Brad Lidge Designated For Assignment

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Playing for the most talented team he’s ever been on, Brad Lidge was designated for assignment by the Washington Nationals today. [Washington Post]

Brad Lidge knew it was coming. The veteran right-hander approached Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo in the clubhouse Sunday morning to ask if he was ready to talk. Rizzo delivered the news that Lidge least wanted to hear, but expected.

The Nationals designated Lidge for assignment on Sunday, activating Ryan Mattheus from the disabled list to take his place and effectively cutting ties with the 35-year-old former Philadelphia Phillies World Series hero. 


Lidge’s ERA during this injury-plagued season was 9.64.

He can choose to accept a trip to the minors, or will be released. 

For all the questionable decisions the Phillies made this offseason, letting Lidge and Ryan Madson walk, in hindsight, proved to be good ones.

Yes, I do know what you’re thinking. And no, I don’t think it would be a good idea.


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  1. Get him for the league minimum and cut him if he does bad. Is it really any worse than our other options?

  2. Another note: it’s lefties that are killing him. 6 for 11 with 8 walks. Righties are 6 for 28 with 3 walks and 8 Ks. It’s kinda like JC Romero. The phillies never seemed to do it, but if they only used these pitchers as right vs right or left vs left they might be pitching good enough to keep around.

  3. With the abundance of left-handed relievers we have, and the “you can bring him in for peanuts and cut him if it doesn’t work out” scenario… why not? The bullpen needs a veteran right handed arm. Lidge would be cheap. Could work out. Probably wouldn’t, but what’s the worst that happens?
    Like Scott said, just don’t have him face lefties.

  4. He’s going to be cheap worst case he sucks after a few weeks and he’s gone allows him to retire a phillie. It’s deff better than running bj rosenhammer mike schwimmmmmmmer a minor league first basemen who’s a major league reliever and really any of the other skeletons we have in the minors that no ones ever heard of. At worse maybe he can mentor one of the young guys while here n help them I’m all for this move

  5. Seriously, just use him against righties, manage the damn bullpen like every other team has to.

  6. The only reason the Madson move can be considered ‘good’ is because he got unlucky and we were lucky enough that he had a friggin injury going into Spring Training..the fact is it was an awful move considering they tied over 12 mill of payroll into a closer they are afraid to use unless its with a lead..and then left them with zero money to spend elsewhere this offseason.
    Don’t support Ruben Amaro

  7. Papelbon being the exception, Lidge can’t be much worse than what we’ve got in the bullpen.

  8. I don’t want Lidge back….we’re already bad enough as it is. Having him will make our bullpen even worse.

  9. Just wait…
    Lidge will sign with a team, Madson will come back from injury and both will win a ring before the Phillies do again…
    Then we can read on how to have a proper argument with friends about how the Phillies had a knee jerk reaction and should have kept them…

  10. I’d take him over Qualls, Rosenberg, and Schwimmer. Uhh…. wait, that’s like half of the bullpen already. Pick him up and do it now.

  11. I can’t believe how I’m reading comments on bringing him back.
    You are all fucking idiots. You call this guy “washed up”, “nothing left” etc.
    Now he’s DFA’d, you all ask for him to come back? Whaa?
    The same fucking people asking to put younger people in the pen are the same fucking people asking for a 35 year old guy to come and pitch. You fucking idiots.
    You are all the stupidest motherfuckers I’ve ever seen. I hope he does come back and suck more than ever so you can see just how bad he is. He’s no good…I love the guy but when you’re done, you are done. Get over it. Move on.

  12. This guy usually posts under ‘you are all idiots’. he’s a little twink nats fanboy who loves bryce harpers taint. No legit phillies fans ever tried to make any of those points.

  13. While I’ll always appreciate everything Lidge did for the Phils back in 2008, it’s clear to me that he’s done and not worth wasting a roster spot on, even though our bullpen is a train wreck at present. His presence here would only make things worse. Move on, folks.

  14. If we had anyone younger worth keeping in that spot than yes I’d say pass on lidge but fact is we’re down like 5 relievers we figured on being healthy all year so now our depth is wiped out there’s nothing wrong with signing lidge and hoping you catch lightning in a bottle because we’re using a single A first basemen as one of our late inning relievers that should be ebough

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