Sidney Crosby Fractured One of Claude Giroux’s Wrists in the Playoffs

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As you are undoubtedly aware by now, Claude Giroux had surgeries on both wrists this offseason (and then played beer pong with casts on). The official reasons for the procedures were torn cartilage and removal of bone spurs, respectively. 

But, it turns out, one of his wrists was fractured at the hands (pun very much intended!) of Sidney Crosby.


To look at him, you'd never know the hockey credentials Giroux carries. He looks like a regular Joe, who would have a regular job.

At a perhaps slightly exaggerated 5'11” and 172 lbs., he isn't the biggest guy in the world. He's not missing teeth à la Flyers legend Bobby Clarke and his face is yet to show any major battle scars that are pretty commonplace among professional hockey players.

That's not to say he doesn't have any though, as one look at his hands reveals a pair of nearly symmetrical scars.

“Those are from (Sidney) Crosby,” he says half smiling, but with some tension in his voice. “Every time we'd line up against each other for a face-off during our (2012 playoff) series, instead of going for the puck when it was dropped, he'd hack me across the wrists. I ended up playing the series against (New) Jersey with one of them fractured and had to go for surgery on both of them after we were out of the playoffs.”


What a bag of puss, Sid is. But should we really have expected better from a guy who did this?

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So, yeah– Sidney Crosby fractured Giroux’s wrist, which in-turn hurt G’s play against the Devils, who beat the Flyers in five games. Whose got pitchforks?!

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  1. Candy from the Oak … What do you know about Pussy? The closet you’ve been to one is when your Mom shit you out of hers

  2. Candy from the oak- Really I think you are confusing Crosby and Giroux. Crosby is the pussy who only starts shit around a referee so not to actually get in a fight, lets face it we all know he would lose. Him and Malkin are the dirties players in the league
    Also Giroux is missing teeth

  3. G isn’t a pussy in the slightest bit… HOW DARE YOU SPEAK ABOUT THE ALPHA MALE IN SUCH WAYS

  4. G loves doing coke & how did he wipe his ass with those casts on???!!!!

  5. kinda wish giroux kept his mouth shut. what happens on the ice stays on the ice

  6. Now that the playoffs are over I see no reason why we can’t send someone to deliberately take out both Crosby and Neal … those 2 punks spent all series trying to injure players and I think payback should be in order

  7. Pretty sure G is missing at least “a” tooth, just look at almost any picrure of him while hes playing… regardless, dude is a real hockey player. Fuck you Crosby you whiney bitch. I can’t wait till you get drilled and your career is over.

  8. @ Kevin I know you probably have a G jersey and a awful flyers tattoo on your leg but get G’s dick out of your mouth he. He never shows up in big series like the Nj. (don’t say he was hurt). Also your whore mom left her Newport lights in my car

  9. candy the stripper from the oakford inn a la scruples

  10. Candy from the Oak and Sidney Crosby (aka Cindy Criesby) have Shit for Brains.

  11. This is all you need to know about that fucking pussy Crosby:

    What a dirtbag! I hope him, Malkin, and Neal all get their just dues. All the commissioner’s coddled little babies.

  12. Don’t forget pussy G’s dirty hit to the head in the Nj series what a dirty selfish player

  13. Need to send Schenn after him, not to fight but the kid hits like a mad man, I wanna see a Richie/Booth type hit…put him DOWN

  14. @pensfan why are you even here? Find a website in your own shitty city. Fuckin ghost town when I was there. Got enough bridges? Sid is a great player but a lot of that is taken away from the cheap shots and all the bitching and moaning he does. He himself even said G was the best player in the league (other then him), shut your mouth.

  15. @chance -I gladly wiped G’s ass for him. And after I cleaned him up with my toungue, he and Schenn got a little two-for-one happy ending! Or was that two-on-one?

  16. Simple question that I have, why was Mr. Giroux not allowed to wear wrist protecdtion? Why hasn’t this been brought up. A source of mine indicated that Mr. Giroux specifically requested that the club purchase wrist guards and was denied. Anything to save a dollar. It is widely known throughout the league that the Flyers players do not have adequate equipment thus the reason that Mr. Crosby was attacking Mr. Giroux’s vulnerability. When will it stop? When someone is killed? I hope not.

  17. It’s so obvious now that it was brought up

    – watch G after the faceoff, he winces.

    – there’s Crosby doing it to Coots.

    – 1:10 mark

  18. Crosby’s a pussy. You see more footage of him whining to the refs, or hacking at somebody’s body than you do anything else. It’s more and more obvious to fans outside these organizations after having been on such a large stage last year. Crosby played like a punk… The Flyers forced the Penguins to stoop to Bush league hockey. Any Penguins fan here is here because they know who currently does, and will continue to own them. That’s why they were here celebrating our failure to secure Weber (Scared much?) and that’s why they’re here now.

  19. Eddie Snider is a cheap pos who doesn’t care about anybody but himself & his wallet

  20. these are the same fans who worship the late 70s, early 80s teams. does anyone remember when bobby clark broke that soviet dudes ankle in the canada vs ussr series?

  21. Lol flyers fans…… Giroux is whining like a little girl while Crosby is the man in the situation. Do you filthy clowns have any memory over there? I seem to remember one Claudia Giroux saying he was having wrist surgery, and that he had bad wrists way before that game. He just knew how dumb you clowns are and that you would forget. Reverse the situation and you apes would be swinging off the ceilings. I understand the hate on crosby with him being so talented, Giroux is impressive but hed be a 3rd line center over here lol.

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