Paul Holmgren Confirm That JVR Will Not Need Hip Surgery, Tells Third Lie in Saga

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Following a report from TSN’s Darren Dreger last night, Paul Holmgren officially announced today that James van Riemsdyk will not have hip surgery and will be ready for training camp so he can continue to be an underachieving NHL forward whose production was to be counted on when the Flyers traded away the two guys who won the Stanley Cup this week (‘tis true!):

After consultation with various doctors regarding James' hip injury, we have come to the conclusion that surgery is not necessary. We will treat James hip with alternative therapies and non-surgical procedures. It is expected that James will be 100% well before training camp begins. 


That’s nice, Paul – and we’ll assume these sorts of stories will soon be broken by the Flyers’ inside reporter - but we must note that your tune has changed, sir. 

As our friend Dustin Leed, of, points out, here’s what Homer said on May 19, a statement that appears directly under the most recent update on the Flyers' website (!!!):

James van Riemsdyk – Will have surgery next week to repair a torn labrum in his right hip. Recovery time is 6 weeks.


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Earlier this week, Howard Eskin reported that the Flyers were angered at JVR for holding off on surgery, a claim Homer responded to by saying that JVR was waiting for a foot infection to heal before hopping under the knife.

Turns out, he doesn’t need surgery at all. Amazing.


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  1. People need to be patient with JVR…he had an injury plagued year. Give the guy a chance to prove his worth. He is 22 YEARS OLD!

  2. So it doesn’t matter what the Flyers say. If they are going to trade him, the other team is going to do a full physical. They will be the ones to decide whether or not he needs surgery. So coming out and “lying” about it is pointless.

  3. y cant reemer be leave alone? He is good guy and friend hokey palyer please leave reemr alone

  4. Fuck anyone who sticks up for JVR. All of the people that think he is going to be good one day base their facts on 1 fucking playoff series and say “he’s playing bad ’cause he’s hurt.”
    His trade value is much higher than his worth on this team.
    Softest big forward in the league.

  5. I love Ilya’s comments.
    JVR has too much drama around him and very little production that make me, as a fan, willing to let it slide. Trade his add while he still has some value before he proves to be a complete bust. Yes, he did have a great playoff series against Buffalo last year, but that’s the only time he’s shined. Injuries or not, we expect more from the #2 pick in the draft. Bye bye JVR!

  6. AFTER (further) consultation they felt he doesnt need surgery, its not really a lie, in fact its not a big deal at all……stop creating drama where there is none…..
    Ugh….not a fan of this crap. Just let JVR be, he is 22 and was hurt most of last year….no momentum gained, and being a fairly new player to league, its not easy to just flip the switch and dominate like he did (when he was fully healthy and rolling) in the playoff run 2 yrs ago).
    Go outside and play instead of write this crap…or pick on the HEAT or something everyone can agree on hating!

  7. ..Always wondered why he goes his proper first name. Makes saying his full name more difficult. I always wonder when folks go by the proper name Even his nickname isn’t all that easy to go with. C’mon, Jimmy!!

  8. The GM’s of the sports world dont have to tell us the truth about anything they dont want to regarding their teams
    Grow up fags

  9. I like JVR, but I think this team is more in need of a defenseman than someone of JVR’s ilk.

  10. This is a non-issue. GMs literally have zero obligation or incentive to be honest to the general public.

  11. LOL any other philly team and this shit would never slide. Instead typical Flyers fan: “JUST LEAVE REEMER ALONE MAN ITS NOT HIS FAULT WTF MAN EVERY FLYER IS SO GREAT I WOULD PROBABLY LICK THEIR BALLS RIGHT AFTER A 3 OT GAME”

  12. does this mean that after we trade JVR and he turns into a star and/or is a big contributor for another team who won the cup that we will see endless posts about how the flyers are idiots that conveniently ignore the writers previous stance?

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