Shea Weber Agrees to Offer Sheet with Flyers!


I said it two weeks ago… Paul Holmgren is never done.

At 12:45 am this morning, TSN's Darren Dreger reported that Nashville Predators defenseman Shea Weber has agreed to a 14-year offer sheet with the Philadelphia Flyers for over $100 million.

Predators GM David Poile will have seven days to match the offer sheet. Poile said earlier in the offseason that he would match anything Weber put his name on. Paul Holmgren has officially called Poile's bluff.

If for some reason the Predators elect not to match, they could receive up to four first-round compensatory picks, depending on the structure of the contract. But ya know, structure could mean a lot of things like… this.



Okay, let me slow down a second here. It's late… I'm groggy, and kind of excited that there's hockey news that doesn't have the acronym "C.B.A." attached to it.


…better. Alright.

I absolutely jumped out of bed for this because… this is the kinda shit you jump out of bed for, but here's the deal: I do believe Poile will match… maybe. I believed it more when the Preds still had a chance to sign Ryan Suter, but that ship has sailed. Weber was "in disbelief" and as discouraged as Poile was when Suter made the jump to Minnesota and according to Dreger, the team has been weighing their options in trade talks with four other teams, including the Flyers. Weber's feelings on Suter's departure are attached to this chain of events, and Poile seemingly had his doubts about being able to ink Weber to a long-term deal… otherwise, why would he be talking trade scenarios?

The other side of this? The Flyers may have done these guys a favor because this isn't a contract Weber was going to sign with Nashville. If Poile matches, he has his guy (one of them, at least) for the next 14 years. That's why the structure of this contract is so important. Homer wouldn't make this move if there was NO possibility that Weber could join the Flyers, would he?

I have to say, though… it makes you wonder how badly Weber wants out of Nashville if he just signed a 14-year offer sheet with a team who FUCKING TRADED THREE OF THEIR LONGEST CONTRACTS IN THE PAST YEAR ALONE has made quite a few… recently. 

The bottom line is that when news breaks like this, we're going to talk scenarios. Whatever is happening behind the scenes at this point doesn't matter. Because there's only one move before anything else can happen…

…Nashville either matches the offer sheet, or they don't.


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  1. @ Tony, I’m pretty sure it’s not up to him. In his contract, he’s deemed a restricted free agent I believe, thus, if any team outbids nashville, they get weber, but have to sacrifice draft picks.
    Anyways, this would be fuckin badass if we got him. Can you say, 2012-13 stanley cup champs? I think so.

  2. there gonna match it and they will want couturier and schenn!!! i hope this goes through!!! this is the game changer we have needed for years!!!

  3. There’s no going back for Nashville if they match. They have him for the same contract thr Flyers offered, and they won’t be able to trade him for 1 year. If they decline they get first round picks. So obviously weber wants to either be a Flyer or stay a predator with a flyers type max contract. I can’t say for sure if I think Nashville can match that.

  4. Wow.
    Give up the draft picks. 4 of them won’t equal what Weber brings to the table.
    Our defense would be scary good.

  5. lol some of you dont really know much about RFAs. Weber doesnt get to choose Philly or NSH if the preds match. If NSH matches then Weber stays. Phillys 1st rounders will be anywhete between #20-#30 overall imo. a steal for the flyers.

  6. I love the sheer gall of this move. Bluff called but the move signals to me that the Flyers medical team is pretty certain Chris Pronger’s career is over.

  7. Chances Nashville wants to match, considering the amount of money they would have to pay him? If I were the Nashville GM, & not because I’m a Flyers fan, but being smart, I wouldn’t match, hey look, you lose a great defenseman, another one I should say, but 1. you don’t have to dish out 100+ million for 14 years, that gives you flexibility alone & also 2. you get 4 1st round draft picks. It’s a win win for both sides. But who knows if Poli is thinking that way. Hopefully he is.

  8. Great signing by former drunk homer. Can’t believe he would want to play for Eddie snider. Love it baby.
    Chirp u out there?????

  9. Tough to say nash wont match. They are under the salary floor not to mention the fan reaction down there. They actually do love that team. Not gonna happen. Maybe next year

  10. Nash will most likely match the offer but nice b@lls by Homie

  11. John Boruk from CSN might have it right. Flyers and Preds work out a “trade” similar to the Gratton acquisition way back when. Nashville declines to match the offer then trades the picks back to Philly for players. Win win.

  12. At first I was against this move until I saw that the Flyers would still keep there 1st round picks in 2013 and 2014. It wouldn’t be until 2015 when they would have to give up compensatory picks to Nashville. With that in mind, losing a couple #26 picks down the road might make this worth it. Also, this turns a player like Timmo into a movable part at the trade deadline (one year left on his contract) if Gus or Bourdon is ready step up down the stretch.
    Let’s do this!

