team makes a play, but it’s ok to understand you’re in someone else’s park and have a bit of respect and decency — doesn’t make you less of a fan. That goes for Nats fans at CBP, and should go for Phils fans in DC.

  18. haha 2 titles in 30 years….1980 2008 do the math….28 years dumbass

  19. I’ve lived in Philly for five years and still don’t understand why so many fans here take pride in being shitheads.
    Grown men acting like schoolyard bullies = pathetic.

  20. God this video is so pathetic. Too bad you weren’t able to film the “Let’s Go Devils” chant that erupted in the ballpark bar when the Flyers lost game 4 (enjoy the off-season BTW). Some of the drunks from your group were rendered speechless on that one! Priceless.

  21. Thanks for reminding me why I (a Philadelphia sports fan) hate 95% of this fanbase. This blog and Kyle in particular are the biggest jerkoffs this city has to offer.

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