NCAA Slams Penn State with Sanctions

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The NCAA brought the hammer down, hard, on Penn State today. No official “death penalty” to remove football for a year, as they said it would do too much harm to those who had nothing to do with the case, but, these sanctions:

– $60 million fine, which is equal to one-year gross revenue of football program, with funds used to establish endowment to support victims of child abuse.

– No bowl games, no postseason play for four years.

– Initial football scholarships decreased from 25 to 15, capping the total number of football scholarships at 65.

– Any Penn State player can transfer without having to sit out a year.

– All current players may retain scholarships.

– All wins from 1998-2011 vacated. Paterno will vacate 111 wins, dropping his career total from 409 to 298.

– A five-year probationary period with an integrity monitor.

The NCAA used strong language, with phrases like conspiracy of silence and reckless, callous disregard for children. They made it clear that removing football for a year would have too many consequences for those who had nothing to do with this… though one can argue that these sanctions are significantly worse than taking football away for a year– both monetarily and from a football competition standpoint. No bowl games, limiting scholarships, and allowing – almost encouraging – current football players to transfer is a drastic step that will harm Penn State football for years, perhaps a decade. Perhaps more. Removing wins from the record book is a figurative gesture, but it will erase the accomplishments from over a decade of Penn State football.

The NCAA will also place Penn State on a five-year probation and will task an independent Integrity Monitor to keep tabs and report back on progress. They will look for signs that Penn State is taking key steps to put in-place measures that will prevent something like this from happening again.

The NCAA also said that, following a formal investigation, they may impose sanctions on individuals at the conclusion of criminal proceedings.

In a statement, Penn State President Rodney Erickson acknowledge the sanctions:

It is important to know we are entering a new chapter at Penn State and making necessary changes. We must create a culture in which people are not afraid to speak up, management is not compartmentalized, all are expected to demonstrate the highest ethical standards, and the operating philosophy is open, collegial, and collaborative.

Since receiving Judge Freeh’s preliminary recommendations in January, the University has instituted several reforms. Today we accept the terms of the consent decree imposed by the NCAA. As Penn State embarks upon change and progress, this announcement helps to further define our course. It is with this compass that we will strive for a better tomorrow.

Penn State will move forward with a renewed sense of commitment to excellence and integrity in all aspects of our University. We continue to recognize the important role that intercollegiate athletics provides for our student athletes and the wider University community as we strive to appropriately balance academic and athletic accomplishments. Penn State will continue to be a world-class educational institution of which our students, faculty, staff and alumni can be justifiably proud.


They'll just have to do that without competitive football for a while.

[Big Ten has more sanctions for Penn State]

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43 Responses

  1. Bobby Bowden becomes the winningest coach in college football without stepping foot on the field today.

  2. Good. Players will transfer – they’ll be fine and anyone should only ‘feel’ for the victims of rape!

  3. Dan K,
    Paterno knew what was going on with Sandusky, and not only did nothing, but was actively involved in covering it up. He did this because he was more concerned with his football team, and their winning image, than innocent children being sexually abused. How much more of a correlation do you need?

  4. HAHA people are killing me…”The wins! Why take away the wins?!”
    Taking away the wins from a 13 year span in which this guy actively covered up child sex abuse, doesn’t even seem harsh enough.
    But then again, this is why Penn State apologists look so ridiculous. It is not about football!


  6. Breaking news! 3 Finger Lenny has been named PSU”s integrity monitor for the 5 yr probation period

  7. As a pround PSU alum, Im saddened of this whole situation that has occured. I do ask if anyone has anyone read the ENTIRE Freeh Report? I have and it wasnt all JoePa’s fault. Not saying that he should not have been blamed, but he was not the only one named. Spainer, Shultz and Curley were the 3 major players in the cover up. I do understand the penatiles, as harsh as they are, but vacating the wins is a personal penalty against JoePa. Seems like all those players on the teams from 1998-2011 are being punished for having no knowledge of the crime that Sandusky committed.

  8. Danyelle – I understand the allegations. I understand the penalties toward the program (scholarships, fines, bowl eligibility). It’s debatable that this was under NCAA jurisdiction in the first place. But what does that have to do with winning football games?

  9. who it really sucks for is all the kids who actually won those games over the past 13 years. Especially the last few when Joe Pa had little to do with the games and was more of a figurehead.

  10. The sad thing is that deep down a lot of PSU haters are almost happy about this whole scandal and the sanctions imposed. They’re taking joy in bashing the entire school and it’s fans and students. Karma may come back to them.

