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Hey, let’s kick the Phillies while they’re down, eh?

In a poll just released by, 227 MLB players were surveyed and asked to choose the most overrated pitcher in baseball. Four Phillies made the top 15.

The list:

1) C.J. Wilson

2) A.J. Burnett

3) Josh Beckett

4) John Lackey

5) Jonathan Papelbon

6) Tim Lincecum

7) Barry Zito

8) Ubaldo Jimenez

9) Stephen Strasburg

10) Joba Chamberlain

11) Cliff Lee

12) Carlos Zambrano

13) Roy Halladay

14) Aroldis Chapman 

15) Cole Hamels

This is an odd list, because most of these guys could double as the best pitchers in baseball. Some, like Burnett, Zito and Chapman make sense– guys made famous for a particular pitch or early-career success. But Halladay? Lincecum? Halladay has been arguably the best pitcher in baseball over the last decade, and few thought Lincecum was overrated during the Giants' World Series run in 2010. 

Phillies: Hamels was one of only three pitchers in baseball with a WHIP (walks+hits/innings pitched) under one last season. At one point about two weeks ago, Lee had the best ERA in baseball since last June 1. Papelbon, while undoubtedly overblown and disdained from afar, has been nothing but perfect when presented with save situations this season.

In fact, many of these guys were key pieces to a World Series championship in the last decade: Beckett, Hamels, Papelbon, Lincecum, (even) Burnett, and Lackey. And both Lee and Wilson were the aces on World Series runner-ups.

While some players belong here, the list seems more like These Are The Pitchers I’m Most Tired of Hearing About.

Of course, as Charlie says, the Phillies don't scare nobody anymore.