Video: Cliff Lee and Shane Victorino Exchange Words in the Dugout

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Our team is in last place. Shane Victorino is picking fights with Cliff Lee. Our pets’ heads are falling off! 

In the bottom of the fourth inning Friday night, fielding gaffs by Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence, who both lost balls in the twilight, cost Cliff Lee and the Phillies a run. 

Lee, who was seemingly bothered by the yet another game with lackluster fielding and little run support, had something to say about the miscues. He and Victorino exchanged words in the dugout, prompting Charlie Manuel to passively intervene. The manager’s efforts worked, briefly, but then Victo kept talking, which led to Lee removing his towel and approaching Victo in his best you wanna go?!* manner.

Brian Schneider and others quickly stepped in to diffuse the situation. For a moment, though, it looked like Lee was going to beat Victorino.

*This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Lee’s "I’m going to fucking kill a man" face. Last year during a brawl against the Giants (which we Zaprudered), Lee briefly appeared that he was going to roundhouse kick Guillermo Mota. He didn’t, unfortunately. 

You can’t blame Lee for taking issue with the shitshow in the outfield. Losing playable fly balls on two consecutive plays is hard to swallow, even if there is a legitimate excuse. On the first play, Victorino not only misplayed the ball, but also threw in the towel on the play as David Freese streaked toward third. That’s the part, I’m guessing, that Lee had a problem with– it’s one thing to misplay the ball… it’s another to give up on a play in a close game. 

After the game, Lee didn’t want to talk about it. Here’s what he told reporters: [quote via Delco Times beat reporter Ryan Lawrence]

"It's going to stay between us… I'm not going to talk about it."

But were you frustrated with the outfield play in the fourth?

"It happens. Obviously when you have two in one inning, it's tough to see out there. You don't' see that very often but it was kind of a flukey inning. Fortunately we were able to overcome it and win the game." 


Victorino didn’t want to talk about it, either. He shooed away CSN’s Jim Salisbury:

Screen Shot 2012-05-26 at 1.17.15 AM

Manuel liked it: [quote via Wilmington News Journal beat reporter David Hale]

"They had a little heated words, that’s all right. Baseball is baseball, it’s good sometime. There’s nothing wrong with that. It was no big deal."


Other things that are baseball: Carlos Ruiz blocking the plate on Yadier Molina in the bottom of the eighth:

Screen Shot 2012-05-26 at 1.08.18 AM 

Summer time, folks. Things are heatin’ up

Video of Lee and Victorino’s spat after the jump (there was a bit more than what you see, but it's unavailable online).

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49 Responses

  1. Can’t tell if Ryan is trolling or if this is his first day on the interwebz…

  2. Can we please deal away Vic as soon as possible for someone who doesn’t swing at every first goddamn pitch?

  3. Maybe one of our pitchers should beat the shit out of Hunter Pence for not knowing how to field or hit.

  4. Lee needs to shut his bitch mouth up. He’ll probably go out in his next start and pull one of his 7 runs in 2 innings turds that he’s good for about 4 times a year. yeah, bitch at the gold glove outfielder for losing the ball in the twilight, it’s never happened in the history of baseball. that $25 million per year could have been spent in other places(Hamels).

  5. If this were Cole Hamels caught having words with a teammate over anything, he would be killed! Why is it okay if it’s Lee? We still hear about Cole’s frustration with Utley in the 2009 NLCS and he and Utley still look like friends to me. Cole is still getting shit for plunking Bryce Harper. I remember Halladay staring down Polanco in Washington after an error in a meaningless game in May of 2011. I am amazed at the pass Lee and others get in this town.

  6. Shane Victorino is a known punk … why is it always him getting into fights? He’s got little man syndrome and eventually someone is gonna break his jaw. It’s not just on the field either, he known around the city to be a class one douche bag. Pence fucks up but always seems to figure out a way to right his wrong and Lee should be frustrated. I can’t wait until the day Victorino is out of here.

