More Photos of Trent Cole Being a Boss and Fraternizing with Ex-Eagles Cheerleaders

Screen Shot 2012-07-11 at 2.46.04 PM
After posting pictures of certified baaawwwsss Trent Cole, his motorcycle (FOR SALE NOW ON CRAIGLIST!) and Avalon neighbors yesterday, we received a few more emails detailing Cole sightings in Avalon. Two of those communicaes included photos. And because it’s the All-Star break and nothing is happening on this spinning globe of sports, we’d like to share them with you.

From tipster:

Trent Cole Looking Creepy With Ex-Cheerleaders in Avalon

All these girls were squad members within the last 3 years, with some being on it as recent as last season.  I think this is a nice one to add to your collection. 

Names of each former cheerleader for your reference (from left to right): Kristin, Jenna, Devan and Danni


Following thorough research, we were able to confirm those names… and come away rather impressed with the reader’s Eagles cheerleader knowledge– he was four-for-four. And perhaps Cole was too.

Secondly, reader (@Edmond_22) sends along this stalktastic picture of Cole at the Princeton from Saturday night. I’d like to imagine this is what Eli Manning sees in the pocket:

Screen Shot 2012-07-11 at 2.38.55 PM 

BAMF, right there.


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  1. Is that his right hand on white dress girl’s hip? how freaking long are is arms?

  2. My gf got Cole’d once, she said he’s the size of a paper towel roll…a new roll, not the cardboard tube.

  3. I have seen one of the Avalon A Listers at Out of Whack Jacks. He BF is seriously a giant. He must be 7′ tall and very goofy looking.

  4. T. Cole had a scare a few summers ago.
    He spends his Saturday afternoon spraying beer on people @ The Whitebrier and his Saturday nights @ The P.

  5. The a lister with the Sasquatch boyfriend used to tan at my salon at G n A.

  6. 3…2….1…
    before the comments get shutdown.
    Alos I agree these chicks are way better the the A lister attention wh0res

  7. Kyle. Try to get a interview with one of the jock chasers. Ask whats it like to look into Trent’s eyes during a rail in between happy hour and going to dinner

  8. You all need to get a life and stop obviously stalking people. I’m guessing one of these chicks dumped you or one of these dudes banged your girl. Dorks.

  9. These wt girls are disgracing their families by banging Trent. Who are the Avalon A listers people keep talking about? I don’t get it. SMH

  10. I would love to sip a miller lite out of the blonde with the white trash thigh Tat’s puss

  11. From my Avalon sources, I know for a fact that Jenna had sex with Trent.
    BTW I pissed on those chicks toothbrushes that was in the pic w trent yesterday a few summers back in sic.

  12. Mango Pants how do you know for a fact that Jenna had sex with Trent if it is just “from your Avalon sources”? Being a summer resident myself, I have seen how rumors tend to run wild down here. I’m not saying you’re wrong just wondering how you know it to be fact…

  13. i wonder how the sisters feel about Mr Cole hanging with these white girls

  14. I know for a fact that one of the girls (condiment) in yesterday’s pic tried to fuck Carts at OD HH when he was in Avalon a few weeks ago. Carts wouldn’t let her F him, be he let her finger him.

  15. Holy shit Trent is a creepy looking dude who looks like he’s on a mission for that white pussy

  16. I have never been so appauled and disgusted in my life. Kyle, shut this board down immediately. I mean sheeesh there could be freakin’ kids looking at this!

  17. I agree with Mr.Curry, shut this board down… Too much breaking balls of my Avalon peeps

  18. 16 sacks for my home boy Trent this year. You know if had his way with those bitchs too

  19. You seriously need to get a life…Trent’s not banging any of these girls…or any from the previous post. They are RUMORS and you are all obviously just jealous that you aren’t having fun in Avalon like the rest of us or maybe it’s because you can’t afford it. Do you have nothing better to do than stalk people?

  20. Trent comes to Avalon to escape the low life’s and scumbags that reside in most beach towns. Let him enjoy himself, if you want attention go to Sea Isle to take pictures of Jeff Carter and send them in…there’s a reason why Avalon costs more.

  21. Heaven forbid that Trent have friends…or neighbors- I mean seriously, who has NEIGHBORS!?- Who pose for pictures…and from what I can see…are doing nothing wrong in any of the pictures. Obviously you suck at blogging since you are trying to create a story where there isn’t one.

  22. Dear AvalonAlister and James Avalon, are you really making Avalon to sound like a rich and uppity town? That has to be some kind of joke.
    The people who frequent Avalon now, were the same “scumbags in most beach towns” within the past few years.
    Lets not forget, TC likes to head to SIC for HH too.

  23. @AvalonAlister – Yeeee, Yeeee we get a hotel in da woods like once a summer from like monday to weds, the weekends cost too much. The Clifton can be real nice…I mean, why all yous Avalon peeps hating dat you dont get to spend every weekened at Paddy Whacks! Da one on the Boulevard yo! WAT YOUS KNOW ABOUT DAT!

  24. blogging/posting pictures like this is exactly why our local athletes will become inaccessible to the public. also some of the people in this comment section are a complete embarrassment.

  25. Hmmm. I didn’t think A-listers read blogs. Especially from the #3 ugliest city in the country. Fancy that.
    Alright, well, I grew up in Orange County so I am going to continue to give side-eye at all the Avalon rules comments. I think you forget you’re in the state of… New Jersey.

  26. 5th grade playground mentality with all this territorial pissings,….Avalon ? lol Key West, St Thomas..Newport RI….now thats scenery…makes Avalon look like cat litter box

  27. Gayest beach ever…
    These pics of him remind me of that movie White Chicks and Terry Crews character

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