Big Ten Has its Own Sanctions for Penn State

Not wanting to miss out on this most unfortunate of parties, the Big Ten kicked the dying body of Penn State football shortly after the NCAA dropped a piano on its head.

The conference announced two things: 1) Penn State will not be eligible to play in conference championship games for four years (of course, they probably wouldn’t have had to worry about that anyway) and 2) they will forfeit Big Ten bowl game revenues for the next four seasons – about $13 million – with that money going to charity. 

From the statement

Ineligibility: As referenced in the NCAA release, Penn State’s football team will be ineligible for postseason bowl games. It will also be ineligible for Big Ten Conference Championship Games for four years, a period of time that runs concurrently with the NCAA postseason bowl ban imposed this morning.

Fine: Because Penn State will be ineligible for bowl games for the next four years, it will therefore be ineligible to receive its share of Big Ten Conference bowl revenues over those same four years. That money, estimated to be approximately $13 million, will be donated to established charitable organizations in Big Ten communities dedicated to the protection of children.


Combined with a $60 million fine from the NCAA (also going to charity), Penn State will lose about $73 million. Or, half a Cole Hamels.

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12 Responses

  1. Since the wins/losses don’t count since 1998, do I get all the $$$ back I wagered on the games I lost?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. I support the Hamels as an official form of measurement. Example: The Dark Knight Rises earned a little more than a Hamels this weekend.

  3. Chance do my genital herpes dissapear when your mom dies? Bitch never came to see m at the phils the other night you hoe.

  4. I hate Penn State and they deserved a harsh punishment, but 60 million of my tax dollars?? That wasn’t really the NCAA’s to take. I hope a lawyer files a class action on behalf of the citizens of PA.

  5. Wisconsin -140 to win the Leaders Division should also be sanctioned as it is STEALING.
    No PSU and OSU means Illinois, Indiana, and Purdue stand in the way of you paying off your mortgage.

  6. Bring back richard-
    You really are a fool if u think tax payer money is responsible for penn states revenue streams.

  7. For fuck’s sake, BringBackRichards, you are a mental defect, aren’t you? Do you understand what the word REVENUE means? Jesus Christ, please tell me you don’t operate a motor vehicle.

  8. You guys are idiots. Do you think tax money is only direct? If Penn State doesn’t get that money, then they need to replace that money to use it in the way they would have. How will they do that? Either up tuition or increase taxes to fund the schools many programs the FOOTBALL REVENUE funded.
    By the way LemurCat, I don’t think you can be a mental defect, but you instead HAVE one. Please make you’re insults at least coherent.

  9. Chance–Your the hoe who never came to see me at the phils game the other night. You sir are the pussy who needs to remove himself from the site. PS I WILL FIND YOU AND SCAT ON YOUR FACE NIG!

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