A Roundup of Yesterday’s Penn State Coverage

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7 Responses

  1. How exactly is it your coverage? Googling an article, copying and pasting, and paraphrasing it doesn’t make it your coverage.

  2. If people wanted news about Penn State scandals, they would go to a reliable source. You are not covering it, but rather regurgitating it. I have Google too, Kyle. Yahoo also.

  3. Something tells me that Miss CB is hot and you not only lack a blog, but also, have just your hand and/or a douchey girlfriend. I am a PSU grad, and well, I don’t feel like searching everywhere on the web. So, not only did I get to see T. Cole’s whereabouts and reassuring me that I am classier than Punky Brewster and White Trash Tats, I also got to catch up on PSU on the same site. Thanks Kyle.

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