  7. Mm, one swing does not make a good ball player. He’s probably the worst fielder I’ve seen since Desi, and he swings at shit in the dirt more than Ryan Howard. He’s batting .253, and has 7 more strikeouts than RBIs right now, which is totally unacceptable for a player of his caliber.

  8. I get that Lee is frustrated. He really should have some wins under his belt, as he’s kept the offense in most of the games that he’s pitched this season. They just haven’t been scoring runs for him and keep losing the decision for him, which is sad. Having said that, throwing a temper tantrum about it isn’t going to make things better for the team, and I agree with Kitty Kat that he doesn’t deserve a free pass for acting that way. Hamels has really matured a lot in the past couple of seasons, but the fanbase is still holding things that happened over three years ago against him. Meanwhile, almost nobody ever mentions how Lee blew a 4-0 lead in the playoffs last season. Had he not done that, the Phillies sweep the series and go on to the LCS. It’s dumfounding how the guy gets a free pass in this city when he’s being paid $120 million bucks and really has no business acting like a petulant child when things don’t go his way.

  9. Victorino is STUPID. PERIOD.
    The other night it was 2nd and 3rd and Polanco was thrown out at the plate on a ground ball to first.
    The play was over and Shane was still on 2nd !!! WTF !!!
    What the FUCK was he doing out there? Texting?
    Thursday night, he threw home on back-to-back plays when he had NO CHANCE to get the runners and allowed the hitters to go to 2nd.
    Fundamentally, he SUCKS!! – What did he do the first at bat after the dustup? First-pitch pop-up!!
    What did Lee do? Single to right, scored from 1st on a double.
    Shane – shitty at-bats every night
    Shane – shitty fielder who often throws to wrong base
    Shane – shitty baserunner
    Does anyone remember game 6 against the Yankees?
    What about last year against ST Louis when he botched the catch and threw backwards?
    The guy sucks. Makes the all-star each year by publicly begging

  10. Lee was being a jerk. It’s not Victorino’s fault. Who has a ring, is a golden glove and an all-star? When was the last time Shane was scored with an E? Shane hit great the night before. Lee should never ever go for a team-mate.

  11. Victorino fucked up, Pence fucked up, Lee is frustrated and pissed off because he keeps throwing great games and doesn’t have anything to show for it. They bitched at eachother for a little while, why does it have to be anymore than that, why does either one of them turn into a vilain? Philly really needs a Prozac bomb dropped on it, we won the fucking game.

  12. After he was done laughing, I think Chooch called Molina “Needle Dick” after he ran him over. He’s a fucking legend.

  13. Don’t be such a Cliff Lee fanboy, Kyle. Lee was a dick for calling out Victorino — and it was the pitcher who apparently started the argument, not Shane.
    If Lee was frustrated about losing the lead, maybe he should not have given up a homer to Rafael Furcal (not exactly known as a power hitter).

  14. Good thing they stopped Lee. Shane would have whipped his ass in about 15 seconds.

  15. Lee deserves to be frustrated and should call out his teammates if they’re playing lazily. The guys pitched well enough to sit amongst the leaders in wins, and hasn’t gotten one. If I’m in that situation, I don’t want to watch my fielder give up on a play after an error in a tight game.

  16. Victorino was not playing “lazily.” The ball got lost in the lights, and then bounced away … he didn’t give up on the ball — Pierre and Pence were converging on it.
    Maybe Lee ought to stop serving up cookies that get hit 400 feet.

  17. I don’t have a problem with it. The players were both frustrated and got angry at each other and had a few words. Do you think this never happens in the locker room? They did the right thing by keeping it between them and not speaking to the media. I think this is something out of nothing.

