Video: EA Sports Uses Claude Giroux to Demonstrate Newest Gameplay Feature


Claude Giroux has a realistic shot to be on the cover of EA Sports’ NHL 13, and the company may be hedging their bets a bit by using the slippery Flyer to demonstrate their new signature feature: True-Performance Skating.

What the fuck that means, I have no idea. Likely the ability to make players turn on a dime, stop, or drip shards of ginger from their Cooperalls. Or something. Whatever the case, using a musical score that sounds like the love child of Christopher Nolan and the HBO 24/7 production team, the fine folks at EA Sports choose Giroux’s filthy, dirty move, which he twice used against Toronto, to demonstrate the game's new capabilities.

We’ll look forward dropping some ginger when the game comes out later this summer.


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  2. This looks like the same NHL video game EA has been pumping out for the last 7 years

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