“It’s a champagne and diamond world DeSean Jackson is funding, and it ain’t cheap”

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Cha cha! N u dew heeer meh! Jaccpot in dat hows!! Getn sum pub N on my grnd! 

Our friend Tim McManus, writing for the Philly Post, talked to DeSean Jackson about his rap career and recent video shoot in The City of Angels, where DeSean was during OTAs.* The entire article is worth a read, but one section bears calling out: McManus’ insight on the risks of, you know, trying to be like so many NBA and NFL stars who weren't satisified with being really good at just one thing:

Jackson made a few waves this time last year when he bragged about spending $25,000 at an L.A. club during the launch party for Jaccpot Records, a boast Kid Cali helped along by tweeting out a receipt. Just this past weekend, Jaccpot held a party at the Beverly Night Club to celebrate the video shoot.

Even under the assumption that there are sponsorships taking some of the pain out of these bills, there are still plenty of expenses to go around. There’s studio time. Travel. And, yes, Ferrari rentals. As the CEO, that is Jackson’s load to bear.

It’s a champagne and diamond world he’s funding, and it ain’t cheap.

Some close to Jackson are worried. The level of concern ranges from “This is an unnecessary distraction in the prime of a promising football career,” to “If he stays on this course he could end up in significant financial distress.”


Last year, we posted a picture of the $25k bar receipt, tweeted by one of Jackson's boys.

I’m guessing the Ferrari rentals are even more expensive.

Read the full story here.

*He was said to be there for a family matter, which we’re assuming was his sister’s graduation, seen here. Or the MTV Movie Awards, seen here. Or the his rap video shoot, seen here, here and here.


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  1. he better have a smart person holding his money like AI and hopefully he has some put away. I see his boys spending it.

  2. Sick of hearing about this guy…. especially non football related stuff, i was pissed the day we resigned him, thought he would become someone elses headache instead of staying in philly. he better perform on the field. If he does, i could accept it, but if not i would be even more pissed.

  3. my boy D Jax knows how to party & spread his $$ around for a good time. Summer time fun

  4. this jacpot guy is a maega big spendr i remember when i sign deal with flyer guys i buy myself a giant totem pole of toy story karacters

  5. My favorite part of DeSean’s career is definitely going to be the coverage of his unavoidable bankruptcy at it’s conclusion. If he had the high profile of TO I’d predict a Dr. Phil breakdown, but he’s never going to be that famous.

  6. another thot i hvae is why r these gys wearin wierd klothes?!?! they look siillie if u ask my opinion resmeble klown guy

  7. When was the last time a white athlete was this dumb? I’m sure there are quite a few valid examples. Better question: when was the last time the MAJORITY of white athletes were this dumb? Black kids sorely need a better class of people to look up to.

  8. Honestly people, is there anything more lame than fake glasses as a fashion accessory? What is DeSean a Dwane Wade/ LeBron wannabe? Dude, get your own style, stop bitin’. eFFing unoriginal geek.

  9. This commenter posting as Ilya is lame and needs to find a new schtick. Not funny and never was plus he doesn’t spell things wrong you jackass he just speaks with an accent. Having said that, there is only one way to describe DeSean and this picture……

  10. He would probably spell like that if tried to type/write in English. Keep up the good work, Ilya.

  11. are there lenses in those iggy glasses??
    Also why are they dreses like late 80’s-early 90s rappers?? they look like Tone Loc

  12. Everyone gets watches!
    Never hated a Philly player more than this clown. I root for him to get laid out and I actually laughed when he got knocked the fuck out against Atlanta. Dude is a straight douche.

  13. D Jax is actually a class act. Gives a lot back to charity & the community

  14. Desean will be filing for bankruptcy at some point in the future. Why can’t young African American pro athletes learn basic money management skills? 80% of NFL players are broke within 5 yrs of leaving the league. Not trying to offend anyone, but that’s just retarded.

  15. Also, the black frame/big glasses is a hipster fad I first started seeing in Brooklyn about 4-5 yrs ago. The pro athletes are late to the game – fashion sense wise. It’s one thing for a smart young professional to have those glasses, but I can’t believe Desean or any of these guys have an IQ over 90. Probably somewhere between 70-80 = Borderline Deficiency or maybe 80-90 = Dullness.

  16. Hey guy vinny shut your face okay? u dont heff to be so rude to me i am good guy you are bad guy for mkaning fun of me

  17. And again, what’s with these asshat rappers and atheletes and the Steve Urkle glasses? They look retarted.

  18. Guaranteed he ends in bankruptcy after his career is over within 3 years if not sooner.
    Seen him out once or twice in Philly acting like a retard flashing out of bling and dropping tons of money. Good way to attract the wrong kind of attention potentially.
    As for the football field, I would bet bottom dollar he hasn’t matured & will pout again this season if Reid asks him to do something he doesn’t feel like doing. Incredibly talented but a guy I have a hard time really rooting for given his somewhat considerable effort on the field at times the last 2 years.

  19. I will laugh when his career is over and he is broke. Im sure he will just become another drug dealer gang banger. We all know desean is a bitch and cant take a hit.

  20. Ilya you got me all wrong buddy. I was backing you up. Tits McCarthy mean guy. Why u heff to be mad make argument?

  21. ayo beE kindz wit dem wuurdz yo bullyin aint kool yaAaaAA heard mehhHhHhhhh

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