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This doesn’t sound as fun as the upcoming Rob Zombie Broad Street Bullies movie (then again, what does?), but Jeremiah Trotter will be starring in an upcoming movie set in Buckingham, Pennsylvania, according to CSN's Dave Zangaro: [CSN Philly]

Trotter is the main character in the movie, which is based on a true story from 1848. According to the release from North Star LLC and Jersey Style Films, Inc., the story has been "held in the archives of the Mercer Museam in Doylestown, Pa." 

And this isn't just a little start-up movie. The fellow cast includes Clifton Powell (Ray, Norbert, Rush Hour), Michael Rapaport (Hitch, The 6th Day), Lynn Whitfield (HBO's Josephine Baker Story), Michael Jai White, Keith David and Alana Lee.


The synopsis, from the movie's website:

In late August of 1848, two courageous men took this step so fraught with peril and ran away from their master’s plantation in Virginia. BENJAMIN “BIG BEN” JONES and MOSES HOPKINS, armed with little more than instructions to follow the North Star, would brave cold, hunger and bloodthirsty pursuers in their flight to freedom. In their darkest hour, they would be befriended by a southern white religious family whose sacrifice on their behalf changed the two forever.

Fortune eventually guided the pair to the comparative safety of BUCKINGHAM, Pennsylvania where they felt so comfortable that they almost immediately resolved to make it their home. Before the sun had set on their first day in Buckingham however, happenstance thrust Big Ben and Moses into an emergency meeting of Underground Railroad workers at the MT. GILEAD CHURCH.


Not sure if this is a theater movie (thinking no), but release  is set for late this year or early next year, according to CBS Philly. You can audition to be an extra this Saturday, from 11-2, at 22 South Main Street in Doylestown.