  11. @Proud PSU Alum, Father of 2
    “As a pround PSU alum, Im saddened…” That says it all doesn’t it?
    Why the hell does the official record matter for the former football players who won the games over the past 13 years? They know how they played, they know that they actually won the games. Hell, it won’t even affect their future in the sport because NFL scouts look at individual performance not the win/loss record of the team (especially when they know how the games actually turned out) and recruiting has pretty much already happened. What this affects is PSU itself, the football program, and Paterno who put winning ahead of the needs of innocent children… which is exactly who the sanctions should go after.
    @Dan K
    See above. It doesn’t really do anything to the players who won the games other than remind them of what their coach and school was involved in while they played. Which is a good thing, because a blind eye was turned to this type of activity for long enough.

  12. Kyle, can we got some media going on taking down Corbett? Maybe do some research on his part? I think he might be the biggest one who covered this up.

  13. The only people being unfairly punished here are the ten kids every year that won’t be receiving a scholarship to play football at Southwest Eastern Kansas or any other small school. The ten players Penn State won’t get are going to go to another school and the talent will just continue to trickle down. Now the kid that was going to receive a free education and actually take advantage of it since he knows he won’t be making the NFL will not have that opportunity.
    To the rest of my fellow PSU alum/students. STOP CRYING!!! You still have your football team. Yeah they’re going to suck, but you can still wake up at 7AM on Saturdays and start shotgunning Natty Light. That’s what the majority of the student body enjoys about football season. If you think I’m wrong than explain to me why half the student section is empty at kickoff every single weekend. Your life isn’t going to be any different. If you want the perception of the school in the media to change than stop worrying so much about football.

  14. I think the punishment is absolutely deserved. My only “issue” is that I don’t think that taking away the wins is an appropriate response. This was NOT a FOOTBALL issue. This was a CHILD MOLESTATION issue. If PSU had done something to gain an advantage to win more games, then absolutely they should be taken away. But this was not about the games themselves. One could probably even make the argument that they were worse off on the field, since Sandusky had to retire early from this, and was a good, even VERY good, DC.

  15. Amanda why don’t you trot your little tail to the kitchen and make a sandwich.

  16. @Big Dick Daddy
    I was waiting for someone to tell some chick to go make a sandwich! It gets old. I promise I will make a sandwich for you after you stop whacking off in your mother’s basement.

  17. No one can make you a sandwich, Big Dick Daddy, because you still haven’t used your fucking food stamps to buy food. Now shut the fuck up and get a fucking job.

  18. On another note, everyone with a working brain cell knows that the wins vacated is a reflection on Paterno and not the kids who played. The players still won those games, however the asshole who should have called the fucking cops when Spanier and Curley vacillated is the one being punished. And rightly so.
    As a PSU alum, I think this is actually a pretty fair deal. And yes, I read all of the Freeh report. So fuck you.
    I would also love to know how many of these “PSU Faitherful” actually went to State and how many of them went to Kutztown or Millersville.

  19. Kyle, can we got some media going on taking down Corbett? Maybe do some research on his part? I think he might be the biggest one who covered this up.
    Yeah the one law enforcement official who had the nads to finally bust the investigation open was the biggest one who covered this up. His office got the investigation when the Clinton County D.A. was too afraid of the PSU mob, so he threw the hot potato on Corbett’s desk. If Corbett intended to cover up, he could have squashed it right there and then. Or for that matter Rendell could have, since he was PA Governor at the time.

  20. @ LemurCat
    Glad you read the Freeh Report. Im sure you realized there was a whole lot of emails between Curley, Shultz and Spainer that was a big part of the cover up. Yes, JoePa should have done more, but he was not the only one, yet it seems like the most of the press relates that he was the only one that knew and didnt do anything about it. I am a PSU Alum, which means I went there not Millersville or Kutztown. So in your own words, “fuck you”

  21. @ Pround PSU Alum Fuck you harder, at least spell “proud” and “Spanier” right even if is a motherfucker. Let me guess, you started at Slogontz? What do you expect the NCAA to do about the non-athletics administration? They can’t touch any claims to fame they have. Dumbass. Spanier and Curley also never set themselves up as paragons of virtue.

  22. Vacating wins is the dumbest thing that the NCAA does. I really dont get it. Like the wins never happened? Not to mention they are also punishing all of the former players who had nothing to do with the abuse. All those hundreds of players who put in hard work now have to say we never won a game. They can do all they want to PSU but IMO vacating wins was the worse move. I guess the saints should vacate their Super Bowl because they had a bounty program or the Patriots should vacate their 3 super bowls because of video taping. No the NFL is smarter then that.

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