Video: Hunter Pence Played Ping Pong on NBC’s 10! Show Today

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NBC Philadelphia forged ahead with its new content strategy today: having it’s hottest talent (and Bill Henley, apparently) do everyday things with Hunter Pence. 

Back in February, Pence went on a lunch date with a gushing Sheena Parveen. That went well:

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Hunter gives shows Sheena "The Matrix"

Today, Pence stopped by the 10! (!!!!!!) Show, where he played ping pong with Jillian Mele and… um… does it really matter who sits alongside Jillian Mele? She could have co-hosted today’s show with a snail and it still would have been uncomfortably sexy.

Hunter also did a Q & A for NBC’s website.

Video after the jump.

Keep eating, Hunter.


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  1. I hearsd he went after the first question and then missed a few….swing and a miss…
    Don’t sign HP!

  2. Hopefully he stcks his dick in that weather broad & maybe get his head right at the plate. Then get a steak dinner

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