Kevin Kolb, Booed at Cardinals Fan Fest

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Can I call ‘em or can I call ‘em?

The Arizona Cardinals held their "Fan Fest 2012" during their minicamp practice on Wednesday night, drawing an estimated 15,000 fans.

The offense had its moments. The defense did, too. And the fans let Kevin Kolb know that he needs to create more positive moments in 2012 to gain their approval.

The Cardinals fans booed Kolb, according to Darren Urban of In June. At minicamp. Yikes.

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Poor guy. He’s just not very good at football. 

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  1. Yeah uh he’s had three concussions in two seasons…poor guy isn’t good at football. Yeah give the guy a fuckin shot you tool bag

  2. id still rather have him than vick….at least with kolb you dont nkow if he can win a bowl. with vick, you absolutely know he will never win a bowl

  3. Come on CrossingBroad you have stooped to an all time low any and everybody knows only Philadelphia fans boo all other sports fans around the world are very civil…

  4. Heh! I wonder if Kolb wishes he were still in Philly, playing Mike Vick’s caddy? That was funny!

  5. This guy was the future of our franchise until Reid lucked into Vick’s unexpected resurgence. Fuck Andy.

  6. You hate Andy but love who? Kotite? Rhodes? Buddy? All 3 of those DOPES can’t hold Big Red’s burger. You NITWIT you!!

  7. Just curious, did you steal this piece from along with the Desean stuff?
    BOTH of them are on PFT, too.

  8. The same sports stories on different sports blogs??? WHAT HAVE WE COME TO?
    Shut the fuck up Ray.

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