Union Manager Peter Nowak May be Out as of a 2 p.m. Press Conference

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According to Delco Time soccer writer Chris Vito – scoopmaster general on all things Union – the team has called a press conference for 2 p.m. 

Manager Peter Nowak is not listed as an attendee and his 1:30 p.m. press conference was canceled.

Recently, Nowak was said to have submitted his resume for an open position in the Scottish Premier League, though he denied those reports

Last night, during a 3-2 loss to Harrisburg, Nowak reportedly stopped by to say hello (goodbye?), to the Sons of Ben.

We’ve detailed reasons why he seems like mostly an asshole, so read up on those in anticipation for 2 p.m. presser.

Cue soccer-hating comments!

UPDATE: Philly.com confirms that will be the announcement.


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  1. …I love when announcers give baseball or hockey scores, it’s like “…and the filal is 1-nothing”… But if reporting on a SOCCER game, they have to say “nil”….Dooshy

  2. Good luck at hearts, since 84-85 (when Aberdeen won), no other team besides Celts/Rangers has won the SPL.

  3. Soccer? Is that some sort of sock installation device? Urban dictionary for when you slap one of your Ho’s? Somebody please fill me in about this word please!

  4. mmmkay, so he blows the team up and then exits stage right? What a douchenozzle.

  5. I assume he is a coach by your headline. The delco times is covering it? I see all the major publications are on top of this.

  6. guy i will be kovring the soccer team now. i il lbe head man in charge of all palyers amnd stuff

  7. Let me assert how much I hate soccer, so nobody doubts my manhood and heterosexuality…..

  8. this clown Ilya poser is cooked! Its not funny at all and only was the first time it was used in one of the articles on here. Just becasue he speaks with an accent doesn’t mean he spells everything like a retard. Get your facts straight! D-bag

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