  13. Bleh, you obviously don’t know hockey. There is no way they move Kimmo especially if they get Weber. They will be the top pairing taking us to the Stanley Cup. Blah!

  14. @Bill…agree…
    Poile and Homer are good friends. So there are several different things that can happen here. Philly puts an offer sheet in so Nashville can match and keep him long term which Weber probably was not going to do (sign with Nashville)…or they let him walk and trade the picks back in an agreed upon trade that they already have setup…
    Flyers might be putting the offer sheet in because they don’t want to give up what Nashville wants player wise…Not sure I would trade Nashville for our #1 picks back though. Look to other teams and see if you can get a diff #1.
    Oh well we wait for Nashville’s move now…
    BTW if we lose 4 first rounders this guy better produce and bring this team a cup…

  15. I wonder if chirp is in front of a calculator breaking this potential signing down.
    What I don’t get is why Homer would let Nashville match? Just sign him. And if they want picks, tell them no. Free agent means free doesn’t it? Tell Nashville to fuck off. Homer should call and tell them, look, I’m signing Shane and thats it. Welcome to Philly Shane Weber.

  16. Greetings,
    Apologies for the fake EKLUND posting above…
    Justh had some peanut butter capn crunch with sources….hearing the preds may or may not match offer…will find out soon…

  17. Thomas you’re an idiot. It’s SHEA and he’s a RESTRICTED free agent. If he wasn’t then all other 29 teams would have bid on the guy before Parise and Suter went anywhere. Nash has the right to match any contract offer moron

  18. @Thomas E Merschen- are you a clueless dope, a moron and an idiot???
    -the predators haave the right to match any contract offer you freaking idiot

  19. No doubt Holgrem dialed up Rube, slapped his cock on the table and said your turn!!!

  20. @zetterberg you only trade back the picks in a gentleman’s type deal. I get a strong sense this is what is happening behind closed doors. They have 7 days to work it out. Clearly Weber is interested in playing for the Flyers – he signed the deal. And it’s been said Nashville only wants players that want to be there. Who knows. It’s going to be a wild couple of days for sure.

  21. 7 days of doing nothing but trying to find someone who knows what the Preds are gonna do… dammit.

  22. Why don’t they just say like “fuck you Pittsburgh” we’re signing Malkin NOW, and just fucking bring him to Philly. Don’t like give those gay Penguins ANYTHING just be like fuck em.

  23. 53 comments and no one has gotten it right yet? Unless I’ve been wrong in my understanding for years, this is how it works: The Flyers signed Weber to an offer sheet. Nashville has 7 days to match. If they don’t, Weber is a Flyer and they give up 4 first round picks. If Nashville does match, Weber DOES have still have a choice. He can either sign the 14 year deal with Nashville or reject it. He then cannot be traded this year and becomes UFA next year. Someone correct me (with a source- I can’t find one relating to this) if I’m wrong.
    Great. Fucking. Deal. All I’ve wanted since Pronger took it in the eye was Weber.

  24. GOOD SIDE – Great deal! If they get Weber, our defense would be unmatched!
    BAD SIDE – With all these defensive moves, looks like Pronger’s career is over.

  25. ^Pronger is done, he’s been done. They are just dragging it out so he can go on LTIR so he doesn’t count on the cap. Although Weber and Pronger on the same team would be beastly.

  26. Ok, so you guys are all contract lawyers now? What’s the problem? He signed the deal. Why did homer put in the deal that Nashville could match? That wasn’t very smart. If he wants to play here and signed the deal, why would they trade draft picks for him too?
    And I’m sorry I said Shane. Sorry he’s not my friend. I don’t know his exact name. I have a life and don’t study everyone’s names.
    And I’m the moron??? Hahaha. That was sarcasm by the way.

  27. My jaw just hit the floor if that last post is real by Merschen. Can you really be that stupid? Are you a PSU grad? Holy shit!

  28. Merschen – Hes a restricted free agent. The rule is that Nashville can match the offer. If they do, he has to play for them for that contract. He doesn’t have a choice. It wasn’t some courtesy put in by the Flyers. If Nashville wants to sign him, there is nothing the Flyers or Weber can do about it. The draft picks in return are also by rule. The Flyers are just feeling generous.

  29. Philly fans are absolutely wrong if you think weber is the “only” piece missing for your “Stanley cup” first Bryz has proved he is not worth the ink on his contract! The only reason you beat Pitt is cause fleury couldn’t stop a beach ball!

  30. And weber doesn’t necessarily WANT to play in philthy. He would be dumb not to sign a 110 mil offer over 14years! Especially since I’ve heard the contract will be front loaded so he’d make over 20 mil in first calendar year! Now if Nash wants to not lose him for some sorry draft picks they will have to match! And if they want to trade him in a year from what I understand that’s the soonest they can, he’ll still have that contract wherever he goes!

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