Sixers Sign Useless Royal Ivey

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Go forth, white boy


Not sure what the Sixers are doing. They’re not moving forward this offseason. They freed up tons of money when they amnestied Elton Brand, which, at the time, made it seem like they were planning on going after a big-name player. Problem: with the exception of Dwight Howard and that clusterfuck of a situation, there aren’t many available. So, instead, they have signed Nick Young, Kwame Brown’s bench seat and, now, Royal Ivey. And traded for Dorrell Wright.

Ivey spent the better part of two seasons with the Sixers from 2008-2010, averaging 3 and 2.7 points per game, respectively. He averaged 10 useless minutes and 2.1 points per game with the Thunder this past season. In other words: he sucks. 

As we told you about on Friday, Adam Aron took a lot of shit on Twitter for the Brown signing. He didn’t respond directly to those Tweets, but he did offer up this

Enjoying reading your "colorful" reviews of our roster moves. Some popular, some not. Our basketball execs convinced they made smart moves. In total, 76ers got younger, bigger, more athletic, better shooting, and loaded with 1 and 2 year contracts giving enormous flexibility.


In other words: We are going to sign literally the worst players in the NBA so we have the resources to go after the myriad free agents available next offseason. 

Not sure how passionate intense proud that line of thinking is. But at least they’re keeping with the status quo.

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5 Responses

  1. at a sources house for dinner… had meatloaf with mac and cheese… sources wife is smokin…. source told me the sixers are stocking up on horrible players in hopes of sucking hard and getting the first pick and then sign Dwight Howard….more to come after I am done with mrs. source…

  2. i hate the expression, but sometimes you have to take a step backwards before you can move forward. clearly, that’s the mode of thinking here when you look at these “WTF” signings. next year’s free agent crop is going to be sick with talent! maybe the most talented free agent pool in decades. come next summer, the sixers will have put themselves in position to not only score one of them, but possibly several of them. so, this year will be a drag. it could even be painful. however, a lottery pick and 2 big names later, i believe there will be a mad dash to hop back on the #showyaluv bandwagon!

  3. So they amnesty brand to free up cap space for a couple bags of shit

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