  18. KittyKat @ 8:56 am:
    Lee gets a pass because that’s just how it is. Lee is a player’s player and it may seem unfair but that’s how it is…for now.
    Fans LOVE Cliff Lee. He still has darling status and there’s nothing to do about it until he loses it by doing the opposite of the kinds of things that have lifted him to that pedestal. I am one of those fans.
    Moreover, it’s hard for Lee to get much blowback in a season when the offense or bullpen are usually the goat and the starting pitchers are like victims of the slack created by those groups
    The best thing Shane and others can do and raise their game and take some pressure off the starters. Only way they are going to get any sympathy.

  19. Lay off both of them. I want to see competitors on my team fired up. Rather that, then the smiling, jokey, Donovan McNabb who we put up with all those years. Lee gives away homers now and then, so what. Batters are heros even when they fail at the plate two-thirds of the time.

  20. The guys on the mound who go out once every five days should NEVER be calling out the guys who go out every day.
    That being said, Cliff gets half a pass from me because I can understand the frustration he’s probably feeling. He should have waited until after the game, though.
    A team win is a win is a win, however.

  21. Did Shane tell Lee to hit me in the torso but not the head and point to both areas like in the 08 NLCS in LA. That would be silly

  22. The team is in last place. Its good to see them showing a little emotion. Maybe it will get them fired up and they’ll win a few more games.
    Oh, and Shannon and Kate, ill have spaghetti and meatballs tonight. Thanks babes.

  23. Victorino sure gave up on that ball in the gap. Molina scored, right? What???
    Lee acted like a slapped ass. Perhaps he should focus more on not giving up HR’s to light-hitting SS’s and notice that the play involving Vic included a ball that was crushed over 400 feet.

  24. Shit yo, where da sixers coverage at. We gonna be ballin tonight. East Conf Finals 4 real

  25. Shannon, how about getting off Victorino’s cock already, sheesh? It’s embarrassing. He played the ball lazily. After it fell he didn’t follow through with the play and allowed the runner to continue advancing.

  26. Shannon why don’t you cook some fucking dinner you dirty cunt and then you can suck some cock. Stick with what you’re good at.

  27. These guys see each other almost every day for 7-8 months a year. Stuff like this is gonna happen from time to time, either out in the open or behind closed doors. Nothing else to see here, moving on

  28. Isn’t there a Game 7 going on tonight? Oh, it’s the Sixers. If it was the Flyers this blog would be offering free rimjobs in the parking lot for the best Lavs impression.

  29. I would fuck the shit out of Shane, and let Cliff lick my ass hole while it was going on.

  30. Fielding errors aside, the way this team hits when cliff takes the mound is a fucking disgrace. He deserves much better than this team has shown him.
    On a side note, why the fuck are a bunch of women on here defending Shane? He’s having a shit year, somebody needs to yell at him, why not the guy who hustles more than anyone in the league?

  31. chooch is the guy who should’ve gone after vic. After chooch took one in the arm, vic had a terrible swing at a bad first pitch and hit a candyass popup to an infielder. another terrible ab from our cliche’ slinging centerfielder

  32. Carlos Ruiz is too classy to go after one of his teammates. He just makes up for their miscues.

  33. Lee gets kyle’s dick hard. If this was any other player he would be all over him i.e. bryz

  34. I love it when chicks come on here and try to talk sports…. Seriously none of them have a clue so go shut the fuck up and get your ass back in the kitchen and make the people who actually know sports (men) sandwiches.

  35. I wish Cliff Lee pitched with his “I’m going to fucking kill a man” face last year against the Cardinals when he blew a four run lead in the division series, that would have been nice.

  36. Shane Victorino hasn’t had an error since 2010. Enough said. Oh and he has multiple gold gloves and a WORLD SERIES RING.

  37. You phillies are gay you spend all your money on big named players and still can’t win! The only good player is Cliff Lee. He is my favorite player in the MLB. I wish he stayed with Seattle or Texas.

  38. The only good thing about Philadelphia is that it is a nice city the bell is awesome and Philly cheese steak is delicious.

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