UPDATE: Chris Pronger’s House (Which He Rents) Appears to be For Sale

According to Twitter user (@briannawrist), the house Chris Pronger lives in is for sale.

Briana, who says she lives down the street from the Flyers’ captain, tweeted

Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 2.38.02 PM

She was kind enough to go snap a picture for us, which you see above. Here’s the listing of what is confirmed to be his address– $1.5 million and it's yours.

A few weeks ago, some saw a moving van in front of the house, leading to speculation that Pronger was retiring. Or at least moving somewhere.

The Flyers quickly addressed the rumors, with sometimes fibber Paul Holmgren telling Philly.com that Pronger was going to spend some time with family in St. Louis: [Philly.com]

“There’s no truth to him retiring,” Holmgren said.

Because of an illness in his wife’s family, the Prongers are apparently going to spend some time in St. Louis, Holmgren said.


If him moving means the worst, it's obviously sad to see. There has been no official announcement from the team or Pronger. Nor will there be– a retirement announcement would cost the Flyers a cap hit. That's why Ian Laperriere waited until his contract expired at the end of this season to announce his retirement. And selling a house might not mean anything more than the house is for sale. But we can probably assume that it means more than that.

UPDATE: We're told that the house is owned by former Flyer Jason Smith, who was renting to Pronger. Regardless, Pronger has been living there – that part is confirmed – and now he's not. That's about as much as anyone knows.


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  1. Thanks Eddie “give me my $$” Snider for ending Pronger’s career. p*ssy
    Mr. Edward Murphy,
    I would like to hear your opinion on this matter?

  2. Brianna is the one that took that pic, you should have pasted her Twit Pic on the bottom right to give her some credit, (ABOVE)…..that ain’t PhotoShop, that’s a weak paste job from MS Paint.
    And Homer says….
    “There’s no truth to him retiring,” Holmgren said.
    Because of an illness in his wife’s family, the Prongers are apparently going to spend some time in St. Louis, Holmgren said.
    Oh ok Homer, so I guess after they get the family illness taken care of, they will buy a new house around here and move back?
    YOU ARE A LIAR!!!!

  3. Who the fuck thought he was going to be back ? Every time somebody asks his wife about him shes practically in tears.

  4. Not to mention she said he’s had 2 good days since the incident, maybe the Flyers can adopt some of the 08’ers from CBP so they can “BOO” Prongs at the airport. And what writer would even consider a chance of a real return?

  5. He’s not retiring, the house id too big so he gets lost and confused. Thanks for the pic Briana aka smoke show.

  6. Information in Public Records on the property:
    Smith, Jason & Wendy
    50 Bay St Unit 1444
    Toronto Ontario Canada
    Sold to them for $1,800,000 in 2007
    Was also for sale in 2009 then asking $1,950,000
    Was on the market then over a year

  7. For all the content “borrowing” that this site does, it’s a bit absurd to brand the picture of the house like it was. Like, c’mon man. That’s pretty bush league.

  8. Who the hell would pay 1.5 for that house? You can find bigger, newer, nicer for 600-700k.
    Maybe living next to that hottie raises the value a bit. She’s NICE.

  9. Why the fuck are you following dis chick on twitter too. Stop stalking people. Damm white boy is crazy

  10. Of course Holmgren says he’s not retiring and planning to come back! He has to!!!! If Pronger retires the Flyers are screwed with his cap hit for all the remaining years. If he doesn’t officially retire and is attempting a comeback then he can be put on long-term injured reserve. They still have to pay him, but his salary won’t count against the cap. Same thing they did with Rathje and Lappy

  11. i agree with Nick from Germantown…what the fuck is with the Crossing Broad logo at the bottom? we’re on the damn site reading this article…we don’t need a logo to tell us what website we’re on. i think i can speak for everyone when i say we can read.

  12. Pronger can’t officially retire anyway. If he retires now because he’s a 35+ contract his cap hit will stay on for like 2 more decades. He will stay on LTIR till his contract is done in 2017 like Ian Laperriere did. So he’s unofficially retired. The Flyers gambled for a cup and lost shit happens.

  13. Rumor is he has moved to Main Line….Wooded Way in Bryn Mawr…Renting renovated “twin spire” home at end of cul-de-sac

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